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  2. Are any Canucks in here more concerned about why Chase would do that? What's the consumer debt situation in Canada?
  3. Yeah but we don't drink the Kool-Aid until the year is up!
  4. This artical also states that Santander utilizes xCurrent technology without the use of XRP.. What does that mean for XRP value??
  5. Jailed?? If that's the case then all crypto projects are on the line. Ripple seems to be one of the only one's that is trying to follow regulations. Hodl XRP for the long run. Appears to be the prophecy of one world monetary system.
  6. Seems a little too general for me to answer correctly. How would we know cause and effect is strictly from Bakkt? Is there a specific time frame we would agree to measure from to claim it’s from Bakkt? How do we negate any positive or negative influences that occur in the same time frame to ascertain it’s from Bakkt? Don't get me wrong, I see Bakkt finally going live as beneficial to crypto and to XRP future value. I just don’t know how to measure or anticipate it’s positive influence on XRP price in any certain period of time. Maybe someone sees how it can be done...?
  7. Good for you. I’m sure Ripple is also glad you are not buying anymore.
  8. Please drive your truck and tell what you think. Quite interested to hear what you see as the issues with using XRP as a solution for cross border payments. i mean I’m not stupid there are def issues but I haven’t heard of any that don’t have either solutions or ideas to solve etc.
  9. Should have been clearer... predictably hyped “by XRP chatters” This is supposed to be an XRP site. Last I checked, RL’s court filings claim that XRP is wholly independent of Ripple Labs. In fact “XRP will survive without RL” (again ignoring the escrow, and the complete centralization of the validators on the UNL) So why do we post about an independent company successfully selling or implementing their software, when that company and SW has nothing to do with XRP, if it is not an attempt to superficially link XRP to the news? unfortunately the bigger the hole the bigger the pump needs to be to achieve any pressure. I can drive a truck through the holes in XRP use cases, which is why conventional pumping does not work. This article belongs on Ripple Chat, not XRP Chat.
  10. Ripple is just paying large amounts of money to lawyers and former sec employees to save their butts. Fortunately they have billions of XRPs and us, buyers, to pay the bills. This is why I decided to stop buying any more XRPs long time ago.
  11. Good summary, thanks! These are indeed red flags. XRP had lost the momentum and first mover advantage it seemed to have back in 2017 and I start to think it is not coming back.
  12. Need a bounce here off the lower trend line to stay in this potential triangle. Watching the XRPUSD 15 min.
  13. Did Everyone watched this video? she is the global head relation of Ripple who used to work in SEC. Know that you are in good hands. https://www.ripple.com/insights/digital-currency-regulation-around-the-world/?utm_source=insights_newsletter&utm_medium=email
  14. Today
  15. paired with BTC initially so i think ALTS will benefit but not as much as to rise to 0.50 - hope im wrong tho
  16. It sure is starting to look like a symmetrical triangle on XRP. Thoughts?
  17. Awesome as in awesome response.
  18. The pattern usually ends in a downturn, so we could reasonably expect "alt season" to begin there.
  19. I guess they are targeting accounts that are established/positive to turn into random FUDsters.
  20. I'm the exclusive owner of RippleDepot.com, and I am also finalizing a network of XRP ATMs specifically geared towards Ripple XRP... My group[ has been in direct contact with Ripple Labs Inc. for support, and we would be open to a possible collaborative effort with the General Bytes team, to further expedite this undertaking.
  21. I stopped reading after this, if you see hyped marketing here when Ripple didn't even published an article about it on their website and when Coindesk is making a point of honor of barely talking about anything Ripple related and each time making it an 'ok' article.
  22. I’d say that there’s a new Hungarian a hole on XRP Chat. I guess they wish to speak on our behalf.
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