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  2. You just keep believing that narrative while you suck the hopium pipe.
  3. I’ve answered this question many times over the last 18 months it’s the escrow sales that constantly expand the supply. Not complicated.
  4. The title of this thread -- "Libra VS XRP" -- mischaracterizes what's going on... which isn't surprising considering the quantity of intentionally inaccurate titles we've gotten over the past few months. Libra competes with Tether. Libra does not compete with XRP.
  5. Wrong! Take a look when it was btc ath and xrp ath. If I remember good we're talking about 17/18th dec 17 and 03/04th jan 2018. A relevant lag if you want to prove the whole crypto space exploded at same time!
  6. I agree with the sentiment. But......to play devil's advocate, when you buy XRP, don't you usually need to supply copious amounts of personal data to often skeezy exchanges?
  7. oh no, time to sell my xrp's. competition is here to eat ripple's lunch.
  8. This is not even remotely competition. (But we have had competition for several years now, mainly in the form of Stellar.)
  9. @Eric123 how do you see the coming weeks/months in term of price for XRP? Pretty frustrating for me tbh , I should have kept ETH LTC and BNB , would have 4-5x the amount of $ I do own now in XRP. Even tho I believe in XRP , it wasn't the best idea in term of profits for the moment , and price is stuck. Even MoneyGram news didnt do anything , and now with the Facebook coin it may even scare some people and lower the price.
  10. Five days later the entire crypto space exploded. Had little to do with the escrow announcement.
  11. I remember claiming a year ago that it was naive to think serious competition wouldn’t enter this space. I was ridiculed and labeled a FUDsternas it couldn’t possibly happen to “the chosen one”. Well, I’ve been proved right over and over on here.
  12. I'm surprised he didn't grow a beard to complete the recipe.
  13. Not sure what FB's game plan is, but to answer your question: yes, it could eliminate traditional nostro accounts as well. Any crypto can do this in theory. XRP has enjoyed some advantages over others due to speed, a corporate structure pushing adoption, and a clear use case. But the issue of pre-funding is still faced by any token standing in for value. XRP based remittances, like any other crypto, still require "pre-funding". It is simply the traders and speculators who assume that burden instead of the banks/remittance companies. Someone, somewhere, will still have to have their value tied up in either XRP or the local currency or both in order to solve the last mile problem (getting your money in and out of crypto). What XRP, and any sufficiently liquid crypto for that matter, does is disperse it among many traders and render the time the money is required to be "dead" far, far less. These traders however, will technically still need to "fund accounts" but they do not need to do so in huge amounts. Funding accounts is simply buying and selling crypto for currency. The more people buying and selling, the smaller each account needs to be to supply the necessary liquidity to the market. But there is nothing special about XRP in this regard other than they have a big head start in pushing liquidity and/or an advantage in speed. But at the end of the day, liquidity means everything. FB having a potentially massive ready-to-go market for their crypto is very concerning to me. Hopefully, no one using FB has any interest in buying/investing in Libra and it simply becomes another marketing stunt in the vein of "new coke".
  14. https://ripple.com/use-cases/
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  16. There's also this... https://www.moneygram.com/us/en/how-to-send-money/send-money-with-moneygram-sendbot
  17. it looks like a duck, it waddles like a duck, it quacks like a duck but when you ask it to lay eggs its infertile. This is correspondence banking dressed up as a bridge asset. Yes they will fool a lot of people into thinking they are like Ripple, but they are not. Yes they will serve a purpose, but in the end they will eliminate BTC not XRP. I agree all mimics reduce the size of the pie.
  18. https://www.ft.com/content/7884a51a-c3bf-3740-9739-9e933e2e8471 Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/N8kq5kHk @KarmaCoverage @Wandering_Dog
  19. Careful...the news about escrow didn't bring anything in dec17 and 5 days later...
  20. I heard " Cross boarder payments" , "Internet of Value - IoV", "unbanked" and "Days to clear", "High Cost" , "Move Value". He has studied Brad G. and the Ripple pitch.
  21. @nikb you're damn right, I'm hearing Brad speaking from A to Z... It's painful to hear.. It's a steel right away!
  22. Pretty strong claim. unless you are simply referring to the systematic sales of the monthly escrow and subsequent return of unsold/unused XRP to be locked up again in escrow.
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