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  2. The world of finance would instantly change if Ripple released the ESCROW XRP to the IMF for its use.
  3. I agree, if Ripple ever wants to end the discussion of holding the biggest part of XRP, and they want the world to adopt XRP, the IMF would be the better party to have control of the XRP's and control distribution.
  4. It never made sense (outside of hubris) why WU/Moneygram/etc didn't do exactly just this? Seems fairly reasonable proposition, and not so capital intensive? They must be concerned of the regulatory status of XRP like banks? I don't know.
  5. 20% of my DA portfolio is XLM-Stellar. 60% in XRP (this is where research has me believing will be the leader in the space) and 20% in various other DA's.
  6. Ahh great! I just quit my job after reading this! Won't have to work ever again after this weekend!! Ahh crab, it went below $ 0,34 again
  7. Wietsewind has just announced the approval of XRPayments by Google and Apple. I guess XRP really will be a currency in it's own right soon.
  8. They wouldn't just "Give it Away"...it would be traded for an equivalent value in another asset...and that could be a Digital Asset (DA), that could even be XRP.
  9. Why would a country give away gold for using fiat? Repayment can come in many forms and so can credit. IMF has a lot of gold already (as you posted) so people like to use gold to barter and have for thousands of years, I'm not sure it should be considered just giving it away.
  10. Seems to have been removed by the content provider.....hopefully just an edit. I was still listening. Maybe they'll put it back up.
  11. Called it “ripple” throughout the entire article. Hopefully their TA skill is better than their research skill.
  12. Today
  13. Some of you might follow Ari Paul. This is a new audio I just ran across. I think it sheds some light on how these large endowments work. FYI https://www.youtube.com/
  14. Agree that either the SEC or the courts’ decision(s) will probably be pivotal, but we probably have time to wait for either. Taking the long view has some merit, IMHO.
  15. There's a lot of coins trying to get into the space; BAT is another. Non-coin platforms like Patreon are also there in micropayments.
  16. 'The longer the base, the higher the space!' I like that
  17. I don't disagree that the big money always gets tipped off.....but that is simply a matter of timing, it's not a fundamental disagreement at all. The other issue that I failed to mention, which has been mentioned, is that custodianship plays in all thiis too. And they'll get tipped off when that is worked out too. It'll all get worked out..just takes time.
  18. it could be that , hopefully . Or maybe it's just not enough people are interested in buying XRP , or don' t believe in it.
  19. This was a pretty detailed post by Genesis about their lending practices and they provide a bit of detail about how the price of XRP affects demand for borrowing. Also, surprise! XRP is their second most in-demand asset for borrowing, outpacing ETH even. https://genesiscap.co/q4-insights/
  20. This is a very interesting explanation of why XRP is lagging just at the moment A good read : https://hacked.com/crypto-price-analysis-ripple-in-a-long-wyckoffian-accumulation/ Their conclusion is that when it goes it will shoot higher and faster than it did in 2017/18 - which is what many of us have been expecting.
  21. I hope the experts ar right! Until now we go a bit up when BTC goes up, we go down when BTC stays up and we go faster down when BTC goes down. ....stil hodling...and keeping faith! .....but it's hard :-|
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