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  2. I seem to remember Worldline being a Ripple partner but cannot find any confirmation... https://www.finextra.com/pressarticle/82770/bnp-paribas-fortis-chooses-worldline-for-contact-service
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  4. Could you be more precise?
  5. Ahh well there is one good thing about that then, "I am not going down alone again" lol
  6. Programmatic sales have been paused for the past six months or so. Burning the escrow would be moronic IMHO. If Ripple do such a thing better sell your bags because that would be an admission of failure. No company would destroy its property on purpose. Look how the burning turned out for XLM. A small pump and dump happened and that's about it. Also XRP is not a stock or something, so Ripple has no liability towards XRP holders.
  7. Why the steady bull run? From a first look to the project I can't find anything special about it.
  8. Hey - you're the one that invoked 'blink of an eye' ... you only have yourself to blame for any jinxing And when you quoted me, you included your reply in the same text I'd made a quick edit to include a link ... now it looks like I deleted that part to hide the evidence, when it was your reference to it so you've dragged us both down
  9. Also worth noting ... @CryptoEri does a nice job here describing the functionality of PIX as of when it was first announced - noting that "there is not a cross border functionality in this payment system - at present" Will that be changing soon? RippleNet member dLocal writes an interesting blog post April 3rd https://dlocal.com/blog/markets-consumers/pix-a-guide-through-brazils-new-instant-payment-system/
  10. Once XRP goes to 1 cent it won't reach $1 anymore. And vice-versa
  11. I have a ripple wallet that has been disconnect from network I still have my PVT keys how do I get my XRP back, reward 4 help! wallet says disconnect from ripple network
  12. Thanks for your comments. But, I do really wants to see xrp go to 1c. After that Ripple will see what they doing to xrp holder is unfair, and hopefully they will stop the programmable sales, or burn half of xrp. That way xrp price can jump pass the $1. Well, let's see next month.
  13. My study of the related data leads me to conclude it's governed by the effective arbitrage rebalancing rate at the recipient's endpoint. Just view the xrp->mxn trade volume at Bitso: 1.75m every hour during weekdays. Any faster and the slippage exceeds max allowed cost parameters. This constraint could also be related to the acquisition side, I've not yet dived into exploring that possibility.
  14. Do you mean that the xrp price fluctuations didn't have an impact of the functioning of ODL, or are you saying that - due to ODL - the xrp price didn't fluctuate like the rest of the market
  15. https://heraldsheets.com/david-schwartz-answers-question-ripple-interest-stablecoin/
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  17. Hodor's blog was due diligence. This is such an over used statement. Due diligence is the investigation or exercise of care that a reasonable business or person is expected to take before entering into an agreement or contract with another party or an act with a certain standard of care. Simply, due diligence is investigating as many credible sources as you can - whether you agree or disagree with them. It's frustrating when this statement is used with the implication that we should all beat down the CEO's door. /RantOver
  18. On the contrary he is the expert when it comes to golden showers. Ask Putin.
  19. Eric dear .... when you want to come to Argentina you have free accommodation in my house .... you will be very welcome Thank you very much for the EXCELLENT graphics and contributions you offer! big hug and hold. I also don't sell before $ 10. we are together in that one!
  20. only if bitcoin hits $50k will xrp move past a dollar. if not, no 2017 bull run for alts. maybe a mini one at $20k.
  21. I can’t say I completely agree but at least your sentiment matches what the price is doing. I am happy that Miguel Vías is finally out of the picture though! I don’t see XRP going up until the market and Bitcoin gets past ATH.
  22. It's all about interpretation. If you don't like the word 'bleed revenue' than you may also use the word 'reduced revenu'. To buy into a market with superior tech whilst profits are not yet being made is nothing special. What is interesting however is that this superior tech (ODL) settles approx. 3 billion dollars a month with the known ODL corridors and that Moneygram and it's customers are extremely positive. It is indeed a pitty that we do not know the other still not public corridors. Time will reveal all.
  23. https://www.xrparcade.com/news/xrp-toolkit-v2-connects-to-the-xrpl-dex-and-xumm/
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