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  2. Dude, you are greedy aswel, or else you wouldn't have bought crypto's yourself, so stop being a hypocrite and pointing fingers at others, because we ALL are here in the hope to get rich!
  3. Yes it's in the Meta description still. I doubt the journalist thought SWIFT were using Ripple and they were wrong and corrected it. Must be an NDA and they've still messed up as it's in the source code.
  4. So this is very very big news...!!!! According to crypthawk, trials have been taking place since January. According to SWIFT themselves:- https://www.swift.com/news-events/press-releases/swift-sees-success-with-global-instant-cross-border-payments-with-singapore_s-fast ..... Only XRP can provide that quick of a settlement. Nostro/vostro would take longer than that - from 30 mins to 24 hours with GPI...unless they somehow created a faster way to use Nostro/Vostro.
  5. Hehe - they've still messed up....go to the page : https://www.instapay.today/article/swift-competes-with-ripple-with-successful-instant-cross-border-trials-between-asia-and-europe/ Now click "view source" in your browser. The META Description still reads:- <meta name="description" content="A successful trial of instant cross-border transfers has been carried out by SWIFT using Ripple&#039;s payment systems."/> WOW!!!
  6. Which exchange you prefer for VET purchases? I'm looking to initiate some new long positions in GNT and BAT, both of which I can position myself in using CB Pro, but VET is a head scratcher for me as I don't have access to Binance. I was thinking maybe Bittrue, but I'd have to sign up. Also, do you have any source material to explain however their node layouts work? Very confusing discussions on their reddit around the different kinds of nodes, how they work, what the differences are, and why they have a "cost" attached to them beyond just the initial VET purchase.
  7. So someone at Instapay messed up and had to change because it was false information, or someone at Instapay messed up and had to change because of NDA...
  8. Ryan Zagone is Director of Regulatory Relations at Ripple; As per Clyde Vanel, NYS Assemblyman and Chair of the Subcommittee on Internet and New Technologies: New York State Digital Currency Taskforce Body consists of 13 members: 6 appointed by the Assembly and the Senate 7 appointed by Governor NYS first state to create digital currency / cryptocurrency taskforce to determine how to properly regulate for digital currency and blockchain technology
  9. The search result still shows that title :- https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&channel=trow&q="swift+uses+ripple+with+successful"
  10. https://info.r3.com/corda-settler A new demo of the Corda Settler explaing the pathways B2B. /ps. demo only works in Chrome for me. But they've got XRP pretty prominently on top of it.
  11. I'm not entirely sure that matters at the current point in time. On a long enough timescale, everything will likely be using XRP - this is Ripple's strategy. The current regulatory uncertainty may deter many from utilizing XRP right now but xCurrent still allows them to use a more robust and powerful platform for moving money. In the years to come, it will be far better to have customers using xCurrent switch to xRapid than signing up as brand new xRapid customers.
  12. 55 dont like the stash | 67 are alright with stash - on votes so far. 18 indifferent Seems like forums are quite divided on this topic. Who would have said
  13. I'm out of LTC. Decided to wait until after the halving to look at it myself. If it drops that low, it's probably a good buy....but there are so many choices at the moment. If you get serious and the price looks good, we can do a chart.
  14. A new demo of the r3 corda settler https://info.r3.com/corda-settler
  15. Okay, I'll post the VET charts. Full disclosure, I have been long VET for about 6 months, and I just added quite a bit to my bag. I bought VET on good fundamentals, and my main reason for buying here is because it's fallen a lot off the recent highs. That and the way the VeThor utility token is acting. Worth mentioning that VeChain has staking. The return varies on how much VeChain you have staked. https://vechaininsider.com/guides/guide-to-vechain-nodes-and-node-rewards/ Technically, it looks to me like the weakness is probably going to persist for a while (as in a week or two). I'm basing that on the AO, which has made one serious dip into negative territory.....and I would expect it to oscillate for a few more days. Hopefully we are building a new base here. You might be aware that VeChain is a two coin system that requires the VeThor utility token to pay for network transactions.One reason people are getting more excited about VET lately is that there has been some good action on the VeThor, which appears to be a sign that the VET use case is.....being used....by actual customers. Some large companies are starting to use VeChain. The first run up on VeThor is fading, but I do expect to see it pick up again. Just my opinion. In fact it is trying to turn green again now, but that doesn't mean much yet. I look for good action on the VeThor to bring in lots of VeChain buyers. @PactaSuntServandaSo, that's my take, technical and otherwise. Do your own DD, of course.
  16. Interesting. Google search results still reflect the cached version of the initial post:
  17. Thanks mate. The number of good news raining this month is awsome... I can't wait to see the final picture
  18. @dr_ed @Eric123 LTC going down to the 70$ in the next 2 weeks possible ? Thinking of buying some if it gets to that price , or if XRP gets under 0.3$
  19. What??? Isnt it obvious? If you need more XRP you buy it from open market its that simple. Or what is your point here ? I dont understand. You mean like there wont be enough xrp to faciliate what transactions? Do you even know what the burn rate is? Price goes up i dont know what problem is even if we were on last 1 bil xrp ever created , price goes up and here yo ugo you can make your transactions, if you need more granual xrp then you change code, and everyone with half brain would agree with that. Thats how software development works, you dont just sit down and write software that works under EVERY CONDITION EVER TILL THE END OF TIME, thats not possible. XRPL will change in the future no matter if you like it or not. And if your point was, HEY RIPPLE SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE XRP in stock just so it never runs out, so you basically want central bank of ripple? What is the point of all of it then.
  20. and according to the Cordia github code, xrp is the default pathway ...(am hoping i got that right)
  21. The patent also mentions "Option to eliminate need for physical accounts at partner institutions" which means no need for nostro/vostro accounts at other banks. Which in itself would mean a way to settle using XRPL, hence Xrapid.
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