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  2. he would just repeat what he has said before: "I never comment on the price of XRP". that is why.
  3. Strange that nobody asks Brad " at what piece will you see XRP in 6 months ? "
  4. I suppose this would mean that Moneygram could have an account with the Bank of England? That would be interesting... Bank of England accounts "Less headline-grabbing than Facebook but arguably more important was the announcement that the Bank of England will allow non-banks to have an account with them." "All the commercial banks we as customers bank with have their own account at the Bank of England where they store their reserves." "Allowing non-banks - for example payment companies like Square and Worldpay - to have their own account could make payments faster, cheaper, more reliable and more available to people outside the traditional banking system." "When I asked Bank officials what the existing High Street banks thought of this - there were some wry smiles - one said "I'm sure they will have a point of view and will want to express it".
  5. I don’t understand where the liquidity will come from for MG transactions. I feel like I must be missing something that’s is already in the works. Someone out there has to make a larger market here. Who are the market makers for xrp? And I don’t mean retail trader liquidity, I’m talking who is going to make the market for large transactions? Some market makers with deep pockets will have to load up on xrp and then handle some transactions back office and others through the ledger. I suppose some are already doing this but nearly to scale.
  6. Felicia just arrived yesterday... But for sure it's already time to leave for her. Bye bye Coolizia!!!
  7. The list of presenters is filled with an incredible array of persons in high-level positions from around the world - http://www.cbpayments.com/presenter-biographies Sadly this note at the end of the page... "PLEASE NOTE: This conference is closed to media and off-record."
  8. Oh im not disputing that either ,cant wait till they ALL swing those big D*** stacks into crypto so i can retire before 30. But there are SOME big D***'s swinging for sure, we see it on the ledger millions and millions of dollars of xrp moving around or being traded daily. Those are institutions.
  9. I think the paltry ~$300 billion market cap shows that the majority of the big swinging d*** money hasn't entered the market.
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  11. Here's some interesting comments by WU (Thanks @LeonidasH) Western Union CEO changes tune towards Ripple amid MoneyGram deal Western Union interested in Ripple now, admires the blockchain firm's deal with MoneyGram. by Naveed Iqbal June 20, 2019 https://www.tronweekly.com/ripple-moneygram-partnership-makes-western-union-change-tune-towards-blockchain-firm/ "It looks like international payment specialist Western Union has not yet thrown in the towel on the idea of using Ripple (XRP) and its technology. In fact, in a recent interview, Western Union CEO, Hikmet Ersek, confirmed that the money transfer company is still exploring the use of Ripple and its blockchain technology." "According to Ersek, Ripple’s technology could be good for the company that has a global reach and is in dire need to speed up its settlement operations." "Western Union is one of the most significant money transfer companies in the world, with a customer base of more than 200 million customers. Ripple’s blockchain platform that is designed for financial institutions and banks looks like a logical choice for the company over any other; the crypto community will be looking forward to seeing what comes out from Ersek’s latest comments." Visa and Western Union to Bring Speed, Simplicity and Transparency to Global Payments New collaboration to modernize global money movement for expedited cross-border money transfers https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20190605005288/en/Visa-Western-Union-Bring-Speed-Simplicity-Transparency "Visa is focused on improving and modernizing cross border payments. In addition to this new collaboration, last month, Visa announced the acquisition of control of Earthport, a company that provides cross-border payment services. The acquisition of Earthport is an extension of Visa’s overall cross-border strategy that’s complementary to Visa Direct and our existing partnerships."
  12. How do you know they havent? Do you know anyone with millions and millions of dollars to sink into xrp?
  13. "Unavailable This video can't be embedded. Watch on Facebook · Learn More" Watch on Facebook? No thanks...
  14. Why haven't the institutional investors entered the market? - They are subject to regulations that limit the types of assets they are allowed to hold. Clear taxonomy and regulation will solve this. - Volatility - financial tools that offset risk will minimize this (thus all the excitement for Bakkt) Facebooks Libra whitepaper showed it isn't terribly difficult to start a stablecoin. Just get some partners with some cash, head to Switzerland file some papers to start a organization to manage it, then just figure out the % of what fiats you want to back it. All the big players are going to either join a faction or start their own, the race is on.
  15. interesting hearing the girl before Brad, she's the future of us all and so smart.
  16. I'm just listening to the speech live. I think he is talking a XRP. He says Libre is going to be regulated to death and must protect privacy - which Facebook can't do.
  17. Ahh, the fine print. Nice find. I was actually thinking the omission of XRP was a good thing considering the tone of the article.
  18. is a few xrp worth the risk on missing out on one of the biggest bull runs you'll ever get to partake? it's FOMO time.
  19. Whatever comes out of the G20 conference should be illuminating... https://www.japan.go.jp/g20japan/ G20 Summit & Ministerial Meetings to be Held for the First Time in Japan  "On the 28th and 29th of June 2019, the leaders of the G20 will gather in Osaka as Japan hosts its first ever G20 Summit. Concurrent with the Summit meeting, the Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors’ Meeting, the Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, and other ministerial meetings will also be held at eight different locations throughout Japan."
  20. that would be awesome for xrp's usecase as swap/bridge currency the more stablecoins the better -- let them come
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