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  2. Entry is anywhere between the current location at .31 all the way down to .23 - Dollar cost average if on the sidelines, Target should be between 1.50 and 3.00
  3. I've been buzzing all day after reading this news. I'm no moonboi but I think we'll look back on this in years to come as a defining moment in the evolution of digital assets and global finance. Given the partnerships and progress that is already public knowledge, and the network effect that has been building this past year, this news of Japan being anointed to lead the way puts SBI, R3 and XRP at the centre of the emerging digital global financial system. Game on swift! #xrpthebridge
  4. Update from the Chair of the G7 working group on stablecoins 18ᵗʰ July 2019 The G7 of Finance took place in Chantilly, France the 17ᵗʰ and 18ᵗʰ July. The ministers of country members of the G7 talked Libra and cryptocurrencies regulation among other issues. Benoît Cœuré, Chair of the Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures, updates on work by G7 central banks, IMF, BIS and Financial Stability Board on stablecoins. The report starts off by explaining the need for faster and cheaper cross-border payments, and that it is precisely the purpose envisioned by crypto-assets. Although, Benoît Cœuré says due to severe price volatility and limited capacity to process transactions, crypto-assets function primarily as risky instruments and have not achieved a scale that could enhance the current system. The rest of the report explains how the G7 furthers discussed stablecoin initiatives and identified some key considerations that set a baseline for critical issues to be solved. Naturally, these comprise only a subset of the considerations necessary to address the full range of public policy priorities. The report is accessible here (pdf)
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  6. If the pyramid didn't fall in 85 days time you might receive it back, because as long as new blood is lured in the 'system' will work. I wonder how they make that interest. The website doesn't tell. Do they lend your XRP to people for leveraging or do they blow it all on h**kers and coke. Putting it in cold storage or in your wallet is not the answer.
  7. so you must think the critcal mass of affluent societies needed to drive your profits are willingly going to hand over thier banking details to fb, good luck with that one.
  8. Quite hilarious to see a company thinks it's gonna be able to compete through lowering fees.
  9. I honestly don't really care. I really don't have anything to hide. Won't be using Libra because I've got no reason to use it.
  10. i wouldnt be rushing into that, Libra may succeed but even the most ardent fb users are sick of the privacy and trust issues fb represents.
  11. Australia's Big 4 aren't going anywhere, anytime soon. Even without Ripple.
  12. FB is at all time high while XRP is 90% down. Not sure who is being arrogant here but FB can.
  13. There are two Chinese banks which aren't for starters. Bank of China had one unsubstantiated tweet that it was thinking about it but no other news saying it was part of Ripplenet.
  14. Here's a freebie - https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPUSD/m4SPbNMO-XRP-targeting-34/
  15. While not said otherwise this has nothing to do with Ripple. This means that banks that were Ripple's partners just did a successful trial with Ripple competition. If one day they say it was through Ripple then I will celebrate, meanwhile it is bad news.
  16. Its called "do your own research". No one is going to tell you what to do with your money,
  17. "Europe’s third largest bank Banco Santander is using Ripple technology (but not XRP) to facilitate cross-border payments on its One Pay FX app." So all these new partners do not use XRP either?
  18. Just added more to my FB position. They can't fight corp. Libra will happen.
  19. how do we take seriously a TA with target price "Pluto and beyond"?
  20. Maybe not in lending or other stuff, but in cross border remittances speed and cost are king. Capitalism will flush out those not able to compete eventually. Including the old guard banks.
  21. I agree that it’s pathetic. It’s time for some sage to help other forum members break the hopium addiction cycle and name the digital asset that’s truly undervalued and bubbling with genuine potential. And that digital asset is ________________?
  22. It seems the rules have changed: https://www.forbes.com/sites/baldwin/2019/07/18/bitcoin-irs-takes-on-the-crooksand-the-good-guys/amp/
  23. Too much supply. Think of it like a stock (which it isn't). Apple has 5 billion shares of stock. By comparison, the supply of XRP is 41 billion in circulation. Plus, Ripple releases more from escrow. What's needed is hysteria (like in 2017) or enormous utility demand. News is not enough.
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