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  2. No. They’re not 100% transparent, otherwise @Ripple would include disclosure accounting for every (XRP) asset “donated” to alleged partners and other bad actors selling millions of XRP on the open market daily. No one knows how much they gave away or incorporated into a “partnership” — try again, Kumar.
  3. Based on previous SWELL Conferences and moreover their ability to increase the value of their beloved asset? No. They don’t.
  4. @Ripple with such a war chest of capital cannot do in 7 years what a small group can do better in 2 years for retail customers. Bottom-line: nothing exists for XRP except the ideas that are still just ideas; that only remain back inside all of those bars where expensive libations were purchased on the heels of XRP owners’ alleged profits.
  5. I appreciate yours and @Tinyaccount replies and detailed explanations. I do (yes I said DO) see a path for possible balancing in the “world trade model” for XRP utility, or at the very least I now see a possible bidirectional use case. At this point I will think it over, for I do not have time to add anymore (...pause till cheers end) this day. Thx
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  7. Contrarian point - I think that chances are good that BTC will break down through the triangle causing it to drop to sub-6000 before reconsolidating and continuing up. Everyone seems to be long at this point and there isn't much support below 10k; historical data also shows that when BTC bounces twice off the bottom side of the triangle painted after significant upwards price movement, most of the time it ends up breaking down violently. While past performance is not a guarantee of future results, I would tread carefully at this point.
  8. Well back at the grind. (wouldn't be if XRP and BTC could get their act together and moon already). Anyway, we are below my trendline (E-Line) which I claimed we would retake by Mid-August. So we'll see how long that takes. I am still confident it will happen, soon. I think it's interesting that the Bitcoin price S*&t the Bed the day before the Bakkt futures launch date (9/23/19) was announced. I wrote on another thread that the Bakkt Futures being physically settled would have basically the opposite effect of the CME cash settled (total bs) futures. At the end of 2017 one could see that big players were buying up bitcoins on the exchanges and driving up the price, then going short on the futures market with leverage, then dumping the bitcoins on the exchanges crashing the price and cleaning up. Basically they were using the tail (the exchanges which set the price) to wag the dog (CME Futures). No such shenanigans can really happen with physically settled bitcoin trading because instead of the tail wagging the dog you basically have two dogs. I believe the Bakkt Futures will drive demand as it makes it easier for individuals/institutions to buy bitcoins which have to actually be held in Bakkt custody. I mean let's face it. There are not that many bitcoins out there. There are currently 17,830,475 bitcoins in existence. and a lot of those have been lost. Chainalysis, a research firm that analyzes activity across different cryptocurrency markets, estimates that between 2.78 and 3.79 million, or between 17 and 23 percent of all bitcoins have been lost. So lets say there are about 15,000,000 bitcoins available. That's not that many. Credit Suisse’s latest global wealth report shows there are 42.2 million millionaires (measured in USD) worldwide, up 2.3 million over the last 12 months. So basically we have 15m Bitcoin and 42.2 m Millionaires - evenly distributing the bitcoins among millionaires gives each millionaire .355 of a Bitcoin. Maybe I'm being overly optimistic - but I'm having a hard time picturing the millionaire who would not want to own an entire bitcoin or at the very least a portion of a bitcoin. And that's just the millionaires and that's without any institutional demand. As bitcoin becomes more accessible price should appreciate dramatically. By accessible I mean when someone can call their broker at Merrill Lynch (or any other brokerage) and says "buy me $1,000 of bitcoin" and Merrill Lynch buys it and stores it with the rest of the individual's portfolio. Obviously the approval of ETF's will be a big step in this direction and Bakkt physical futures are another step in that direction. - Well we won't have to wait long to see how this plays out. As far at the bitcoin chart goes - Eh it's not bad. The MACD should be turning positive soon, next 2 to 3 days and price should be moving up. XRP what can I say - it's doing nothing but hurting feelings. I bought more today.
  9. Lol. Maybe the Ripple brass knows a little more than you, bro.
  10. It’s time for a good old fashioned countdown....
  11. As for me I’d enjoy the opportunity to get a discount for one way out the back. Everyone wins
  12. Exactly. The nuts-and-bolts were there; Coil is helping the revenue model evolve to its next stage of development.
  13. Yeah! I know you're focusing in on the 'David Schwartz' examples now, and I really like his examples. My favorite was 'paying somebody real-time to get their better parking space.' Literally millions of people in large cities would use that app if it existed. It's ripe for the taking right now ... I wonder which JS / mobile developer will create it?
  14. This is excellent, @OlivierA - and yes; if you want early access, you'll need to contact one of the founders. I can hook you up on Twitter, but I don't *think* they monitor XRP Chat. Can you send me a Twitter DM?
  15. Thank you dr_ed and everyone else for sending your good wishes. I'm about to go have another PSA test today. Hopefully this will be the one that finally goes down. I should know by Thursday when I have an appointment with my doctor. But I am feeling better and have settled most of the issues and projects that have kept me away. So I'm looking forward to reconnecting with everyone here again. I'll also be working with Polly to get the study group back on track. Sorry to everyone for the delay.
  16. Btc and ltc inflation is predictable , it’s all in the code . About xrp you never know how much the supply will increase . The problem are bad and Unknown actors dumping xrp on a regular basis , sadly they got a lot
  17. According to Armstrong, Coinbase is seeing a lot of institutional demand. 200-400M per week in crypto deposits.
  18. XRP is the obvious choice for Cross-border-fiat-to-fiat-variable-velocity-streaming. But a national stable coin might be the appropriate choice for local streaming. For instance Stefan Thomas was talking of things like wages being streamed, instead of making people wait until the end of month. Mortgages/rents could be streamed instead of going out in big lumps. He thinks these sorts of payment schemes might help people on limited income to keep their budgets in order. In my business I sell gifts and greeting cards. The artist gets a percentage, the warehouse gets a percentage, the sales agent gets a percentage. All of these things are calculated at the end of the month, but they could be calculated inside the invoice and be streamed. Every time an invoice is issued the money could be streamed to the beneficiaries. Shops like to take stock on sale or return (we refuse this sort of business but many big companies do this sort of business). Technically the payments could be triggered on a streamed service that is triggered by the person at the shop counter scanning an item that is being sold. Amazon could easily build this sort of system into their warehouses where the product triggers a stream of payments as it leaves the depot. A hospital could have its medications streamed; the drug company providing stock which is paid for as it is used. There are ten thousand use cases for streamed money that is integrated with intelligent software.
  19. doesn't mean it won't change https://www.fxstreet.com/cryptocurrencies/news/rbi-has-no-authority-to-ban-cryptocurrencies-says-internet-and-mobile-association-of-india-iamai-201908152152
  20. https://xrpripplenews.com/2019/08/20/santander-eyes-expansion-after-trading-volume-triples-using-ripple-tech/ ...after seeing Ripple powered payments triple over six months. Do you agree it is a case of if not when for teh switch to xRapid which uses XRP or will they just stay on xCurrent??
  21. Agreed. I think that interest initially was all based on get rich quick hype. Once something becomes proven a little bit and people start seeing the possibilities for the future I think that’ll all change. Not right away but possibly within a few short years. Another factor to consider is the change in demographics for institutional demand. Some of the people who held influence before will have been replaced with new influencers in the not so distant future. This new demographic will come with new perspectives and may bring with it renewed institutional interest and demand.
  22. Thanks @Julian_Williams This is what Coil is actually about; the foray into the streaming vs the sporadic batching of payments. Breaking the long held paradigm of payment batching and moving to have payments flowing on need just like water, fuel, electricity, etc. removes yet another layer of friction in business and commerce. This is what Coil is working to create and what their actual laser focus is about. There’s going to be a lot of stuff where this flowing payment velocity makes a lot more sense in the future than it does to us today on 20 August 2019. Now the question becomes: does this new flowing of value include the utilization of XRP? My belief is it will. And a secondary assumption of mine is that the higher the value of XRP the more efficient Coil’s problem solving model becomes. If this is all true then I see the efforts team Ripple has taken to date as really being the long strategy based on what they can do today with all the headwinds they encounter.
  23. XRP will do nothing in India, India has banned the holding and usage all digital currencies and assets.
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