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  2. What's the point of knowing what's coming? NEWS doesn't move the price of XRP, all the other crypto's get affected by "news".. So don't bother, it's plain simple
  3. haven't the btc bulls been losing steam since $8k? yet it keeps pushing higher.
  4. Yep, I've been thinking the same thing. Doing that involves a few extra challenges (which I've put into a ticket for tracking) but I'd definitely like to see it done. Won't be on top of my to-do list because I'm getting ready for rippled 1.3.0 plus finishing off some stuff I've already started, though. Of course, you could also contribute the changes yourself. The tool's HTML and JavaScript are open-source...
  5. well.... I suppose Amazon and Walmart both qualify as household names....
  6. another one? Didnt do anything last time... which time frame?
  7. I see ZB Exchange listed as a market for XRP and i have read numerous reports of them being accused of wash trading. Might want to look into this if you are hoping to present realistic data.
  8. Actually I am not selling any once I break even. I already experienced down like 70% before so worst come to worst I wait another year or two for it to bounce back. Whenever happens as long as XRP hits the $1.82 mark in the next 3 1/2 years I am happy:)
  9. https://phys.org/news/2015-12-christmas-energy-entire-countries.html let's fud christmas lights while we're at it.
  10. I am no body language expert but watch how he looks toward the camera a second after mentioning Amazon. He knows what he is doing and saying.
  11. You believe what Govt studies and Hovt funded science tells you to beleive. I will believe the recorded history of the earth’s climate stored in growth rings of trees and polar ice. Climate has been wildly changing ever since the planet solidified. Fact is we are in the most stable climate period the earth has ever seen. Your smart children will thank those that resist the idiotic power grab from globalists. The dumb ones will forever be servants of the govt. Go enjoy your day driving your coal burning “EV” and pat yourself on the back. Sure there is 0 emissions from your car. Keep ignoring the power plant that is working overtime to charge it. I guess you are one of the “out of site, out of mind” progressives. After all how can you rationalize a climate treaty that does not even include earth’s largest polluting countries? Look at Great Britain: the intelligent Progressives voted to give up their own country’s sovereignty, and now the fools actually believe they can vote to get it back.
  12. My feelings exactly. I have held XRP for several years however David's comments have left me very dishearten, this is the reason I felt the need to join and post today, previously I have just read from the side lines. In effect what David said was XRP is the body that transfers the value, because XRP settles so quickly, and there are more than sufficient XRP available, especially when it seems Libra and other project will take a proportion of the market Ripple were targeting, Xrapid will not increase the value of XRP. XRP has changed in my view. I now view XRP like the ocean. Ships travel internationally using the ocean, without the ocean they cannot reach their destinations, but the ocean itself holds no value, why, because there is plenty of ocean to go around, bit like the supply of XRP. The money is made in docking the ships which is essentially the fee paid to Ripple to get setup on Xrapid. I welcome any comments explaining why I am wrong, as I still want to believe in XRP but really struggling. I still don't think I can actually bring myself to sell it, in other words I will go down with this ship. I look forward to hearing, hopefully, some opposing views and reasons why. Or even better if Bob Way, who seems the have gone distantly quite could come and explain why I am wrong? That would be great!!! Regards
  13. Today
  14. I am not someone who buys into the hype, normally. But there was something about his persistence about the MoneyGram deal that had me thinking he actually knew something and I voiced this to my small crew of fellow XRP nerds. And it turned out he did know something. I don't think he's an insider. I tend to think that if he does have a source, it's something like one of the paralegals for one of the M&A firms Ripple works with has a RAT installed on their computer unbeknown to them and then Crypthawk has access to the Russian hacker controlling it. Which could explain why information seems to be imperfect; like there's a language barrier... anyway... I don't try to put too much into this, and I am in a longterm HODL and not accumulating anymore so for me this sort of speculation is like the mental appeal of buying a lottery ticket. It's fun to fantasize the days leading up to the drawing. I think the chances are better than hitting the lottery, of course, but I don't mentally invest much more than I would with the lottery just so I don't get too let down and I would advise the same of others. Anyway... enough about how totally mentally healthy and well adjusted I am... the hooker's corpse in my trunk would probably disagree if he/she could. In light of what he's hinting at with "back to school," the first thing that comes to mind - to me - is WalMart. There's already the MoneyGram and WalMart connection. The subsequent tweet containing "prime" obviously is an Amazon reference. I don't have any great theory here, myself... but... with regard to these three companies: I remember thinking it was odd about 6 months ago when the Fed issued the public RFI on solutions for RTGS - which seemed like it was literally written for the purpose of Ripple/ILP - and reading through the public responses... the three major companies I can recall as responding were Amazon, WalMart and Ripple. I just remember thinking that was a unique grouping given the context. Do with that what you will with that... it's pretty unadulterated hopium and while I condone an IV injection of it straight into your carotid, still don't bet with more than you can afford to lose.
  15. Okay, back to business so the TA lovers won't put us on ignore. Right now BTC might be ready to cool off. Looks pretty overbought by the looks of it. Hard to say if if sells off or if it just consolidates again. Hopefully the latter. In a bull market, surprises do happen to the upside. My best case scenario is that BTC consolidates for a week and the alts like LTC, EOS, and others have time to pump and catch up.
  16. https://www.fxstreet.com/cryptocurrencies/news/latin-american-banks-testing-out-ripples-xcurrent-201906250153 Banesco Panamá is taking a look at Ripple’s XRP to move money around the world. The VP Digital Bank at Scotiabank Chile believes more work needs to be done to integrate Ripple’s tech fully. Latin American banks Banesco Panamá and Scotiabank Chile are both testing out Ripple’s xCurrent to move capital. According to a report by financial newsagency iupana, Banesco Panamá is working closely with regulators to ensure that their actions are fully compliant. “Banesco is aiming to roll out the technology between the banks in its group – covering the Dominican Republic, Panama, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Spain and Venezuela… Banesco’s proof of concept used the xCurrent network for the funds transfer, seeing use of Ripple’s cryptocurrency XRP as being a step further than it is comfortable with. Once integrated into the Ripple network, Banesco aims to offer blockchain-based transfers only between banks in the group initially. That’s because Banesco needs to strike a deal on rates and exchange rates bilaterally with each recipient bank.” Daniel Kennedy, the Vice President Digital bank at Scotiabank Chile, stated that xCurrent “works really well” and Peru is a potential place where customers could send funds. He, however, admitted that more work needed to be done before Ripple’s tech could be integrated fully: “As soon as you do that, the process becomes a lot more efficient, a lot more effective. And you can start having almost one account. If you’ve got a small business in Chile with clients in Lima, they can deposit into an account that has the same number and it just gets transferred. But we’re not there yet.”
  17. No doubt Amazon is going to make a move into blockchain and crypto and I am sure this FB move has added fuel to their fire. I mean this whole libra thing could be a potential threat to AMZ business model also if vendors start flocking to sell their products on FB and not Amazon. Again I'm not going to speculate but one thing that was said and it is spot on the announcement of Libra has stepped up the game a 100 fold in the space and now it's time to put rubber to the road!!! The business savvy behind AMZ I do see them leveraging and existing technology as opposed to developing their own something that offers the potential of low overhead and high return with the possibility to easily co brand and a team with a superior understanding of the tech for support and growth. We saw a MG Ripple partnership an AMZ Ripple partnership would not catch me off guard at this point. It would cause a jaw and nut dropping effect simultaneously but off guard "Meh!" Lets not forget all the references to AMZ that various Ripple employees have made when giving closed and public speeches. For some reason AMZ is heavy on the brain I would say coincidence if it only happened once but it has occurred multiple times with different Ripple people so somewhere there is some group discussion about AMZ going on in Ripple and I seriously doubt it's about when the next Amazon Prime Day will begin
  18. Hehe, thanks. I hope you got out of your short in time, by the way. It's Archa beer, cheapest and best - but for some reason not available in any restaurants here. Been drinking it for 10 years, around 7 big bottles per day (in my office, not big on going to bars). Strange how no shops have it when i move to a new place - a week later all the local shops carry it
  19. Beer chang mai peng!!! Lets hope your biz takes off in tandem with XRP.
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