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  2. You're not the first person to hit this roadblock. In short, you're correct - you can register there as a US citizen, but with daily withdrawal limits. I signed up, transferred some coins from coinbase, traded for VET and had it on the VeChainThor mobile app, all within 30 minutes. Fun watching the VTHO grow (slowly) throughout the day.
  3. I plan on taking a look at the VeThor wallet app and seeing how much they cost, but the incremental increase of 4% extra VTHO for the 600K VeThor X Node seems a little overwhelming. The strength X node looks to be where the considerable increase is at of 51% VTHO. I am trying to figure out if there is a finite amount of Nodes. If this takes off, then the node itself can be in for a some serious price appreciation, outside of the value of the VET assets.
  4. shhht -- or the trolls will come: "DELUSIONAL" - "HOPIUM" they hate the smell of bullishness
  5. The Readme file (updated last month, june 14th) is very interesting. It mentions project Ubin. https://github.com/corda/corda-settler/blob/master/README.md XRPs and SWIFTs testnets are the only ones mentioned.
  6. Does Oceanex support US customers? I thought it does not, you can use it but withdrawals are limited to 10k a day? Where are you planning on your offramp if it moons? O
  7. I also don't believe we / I have a "right" to that property. Its their's and they can do as they please. But I think you are asking the wrong question. The better question should now be..."what is the right supply of XRP under the current circumstances and our strategy?" Would Ripple rather have a smaller piece of a bigger pie or a bigger piece of a small pie?
  8. Any crypto hodled for greater than 1 year will have the profits fall under the capital gain tax rate, which is variable depending on your total income (wages + investment gains, etc.) Income less than 38,600 = 0% taxes. 38,601 to 425,800 = 15% taxes. Above 425,800 = 20% taxes. Any crypto hodled for less than under 1 year will be taxed at ordinary income depending on what tax bracket you are in (10%, 12%, 22%, 24%, 32%, 35% or 37%). Add in state/local taxes on top of this. Now how would a a streaming payment fall into this? Only our future selves know the answer to that.
  9. Ripple would be unwise to ever admit having such activities. I am not particularly well versed in law, but my limited knowledge suggests that such behaviours would lead them straight to jail. It is quite interesting that you seem to try to figure out an acceptable reason to justify Ripple's behaviour. Are you feeling conflicted by the realization that this wonderful company, which you deeply trusted to bring you riches, is taking your money to finance its leaders' lavish lifestyle, by any chance?
  10. What if Ripple has reserved their coins for settlement? Then the banks wouldn't have to own/hold XRP during trials and it may also explain how the price is staying where it is during all this apparent adoption.
  11. Validators should not receive any incentive. Not having to deal with that fee nonsense is one of the reasons why the XRP ledger is better than Bitcoin.
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  13. @dr_ed Thanks a bunch. I have a small bag of VET and have been following the coin for a while. The fundamentals and partnerships indeed look promising!
  14. You need something to represent value. Doesnt matter what it is , it can be cigarettes, it can be btc, slaves,cows , pick one,,, or create your own. Either way there has to be something. Obviously i dont know how XRPL would work with cows as representation of value, scan cow, create unique fingerprint, and then hope it doesn't die till you spend her or something. Or use dollar, bud you will have to have it backed, ehmehmtetherehemehemehm,, lel... just think about it.... you dont need XRP .... bud why not just use your own goddamn native token and let market decide what its value is.....
  15. I am more bullish than ever, seeing the patent, watching the interview and inspecting the Corda settler code repository, this is going to be a fun ride, hold tight.
  16. This is just speculation on my part, but my running assumption is that if you hold the VTHO for over a year, the entirety of your sales (whenever you do cash out) would be taxed at the capital gains rate. I'll be talking to a crypto-specific lawyer when the time comes (sweet lord, this is not financial advice! Obviously...). Also, can second Oceanex as a quality exchange for picking up VET. H/T to @dr_ed there.
  17. Banks want the tech & not the XRP. Imagine Jed creating the tech in his grandma’s basement along with some funny money (100B XRP tokens) before approaching a bank: “Hey, Mr. Banker I’ve got awesome fintech software and some money I just made in my grandma’s basement — do you want to use it?” Banks 🏦 ok with the tech but won’t use Chuck E. Cheese tokens created in some basement.
  18. I don't know the answer to that one. I will have to investigate it myself. If it really moons I'm moving to the Netherlands if they'll have me. (No tax on cryptos).
  19. If “feeling good” about anything paid the bills, I would’ve retired a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.
  20. Its not about being right or wrong - your analyses are always solid and you have your arguments and reasons to state these things. The market does what it wants anyway. Your analyses are great and easy to comprehend, kuddo's😁
  21. In terms of VTHO production do you know how this affects US taxes? Only if VTHO generated is used in a taxable event do you report or are you reporting on total generated for the year? I did some crypto mining before, but it was basically a hobby and I probably netted a loss over time so there was nothing worth reporting taxes over so my "earnings" went unreported.
  22. It’s still not that easy for the average joe to buy crypto AND store it safely, imagine a wealthy man that has professional investors managing his portfolio? What type of people mange those portfolios ? Traditional guys in traditional firms using tried and tested methods to gain percentages here and there for their multi millionaire customers. Crypto is still actually niche.
  23. I am NOT a financial adviser....I have been looking at all sorts of crypto and stock investments over the last say 3 years and read lots of trading message boards and one of the lessons that I have taken is that if I get to the stage that you are at with XRP, and your angst with it, it is best to cut your losses and invest in something else and not look back. Everyone appears to have their own limits of patience and appetite to risk.
  24. I first bought it on Binance, which was fine, but with the changes for US customers I have now switched to Oceanex, which is also working fine. I think it's also on Bitrue, but I'm not.....as of yet, anyway. See the link I provided above for the explanation on nodes. My understanding is that the "original" economic (hodlr type) nodes, Strength, Thunder, and Mojolnir.....don't require out-of-pocket costs, but that some (or maybe all) X nodes do. (600K VET, which I'd have to think about myself. Not dirt cheap, but maybe worth it). The coin going into the "originals" will decrease over time, but supposedly the X nodes will be fed from a pool held at 50B for the foreseeable future. So the X Nodes are better for the long run theoretically, once you eat the cost involved.
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