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  2. I found the source of this announcement from earlier today. Financial Sector Conference 2019 https://financialsector-conference.com/ Their Youtube channel for the event, down below, but the announcement was not recorded. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUHgj_fuk63GGSH7ZcXmeaA?view_as=public And below is the tweet from the FSB itself.
  3. In the fall of 2017 Brad stated in an interview that sales of XRP was still necessary to cover opex/capex because of the cash flow deficit out of “ normal” business. Can’t find the link anymore, but I’m 100% sure, we had a whole debate about it on this forum. Not saying this is still the case, who knows?
  4. Not to take one side or the other in this point/counterpoint epic debate saga for the ages, but my understanding from early on in my investment/speculation research was that Ripple patterned selling/giving XRP out to the world on the 1970's VISA model of providing businesses retail facing credit card terminals to advance and speed up adoption. Isn't the pushing of XRP out there the same thing? Visa card in early 1970's - no one is using it. Visa pushes retail terminals and VISA cards out to people. People start using it. XRP in the 2019's - no one is using it. Ripple pushes the rails and XRP out to the people. People start using it. From the very beginning of my first purchase of XRP I was under the assumption that this 'roughshod model' was the exact approach taken in order to initiate adoption, increase usage, and establish a network effect. Without it xrp becomes a non-starter. Can anyone add to this? Thanks.
  5. This is his/her new account @XrpCenter
  6. Ripple would own the world by now if all the suggestive hyping they practice were true.
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  8. Hi. I'm Ayden I go by Ayden Trading I'm 14 years old and I love learning about the XRP ecosystem My Twitter is @aydentrading and my YouTube as well
  9. Ever hear of this quote? There's an emotional psychology when it comes to money - the average person feels loss on a greater scale than they would a gain (look up "loss aversion bias"). Many are afraid of the stock market for this reason, and the novice investor tends to buy at the top. Most people also need "social proof" (ie. everyone's doing it, it must be right), before making an investment decision. Those who follow a herd mentality in this regard rarely, if ever, achieve the level of financial success they hope for.
  10. Buy low, sell high. Fundamentally, nothing has changed, and XRP's time will come. XRP can move fast when it does move. We could jump up to .5 over night.
  11. at least the "long wished and waited for" decoupling with BTC has taken place..... oops
  12. Hmmm... Cambridge, Paypal, Luxembourg... Cambridge to Use XRP for Faster Global Payments 3 MIN READ • TEAM RIPPLE MAR 01, 2018 https://ripple.com/insights/cambridge-use-xrp-faster-global-payments/ Cambridge Global Payments — a subsidiary of FLEETCOR Technologies and a leading global provider of commercial payment solutions — is launching a pilot program to use XRP in cross-border payment flows through xRapid. Cambridge currently has over 13,000 clients around the world and handles $20 billion in international transactions annually. Incorporating XRP in those flows will provide their clients with a cross-border payments experience that is significantly faster, cheaper and more transparent. "Online payments giant PayPal has made its first-ever investment in a blockchain technology company." "Announced today, PayPal has joined the extension of a Series A funding round in Cambridge Blockchain, a startup that helps financial institutions and other companies manage sensitive data using shared ledgers." "Serendipitously, Cambridge Blockchain has been working with LuxTrust, which is backed by the government of Luxembourg and financial institutions in the region. PayPal had moved its European headquarters to Luxembourg and was granted a banking license there. So, there was a natural affinity there, Commons told CoinDesk, adding: “We can’t talk specifically about anything commercially that we are doing because it’s all sort of exploratory now, but I think the fact that we are deployed in Luxembourg and they [PayPal] have a major presence there also helped to get things moving.”
  13. You might want to keep reading... "EQIBank anticipates a huge level of success is because it is unique in addressing the needs of many additional high-value markets: The global bank of choice for hedge funds: EQIBank launched offshore where 85% of the world's hedge funds are domiciled[5] meaning that it is perfectly positioned to be the first choice for the fund industry High-net-worth individuals: The global volume of net investable assets of high-net-worth individuals is expected to increase by around 25% to almost US$70 trillion by 2021[6] but challenger banks are simply not focused on this space. This is where EQI has a unique proposition to enable this market to manage national and crypto assets in a single banking relationship Digital custody: The four largest global custody banks hold more than $91 trillion in assets under custody and administration[7]. This provides a huge opportunity for EQIBank, which is targeting the clients of these traditional banks that have so far refused to provide custody services for cryptocurrency EQIBank will be joined by onshore jurisdictions in Europe and Asia in early 2019 to better meet demand from all of these markets."
  14. or third option - 'heh, today was a bit of a volatile day, the price jumped to $0.34' ;P
  15. I agree there will be more banks running with this in the fall lol ...September, October, November... The banking dam has cracked IMO Quote from the article: "Founded by former HSBC, Credit Suisse, Bank of New York and UBS bankers, EQIBank lets customers manage traditional and crypto assets within a single banking relationship for the first time."
  16. The total supply is 100bn. That was the deal that all buyers of XRP signed up to. Those 100bn need to be distributed, at least the majority of it. Ripple can't break their agreement with the founders of XRP and quit their mission half way, just because new investors are yelling for quick profits. Ripple's algorithmic selling can be considered the equivalent of distribution through mining rewards. If they'd blow it all on hookers and coke, the net effect would be the same as burning energy for Proof of Work (but less damaging to the environment). Any nickle that is spent on the development of the ecosystem, is a plus.
  17. Here's a couple of oldies but goodies; the potential value of in-game assets is enormous! Blockchain Will Dramatically Increase the Value of the Games Market https://blog.enjincoin.io/blockchain-will-dramatically-increase-the-value-of-the-games-market-cb4557bad0d7 Simon Kertonegoro May 16, 2018 Co-written by Andrew Young "Blockchain technology and video games are on an unavoidable collision course — and we just can’t look away. This article examines just some of the many ways blockchain is likely to completely disrupt the gaming industry." A Big Bet on Blockchain and Gaming: Ripple and Forte Announce $100 Million Fund http://fortune.com/2019/03/12/ripple-forte-blockchain-games/ By JEFF JOHN ROBERTS March 12, 2019 The cryptocurrency company Ripple on Tuesday announced an ambitious project to integrate blockchain technology into video games. The plan, which features a $100 million fund for developers, could remake the gaming industry by creating a new way to create in-game marketplaces for digital goods. The fund will be overseen by Forte, a San Francisco company founded this year by prominent gaming executives, and which is backed and advised by a host of big Silicon Valley names, including Andreesen Horowitz, Coinbase Ventures and Battery Ventures.
  18. Can you not be a shill? You speak like you work on Ripple strategy team haha. Open market means open and public for everyone. If institutions need xrp they can buy it there. There is more supply than enough.
  19. Maybe Asheesh Birla should give Facebook a call instead of writing blogs. I would have assumed being on the Ripple sales team it might have occurred to him, but then...
  20. Really I was more referring to public perception rather than any particular operational characteristic. The early banks using XRP are going to want to announce that to the world so they can be seen as a thought leader. When they do, they want to media and public to react positively to that press release. The don't want to see headlines like, "Bank X adopts risky volatile cryptocurrency in their payment flows..." Then it becomes their responsibility to react and explain a bunch of wonky details their banking customers shouldn't need to care about. Those customers just want cheap payments. For this reason (only speculation) there might be a bank testing or using xRapid for some payment corridors. They just see no need to announce that publicly. Again, that is completely idle speculation on my part. The point I'm trying to make is that motivations are not always what people outside the business space anticipate they are. Yeah, allow use of vs hold XRP is always a tricky concept to explain. The reason for banks to hold XRP is the same as for anyone else. It really is a "flat" world in that regard. Hodl, speculating that the price is going to go up over time. Use that XRP to generate value now. perhaps market making for others to generate new revenue perhaps settling directly in XRP to reduce expenses (cutting out other market makers) But banks have additional customer related options: Hold XRP for customers because they demand that service Sell/Buy XRP to/from customers because they demand that service When you see one or more of those options become attractive to banks, expect them to start acquiring XRP. Before that, as I posted above, I expect smaller banks an payment services to move toward xRapid. That lets them get the cost benefits of XRP paths without any currency risk.
  21. All the more reason to get intelligent regulation in place
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