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  2. I think that eventually, digital assets will be used by anyone that wants real-time transactions over the Internet of small amounts and low costs, globally. I also think eventually small transactions will replace large transactions. Money will move in small packets, in the opposite direction of the services that are provided. For software to be able to handle money as truly data, it can't have a counter party, as the counterparty introduces a "well it depends". So anyone who has assets in a silo'd network, will have to convert those assets to universal digital asset, in order to participate in the global IoV, either knowingly or unknowingly (as part of an automated process). So question remains: ok, digital assets will be the liquid between payment networks, but why XRP? Answer to that it that it is the cheapest, has the best reach into all markets, the best liquidity, provides 3 second transaction finality, and is the most energy efficient. I don't believe the success of XRP solely depends on the success of xRapid. It depends on whether indeed my assumption is right that we absolutely need decentralized digital assets for the next version of the web. If that is true, the digital asset with the lowest friction will win by definition. As far as I can see, that is XRP.
  3. Yes, this is more or less how a payment over xrapid works atm. So if I understand you correctly, your expectation is that other FIs and payment networks start utilizing xrp ledger to transact with other networks? Is there any indication that this will happen? Outside of few RippleNet members, I'm not aware that there is any interest in utilizing the ledger like this I'm not saying that this JPMs network is competing with xrp. That's nonsense as the two are completely different things. But I see XRP-s potential is highly dependent on Ripples efforts and xrapid's market penetration, so every competitor to RippleNet is also an indirect threat to the realization of the full potential of xrp ledger. That's my view at least.
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  5. Hey @Hodor, Now that volume is actually picking up a little you may think to revisit your work from May 2018. No one could have predicted influences such as the fairly recent MGI deal but, it would be nice to see how it’s shaking out today as compared to with what was seen back then. No time or not on the scope of things to do anytime soon? No problem, how about getting it in the queue and doing a two year anniversary review in May? Would love to see the volume and utility be drastically better than expected. Who knows...? Thanks.
  6. I’ve seen a recent internal study of my employer ( top 3 banks of the Netherlands) which indicates so (no real higher interest for crypto) , but don’t know if the researched population is representative for the whole Dutch population, let alone any international validation.
  7. Interesting that this is the day after bitcoin's bakkt start date. I hope they decide to regulate based on who's been playing by the rules already. If the US house agrees on something that would be newsworthy also. I hope Ripple's lobbying efforts have penetrated deep enough for some congressmen and women to take notice. I also hope that facebook does not suck the oxygen out of the room, they need to focus on cryptos that are already in production.
  8. OK, strike 1 last night. This may be an alternative scenario of a longer pennant/triangle set to terminate tonight in about 6-8 hours. As with the previous, I favor this to be a bearish setup but it really could be either. Either way, we are still looking good on the daily and weekly charts. The weekly inches ever closer to the bullish cross on the MACD - it looks to be about 3 weeks away.
  9. Assuming network A and B, and network A member Bob needs to pay network B member Alice money. Bob buys XRP for network A dollars, sends XRP to (the jurisdiction of) Alice who then sells XRP for network B dollars. Or possibly with agent X in between, who takes care of the exchange and transport part, so that neither Bob or Alice ever have to deal with anything than their local network currency. This requires liquidity of dollar A / XRP and dollar B / XRP. This depends on the market demand of members of A and B transacting together. Remember: in the digital space there is not (yet, and possbily never) "a single dollar": digital dollars are not fungible. There is only a promise by a bank to pay you a dollar. One banks' promise is not simply swappable 1:1 with another banks promise. In fact: none of the banks actually have the dollars they've promised to people, and some banks are in worse state in that aspect than others. That is where assets that do not have a counter party come into play. One XRP in jurisdiction A is guaranteed 1:1 swappable with one XRP in jurisdiction B.
  10. Still in the same pattern inching sideways and waiting on our move. Bitcoin's below $10k which means nothing (whenever you hear someone on the news or read an article that says bitcoin fell below the $10k psychological level realize that the speaker/author has no idea what they are talking about. There are no psychological levels and because BTC is worldwide the US $ price is just one of many prices and not particularly important. Sunday night might cause some commotion when BAKKT kicks off. Obviously I'll be watching. Till then just playing the waiting game.
  11. Get specific. Comments like this are not only disrespectful to blog authors that have put enormous effort into their writing (like me), they also disrespect other forum readers who are wondering why you are making a blanket statement like this one. Unless, of course, you are intentionally trolling me.
  12. Technically true, but how would this bridging take place? I can't see JPM or any other major player in payments sending payments to other systems directly over the xrp ledger. There must be some product or connector between these two systems that does the bridging and both parties agree to use. As far as I know at the moment ILP is the only thing that could theoretically accomplish this, but isn't currently used for this purpose. If you have some better idea, how xrp could be used for bridging, please share. I'm always looking to improve my understanding.
  13. I'd like my Wallet to keep my crypto Safe, that all I ask for Pal.
  14. RV Sales may include some number of people who don't have a choice about scaling down, but most of the time when somebody loses their house, it doesn't include an option for 'getting a smaller one;' the bank just takes the house and that's the end of the story. Instead, RV sales are primarily linked to the strength of the overall economy in their role as a luxury purchase; a big one. Good question about the timeline. I don't know if there's a lot of precedents for that. FYI - Interledger Connectors did go through an upgrade in the first quarter of this year. if you're under the impression that 'ILP hasn't had any additional changes for at least 2-3 quarters,' you may want to check out 'Rafiki:' https://medium.com/interledger-blog/introducing-rafiki-e3de4710d3de Yes; Wietse Wind indicated that the first version of Xumm will be available this year. I'll flag him in case he wants to comment further: @xrptipbot Honestly, I had never visualized banks using Xumm. Again, Wietse can comment. In all the discussions and examples, it's always been about retail payments or transfers. Basically, situations where a retailer can send Xumm a 'request for payment' via API. I don't think that's the goal of Xpring. Xpring states its goal as higher-level than that; that does sound like a component part of an individual strategy, however. I do not know the answer, as I don't have insight about the full process for on-boarding new Xpring projects. Well, I don't comment on price, as there are too many unpredictable components that go into price discovery. However, I can definitely talk about demand or volume; I would say that currently, even though ILP can handle any currency, and xRapid can settle in any currency, XRP is the one digital asset that possesses the base-layer characteristics and capabilities out-of-the-box that are needed for payment streaming. (Payment Channels + ILP + STREAM) So yes, XRP *should* be the primary digital asset benefiting from xRapid volumes.
  15. This sounds like a time when we can expect some more specific guidance on crypto regulation. I doubt they will mention XRP specifically but we could get a more iron clad definition of a security as it relates to tokens. What do you guys think? https://www.crowdfundinsider.com/2019/09/151804-us-house-financial-services-committee-told-hearing-with-all-sec-commissioners-topics-include-cryptocurrency-private-markets-vs-public-markets/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  16. don't agree with your characterizations and conclusions, but otherwise a very informative post, thank you.
  17. It may be a competitor for RippleNet, but not for XRP (which, as a universal digital asset, does not depend on ILP to bridge networks).
  18. Well that was a dud. Sorry guys and gals, I jumped the gun there. That looked for all the world like a big breakout with volume but then it just fizzled out. Not sure if the drop in BTC stalled it or if it just never there at all. Will get back to the charts later. I know MQB can't wait
  19. I disagree, as long as RippleNet isn't ILP enabled along with other major payment systems, RippleNet will also be just another walled garden wherein xrp is only being used as a means of fx. So, at the moment, most definitely a competitor.
  20. I found this a really good explanation of the position. https://mobile.twitter.com/jchervinsky
  21. SIBOS has rolled around again? That was quick. So we're into the Q4 rumour-disappointment season already.
  22. What does this actually mean though? BTC is a store of value. Some shops accept it but basically your coffee will be moldy by the time your payment's confirmed. In other words, why was BTC even waiting for some green flag from any government? What can't it do now that a government "go ahead" can make it do?
  23. It certainly is , MGI , RIA and Azimo. I enjoyed crypto Eri explain about Ria , its worth a listen from 5 minute mark. https://youtu.be/xKAatPLejJo
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