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  3. One of the best advices I got 20+ years ago was to allocate a very small portion of your capital to play with “certain” and risky investments. The reasoning was very simple - you need a distraction and you need to “over-weight” waiting or negative emotions with a series of positive events. And believe me, it is much easier to find positive things in investments you are not taking seriously. The best illustration of that advice was the trader who gave it. The guy was earning millions at the time but he could talk for hours about his 50$ PL on a 5$ investment or how he made 100$ in total after investing 1000$ in 10 stocks.
  4. Today Galgitron posted a very interested shot from his spreadsheet. I analyzed it quickly to give a better understanding of the numbers behind the chart. The main focus are: Remittances And Payments between: 20 - 1,500 XRP (6 - 500$) Medium Payments Between: 1,500 - 15,000 XRP (500 - 5,000$) Multiple things are interesting: The increase for both segments began at the same time, around mid February (Some event may have happened to trigger such strong surges) The increases are similar, slightly stronger for small payments, which seems logical in regards to remittances There are twice more small payments of 500$ max than payments of 15,000$ max, which again seems logical
  5. No one has a crystal ball, we all do our best with the information we have at hand. You might not have a lot but you will go far in this world if you are willing to take risks at the same time as being level headed. 5K XRP might not be worth a lot today, but in a few years time people might say "Wow, do you really own 5k XRP? I wish I could afford to invest that much."
  6. Are you "The" Crypto Eri, if so the thanks are to you. I am a big fan of her work and grateful for the new stories she breaks and speed with which she disposes of FUD.
  7. Here's a pic of sukrim on his way to answer a technical question on xrp chat
  8. I think one reason we're seeing so much strength in exchange coins has to do with valuations. As the institutions buy into cryptos, these coins can be valued using revenue (something along the lines of discounted cash flow). In the same way that part of XRP's price being stuck has to do with difficulty in valuation, the phenomenon of exchange coins taking off is the flip side. jmho. BNB is looking pricey, but I'd sure buy it on a broad market retrace. Some of the other exchange coins look better right now. Full disclosure, I am not currently holding any exchange coins.....just considering them as another way of hedging XRP and not losing out on the gains that are sure to accrue to some others in the early moves up off the bottom.
  9. Nice recap. I'm definitely on the same page. It might make pretty good sense to build up some cash and wait for the inevitable retrace back down to test support. Bob Loukas expects such a move, and it makes sense to me that we will see it sometime this year.
  10. That’s because I already have enough XRP
  11. @RoboC I wanted to avoid foreign exchanges, but yeah I guess I will have to use them.
  12. Im into casinocoin , its like buying xrp in 2015
  13. Opppss misunderstood the subject . . . But scams . . . is scams. Why not XRP? The answer is . . . (.) (.) no boobs.
  14. Good morning everyone! If you have been following me here, you'll soon realize that I invited some new people to the club from all around the world. I hope you will welcome all of them as graciously as you have me. One of those new members @Kerin_Way is my son Chris. He's joined to meet the community, learn, and to help me get organized and moving forward more productively. He'll be introducing himself shortly. Thank you again to the operators and mods of XRP Chat who have created this awesome space for me organize (in theory ) my discussions with the XRP Community. --- To those who are new to "Bob's Book Club". This is my presence thread. I post what I'm currently thinking about and working on here. Part of that is vanity. But mostly it is just to keep people informed while they are patiently waiting for me to respond about a topic they are passionate about. The rest of the "book club" is made up of topics and questions that members of the XRP Community have been passionately interested in. I've done my best to answer those questions and explain those topics a thoroughly as I can. Please continue asking new questions if you read something you don't understand. For those wondering how this all got started. Hi! I'm Bob is the original 50 page introductory post I made back in early March. I hope you will all find something interesting to read while we are all getting organized. --- This morning I'm working on a longer post explaining how my original goal of "writing a book" has morphed into a broader mission of increasing the worlds understanding of "rippling payments." This topic includes XRP, the XRP Ledger, ILP, Ripple, COIL, money itself and the current financial system (both how it works and what it lacks). I'm also going to explain how I've come to believe that simply my writing a book will not affect the change I would like to occur. I simply would not be a sufficient medium to meet everyone's learning needs. I'm also working on a post introducing the awesome study group members who responded to the video I posted above at the beginning of the week. Thanks to all of you! Especially the ones that now have to track yet another social media account! I know coming here will be worth your while. --- I'm going to be continuing discussions about the "study group" here in this club. I'd like existing club members and the broader community to be able to follow along. This is also where I'll be posting and/or linking to the material I present and the recordings of our sessions. I'd like this club to continue to be the initial place where new XRP Community members come to ask questions about "rippling payment" and the material we'll be jointly creating and discussing .
  15. i made small profit when I sold , but I invested 100% in XRP because I believe in it. But it is frustrating , seeing it not move while my old coins increasing at a fast rate. I don't have much at all , less then 5k XRP and it's my total stash so even 200-300$ worth is a lot for me , I could have made 500+$ with BNB price right now but that's how it is. I invested in one of the most secured coin (XRP) , let s see how it goes in the next months
  16. Why don't you use Bitstamp to buy XRP if you're in NYS?
  17. Damn, why it has to be about personalities? Really? Why? @MemberBerry has a point, only guys that are 2018 have this attitude "Oh it is crap, no prove, blah blah" One more time, its not first time when employee sells asset.
  18. Saying XRP has not moved a single percent is factually incorrect and you know it. I bought more XRP on the 26th of March 2019 for 0.26289 euros per XRP. On the 3rd of April the price of XRP increased approximately to 0.32800. That is a 24.767% increase from the price I bought XRP at. So how can you say XRP has not moved a single percent? Yes, there are other coins that have made bigger gains during the same time frame, but saying XRP has not increased at all in value is incorrect. XRP is a long-term investment (years). So expect to see a big price increase over the long-term, unless Bitcoin goes on a massive bull run. If you are after short-term gains, you can always buy the other coins (EOS, Binance Coin, etc) that are making bigger gains. What is stopping you? As far as I am concerned if XRP can stay in the price range of 0.20 to 0.30 for the next year and a half that would be great. It means I'll have more time to accumulate much more XRP.
  19. Why is it all self proposed ‘Anonymous hackers’ attempting to blackmail me through my email inbox for apparently masturbating on camera are all #BTC maxi’s. Surely they would profit more from demanding #XRP 😂
  20. And you somehow are the voice of reason out of all this? I very much doubt it!, but hey we all have opinions Opinions are like nipples, everybody has one. Some have firm points, others are barely discernible through layers, and some are displayed at every opportunity regardless of whether the audience has stated "I am interested in your nipples 😁
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