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  3. Hop on the devnet or the altnet and have a blast. There’s no need for coordinated action either: two accounts should be enough.
  4. That makes sense too, assuming Ripple offer rebates for volume on the utilization side as well, the more you use the cheaper it gets.
  5. We know from MGI earnings call that they are getting back a portion of the fees they pay for ODL and they are recognizing it as revenue. Per Alex Holmes, it was negligible last quarter and included in other income but said that it will increase in future period and will be presented as its own line item.
  6. It's funny how everyone, today, considers China to be a gold mine. I was once interviewed/interrogated by Europol police... in '09, them thinking I had a sham relationship with a Chinese woman over a visa (we ended up living in China together for many years after... but it was very uncomfortable and awkward to have to prove to police that your relationship is real.) Back then everyone had a different opinion about China; "those Chinese are coming to Europe for passports and visas!" That was in Holland. Right now smart crypto money says anything to do with China is gold. There's a huge housing bubble in the making over there. In Shanghai, most of the property was bought up by people living in a place called Jiangsu. They literally bought up the entire city. The price of property for rent or to buy in Shanghai is more than NYC. But no-one sells, and every person takes a loan to buy a second home. It doesn't help that Chinese will not buy second hand (that includes housing). They won't even rent out new homes; they buy them with an expectation that they can sell them down the line. What you end up with is entire towers left empty to decay. Millions of people are taking loans to buy property which often ends up empty. They are government subsidized too. Eventually that house of cards will fall, and you won't want to be invested in China when it happens. It is scary how big that bubble is. It has the potential to bring down the world economy. I'm not sure if I want to be invested in a crypto that is part of that. I'm not slating China; I love the culture, I only speak English and Mandarin. Do some research into the economy over there, housing in particular, and you will need a shot of whisky. There are ghost cities over there. Entire cities. I've visited one on the outskirts of Shanghai. It was built to look like a town from Spain. Fake stores (bakery, dental office... just words written over a grey skeleton of dust and concrete), random creepy sculptures, empty. With my brother at my side, in typical British style, we found the only open store in a city built for 50k people... to be a wine shop. We were their first ever customer. The owner had to ride away on a motorbike, to return 30 minutes later with a bottle opener so we could drink it. And on the pi** we explored a megalithic ghost city... we really could have been in spain... and that is but one of hundreds of ghost cities. Most are bigger. They aren't built for human habitation; they are built because the companies that build them get government money to make them. The point being, the Chinese economy is a jenga tower. If I was stilling living there, I wouldn't dare have made this post. Because it's illegal and they will knock on your door. The government there is in a pickle because to maintain control they have to let everyone prosper. But it's all fcu*ked. Completely unsustainable. I even made friends with real estate agents (a dime a dozen on the streets) and went karaoke with them. They only sell new places; they actually move further and further out from the city into new developments just to be 'where the action is'. Biggest bubble in human history. Adding a personal touch to the rant, my partner's mother was the Minister for Education for all of Shanghai. She, along with a few colleagues, would make the infamous 'black day' exams which decide peoples' future (if you fail this exam, no uni for you). They would shut down entire roads so that students wouldn't hear noise during that exam. I became part of it, helping to formulate questions for the exam, something which no westerner has ever done... helping with the structure and logic of the questions. I had truly completely assimilated into the culture; they considered me to be not just Chinese, but Shanghai-nese. I had a crisis of conscience, because I used to be one of the students (but in the UK) who cared about exams. But there in China, that exam is life or death, and many people die/suicide over it. I asked her what she thought about the economic situation in China and the socio-economic system, and she was defensive, defending Mao and even asking me to help pick out a new home purchase that me and her daughter could live in once married. At that point, I thought 'I know the exam Q's, it's worth millions'. It was tempting, having been in a culture where money is the only thing that matters, and guanxi, I left shortly afterwards. I wasn't comfortable. These people don't seem to understand how messed up the system is. It's a capitalist economy with a bit of favoritism thrown in. We call it corruption in the West. Over there it is called guanxi, and I started to get 'drunk' on it as I had a powerful mother-in-law. Even the smart people over there, are part of the problem. I was forced to pose in-front of a huge statue of Mao at East China Normal University many times. I would speak to the older uni teachers and tell them how f*d up Mao was, and they would begrudgingly agree with me. That was 2012. Bubble will break. Pray that it doesn't bring down the entire world economy. Basing your investment success on what is popular in China is a dangerous game. The highest echelons of the government just look out for their family, below that you have ministers, police, all looking out for each other. The housing issue is huge and it has to break, the government can't afford to prop it up forever. I could go on forever, I have a real insight. Police stations protecting 'massage bars', always 100 meters from a police HQ. The fish rots head down.
  7. she has to be about 22, vegan and attends protests. Insufferable read, yeah we already know half the stuff in there.
  8. I haven't researched it as I said. I'll look into it.
  9. Now if we could only see that carry over here in the community.
  10. The interesting thing here is that I don't think it would be the customers of Ripplenet that Ripple would be subsidizing. When you model it out, for any corridor, the customers like MGI make money and use the system because the quoted spread between originating currency and receiving currency over ODL is low. This is dependent on the liquidity providers who are providing those quotes via the FX ticker/s. My assumption has always been that the exchange operate one FX ticker using their open 'market' order book and at least 2 liquidity providers operate another 2 using non-public books (like A + B books/dealing desk in the forex market). The LPs are under a contract with Ripple, not the customer (MGI in this example) or the exchange, so if there's any mechanism to maintain a low FX spread (i.e. create on-demand liquidity/market breadth) through the injection of a subsidy from Ripple its likely to happen there, and to start we know Ripple have in some cases loaned these LPs large tranches of XRP to kick start their LP operations, which in itself is a subsidy as it lowers capital costs of holding XRP. Other subsidies may come in the form of discounts for OTC purchases, scaled interest loan payments back to Ripple based on volume and/or spreads, volume and/or spread based rebates, etc.
  11. To : Gatehub, ... From : a loss of 1,250,000 XRP's ..... 1.You obviously are not going to do the right thing because the price of XRP is approximately 40% cheaper now then when this hack occurred which would be a 40% replacement savings.2. And just how can you run a business without ( I am assuming) Insurance for incidents that occurred as this. I myself as others on this blog had the rug pulled out from under us. 3. Ripple also is washing their hands of this even though they recommended using Gatehug for storage of XRP. My future life style , future donations to charity, future bonuses to employees have been greatly jeopardized by your lack of ...... what the hell like this really matters to you.
  12. @baobeiiiii Walmart initially got some price movement, what’s really really gotten investors excited is the Chinese government officially support vechain. It’s being used to track exports between China and the EU. Countless other brands major brands are on boarded or in the process. Potentially vaccine tracking. there are literally too many deals to list that validate vechains ecosystem. It’s way bigger than Walmart
  13. I ignored him also, a while back. If someone thinks everything in this thread is so stupid and thinks that lowly of the posts here, why even come here? Why waste your time to constantly spew garbage about how much you hate something? People need to get a life. I guess he has nothing better to do than put himself in the middle of something he hates and talk about how much he hates it?
  14. I've an evolving theory what might be going on with the BS/Bitso corridor... After a few weeks of monitoring its daily trade patterns - which have really varied widely a number of times, almost like live experiments being tried out - and then reconciling with price fluctuations and their order books (see below), I've become convinced there must be some XRP "inventory management" behavior in the ODL system. That is to say, the process acquires and holds some amount of XRP, and executes its cross-border trades at more optimal times. If you look at the hourly volume spikes I've posted prior here, there is no way the current order book would efficiently accommodate such high volume trades. This hunt for puzzling out ODL's secrets continues...
  15. So VET is involved with Walmart, China. Thing is, spent most of the last decade there and f**k all Chinese people actually use Walmart. Can't recall seeing a single one in Shanghai either. It seems like more of a big deal to American's when they think 'omg Walmart China is using VET'. Not trying to be a downer, I haven't researched VET much. Big names like Tesco have tried to tap into China, and all are a fail. Even Amazon. It's all about jd (dot) com. Even Tesco became a butchered version of what it should be (picture live crabs running around on the floor, and no cheese for sale). From what I know of chinese culture Walmart can't ever be big theref government wouldn't want/allow it to either. Feel free to say otherwise. I'm not that bothered just chipping in with my personal experience. If jd (dot) com was using VET, I'd be all in. China doesn't want competition from western companies. They want their own home-grown version. That's why Youtube and much of Google is frequently blocked there.. not because of the Dalai Lama (official reason), but so their own companies can fill that space (think baidu). It's not a communist country despite popular belief, it's actually almost fascist in its capitalism (way more capitalist than most countries in Europe). And Chinese people tend to think that they can't lose on investments (because the government will bail them out). It can lead to disaster and has in the past... but as far as Walmart China... it's a nothing burger. If VET penetrates properly into China, however, you'd be a fool not to invest because there's just so many Chinese who will invest too. I'll end this essay with a fact most of you won't know about China, and it says something about their psychology. Red in the markets means up, money, success. Green means down. So when you see a photo in the news of the Shanghai stock exchange and the board is all red, those Chinese are celebrating.
  16. Yesterday
  17. We truly are the early pilgrims mon. It's like when Mark Cuban founded Broadcast.com and only had one server and a single ISDN line. We're right about at that stage where they launched the very first live-streamed Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Kelly_Gale_2014.jpg#/media/File:Kelly_Gale_2014.jpg And later that year Yahoo snapped them up for 5.7b in stock, which then itself later exploded. May XRP prove to be that sexy a tale.
  18. Does the history contain a transaction ID? If so, at least you can see what action was triggered by your attempted withdrawal, and maybe get a hint about what actually happened, by entering the transaction ID into e.g. Bithomp. If you really can't contact Koinex then you could consider legal action if it would be worth your while. If they've gone out of business though, there may be no way to force them to pay up.
  19. What I’ve realised lately is that the same posters seem to be cropping up across a lot of the XRP forums (not talking about googo specifically). It makes you realise just how small the XRP community is and just how early we are into this.
  20. Actually there seem to be a number of conflicts in their data. Maybe I shouldn’t be so lazy and should look into it a bit more.
  21. I think it’s just some sort of data blip... but a while ago on the site I use for the 24hr volume Etherium had enormous volume that dwarfed Bitcoin. (Normally it’s a distant number two to Bitcoin) That ended a week or so ago. Then a few days ago XRP volume ballooned in a way I don’t really believe. It’s persisted for two days now. Normally it’s like this: XRP 24hrvol : 258m. 6th place. Now it’s: XRP 24hrvol : 5.69 Billion. 2nd place. The site is https://coinlib.io/global-crypto-charts I was posting these figures to keep a record as utility volume blossomed but if it’s glitchy then unfortunately I don’t know a easy better source. Maybe a day or two will fix it like Etherium seemed to.
  22. No, that 9.44 was when it was an ERC 20. It has been diluted 100X, fwiw. I believe that to be correct. I like VET, and have made no secret of it.
  23. @Molten @Tinyaccount if it’s any cold comfort from my first visit to the XRP Reddit yesterday users were commenting in the daily thread how they’ve ignored googo. It’s odd though - on reddit googo comes off as some XRP zealot. Not so snipey.
  24. So VET is a good bet ? I see many people here talking about it , ATH was 9.44$ , damn.
  25. @dr_ed , it was you that opened my eyes to VET, thank you ! It took a couple of looks before things lined up with my investment criteria but I finally got there. VET is a longer term play similar to XRP. I was the same way with HYDRO and that is up over 50% in recent days ! Now just need to time the tops so I can increase my stash on the retraces
  26. Good to hear there’s people on the VET forums saying that VET can do what XRP has done. I’m of that opinion. Agreed that many have a hard time understanding that a few coins can excel while not impeding the success of another. I’m bullish on both XRP and VET for the same reason: I believe they’ll both appreciate much higher once their utility and performance becomes proven, accepted and appreciated. We aren’t there yet but I think we’re closing in for both. And when I say closing in I’m saying definitively by 2025. That may sound horribly far to some and I can appreciate that perspective. I’m cautiously optimistic I guess. As far as actual push back that’s because some people are just plain tribal. Some may actually want only “theirs” to succeed and others to fail solely simply for feelings of superiority.
  27. Are you gonna back that up with an actual counter argument?
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