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  2. I noticed that! LOL...Looks like he was voice dictating. and basically just talking to a buddy...and didn't bother to proofread. But the content was pretty much spot-on.
  3. Imagine for a moment you're a central bank and Accenture is your tech delivery partner for domestic payments. Wouldn't it make perfect sense to ALSO have Accenture as your tech delivery partner for cross-border payments? Ps. I read somewhere that Bank of Canada also works with Accenture.
  4. Just tried out Bitrue for the first time. Absolutely horrible exchange, worst experience I've ever had. No response from support after 12 hours. KYC will take up to 3 days (others do it in ~1 day now, all automated or subcontracted) but not sure I completely trust them with my info anyway (let's hope they totally delete stored data upon account closure and don't sell it on or leave it for hackers to scoop up). XRP deposits are fine (surprise, surprise, they want your money in!) but withdrawals will be frozen until verified, for anywhere between hours and... days. "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leeeeeave..." Tried once this morning and nothing happened. Then they rejected the second attempt with no explanation given! That's right, they do not let you withdraw XRP, on a whim. No reasons given. Hmmm! So don't expect to be able to move in and out with liquidity and take advantage of price movements in XRP/XXX markets. UX is full of unnecessarily complicated features as well and the whole experience has put me off forever. Glad I didn't deposit a lot of funds. I won't be doing so now. They focus on XRP yet everything is opposite to the fast XRP experience on other apps/exchanges. Bitrue is slow, clunky, frustrating, and has lots of pointless hoops. "Runs of Ripple" my a$$! If it's based in China (and I don't know if it is, but probably), then everything is by default property of the CCP. My advice: AVOID!
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  6. This is indeed interesting times. I have seen no mention of an E-Sterling (but who knows). The BOE information on their RTGS also mentions possible integration of DLT to cross border payments (they did a Proof of Concept on 'Synchronisation' in 2018 with Ripple.) Given that R3 can use XRP as it settlement asset, it would be interesting if the Swedish Central Bank integrate for cross border payments too.
  7. Accenture was also chosen to build a (DLT) system for the swedish central bank. It involves a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) called the E-Krona. I am not sure if the UK RTGS system is similar and involves any CBDC but here is an explanantion of the "swedish" Accenture system. Probably some parts should be reused from the "swedish" system but it could off course be a totally rebuilt system? According to this document the "swedish" Accenture system is using R3’s Corda DLT platform: https://www.riksbank.se/en-gb/payments--cash/e-krona/technical-solution-for-the-e-krona-pilot/
  8. How are the charts looking? I like your updates, always informative.
  9. I am not sure if this has been posted in another thread, I could not find it. (apologies mods if I am repeating information!) The Bank of England (BOE) is developing a new real time gross settlement system (RTGS) which is due to go live in 2022. They have officially selected Accenture as their 'Technology Delivery Partner': https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/news/2020/july/boe-appoints-accenture-as-the-technology-delivery-partner-for-the-rtgs-service-renewal-programme Some of you may also know that Accenture use Ripple technology: https://www.accenture.com/_acnmedia/PDF-23/Accenture-Banking-Real-time-Cross-Border-Payments.pdf This may be the case that Accenture are paying Ripple (Tier 2 supplier) to use their technology but they are developing the solution for the BOE (Tier 1 supplier). Obviously this is early days and they have just announced that Accenture will develop the system for them - with very little detail. They may not use Ripple tech at all for this solution! What do you guys and gals think?
  10. No sh!t it always has to do with the child who grew too big too early, and now must learn to live in the adult world with other ledgers as they ultimately out grow it. I didnt post for that profile's benefit, rather for the other forum members who may not know enough of the facts to discern a real fact from BS cloaked in false authentic wording masquerading as a "fact".
  11. @AlejoMoreno - Great points friend. I keep pointing out how Ripple is incentivized to NOT encourage hoarding speculators, as it's counter-productive to the crucial growth of deeper "on-the-books" liquidity in the network of exchanges. Ripple owes Hodlers jack squat.
  12. The actual movers & shakers in the Digital Asset Community, are actually doing something and directly interfacing with Ripple Inc, so I'd say Ripple is interacting with the community, but just more focused on the portion of the community that is moving and shaking things up.
  13. Although nailing it in the answer, Xerxes does not deserve that much effort. He has been hiding FUD in some, to his mind clever, questions for longer now. The reason why he is here is hidden in his first sentence. Oh wait, the first paragraph is an entire sentence. Ok, hint: It starts with B.
  14. This thread is a perfect reason as to why Ripple does not bother interacting with the XRP community and digital asset community too much. People are going to be bitching no matter what they do so why waste too much time on activites that don't ultimately further their company mission. I am happy that they put the effort together to publish the XRP Markets report regardless of if I 100% agree or understand everything on it each quarter. People have been bitching and bitching that Ripple has been driving down the price of XRP with their sales and now that they are experimenting with buying, people continue with their bitching. Why publish a report about an asset if you're just trying to destroy it and drive it into the ground?
  15. https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/ripple-labs ... um $348 million dollars pays for WAY more than $120m (using your high of 400m XRP and $0.30). Slight correction here, Programatic sales obviously have to be sold on an exchange with a Program or API interface, which obviously does get "sold on the market". While Direct sales, aka Over the Counter sales, will come with legally binding terms and/or work that the buying party must comply with, or else there would be a claw-back on the XRP sold. Additionally, any XRP that they lend out to Market Maker's as an incentive, would could out of Escrow, but not fall under the number of XRP "sold", regardless if it was programatic or direct. Honestly, I have read your list of "facts" and the only thing on the list that may be a "fact", is "There is no information on how much Ripple bought or why", but while I have skimmed the report I didn't notice that number, and I was looking for it. "facts" are not just things that you think are true, they have to be verifiable. The rest of the points are more of a Perspective, than a Fact.
  16. No offence, but I'm just going to go ahead and call BS on this. The real reason to be thankful to BTC is for pioneering blockchain technology... and having a governance structure that makes it unusable in actual complaint financial transactions. The fact that the crypto markets follow BTC's market movements is due to the fact that BTC is the "bridge currency" for essentially all of the crypto market. This will obviously change with time, and BTC's dominance wanes and fades away. Yes there is still, and will continue to be (relative to public markets) a lot of volatility in the entire crypto market. The good thing, is that an XRP TX is so fast, that the TX participants are not exposed to much of that volatility risk. or 2.a... Yes Market Makers are exposed to "prolonged periods" of volatility while holding XRP. The good thing, is that because the inventory turn over cycles are so much faster a Market Maker will need to float substantially less overall amount of capital held in the asset which they are making markets in "(relative to the conventional payments)", XRP in this case. "Do you prefer X or X market conditions" , this is simply a False Dichotomy which is defined as...
  17. Able-bodied is a bit of a stretch, but the brain works. And the faculty all love me!
  18. Thanks for sharing this. Great to see more crypto exposure on such a mainstream site. I do think the OCC announcement will have a very significant impact on the crypto market in general, given the wider reach of the banks, and potential pressure on the exchanges to compete with these banks in a variety of ways. And of course, the unique utility of XPR to get banks up to speed, literally, could be game changing. Cheers!
  19. Bring it on with my average of $0.67, need to clear that ever growing Lego room of my better half!!!!!!!
  20. We have seen amazing price appreciation the last week (thank you BTC) but if you look over the year to date you seen absolutely horrendous price volatility (Market makers end up having to hold positions in XRP for prolonged periods, the greater the volatility of XRP, the greater the spread on the Fiat1 -> XRP and XRP - > Fiat2 transactions, increasingt the cost relative to conventional payments). Do you you prefer short term appreciation that undermines the utlity argument or longer term price stabiilty that reinforces the utlity argument?
  21. Imagine if I bought XRP based on promise from Brad about adoption of XRP by banks?
  22. This is the report for public use. If you're a Ripple investor I'm sure they sent you the naked truth version For public use for what purpose? To persuade us to buy XRP? If it is, as has already been pointed out is is missing out the key data and just leaving an attempt at creating a pleasant picture of dots for some of us to fill in. Let's recap, The price has gone up recently solely due to being dragged up by Bitcoin. There is no information on how much Ripple bought or why Ripple are pumping up the XRP sales, something most people seem to have completely ignored. Programatic or direct, it all ends up getting sold on the market. Even though sales went down the previous couple of quarters, we are still seeing 300-400 million XRP not being returned to Escrow each quarter. The clearest public information about the other uses of XRP that does not go back to escrow, is that the lucky recipients sell it. That's the facts, here is my pet speculation on why they bought XRP, Ripple have clearly been using XRP whenever possible to pay for things (including getting the co-operation of people like Ripple). If there have been using XRP as a substitute to buy things, the people they are paying on more fixed term contracts would not like the volatility of XRP, the way around that is to give those people, put options for XRP to protect them from fluctions in the value of XRP. If those put options are int he money, they would exercise them with Ripple, forcing Ripple to buy XRP.
  23. This is just the opinion of what I suspect is a “ white cis abled body privileged”. 😇
  24. Top 5 Crypto Trading CFD Providers, and why KoinPro is one of them! https://coingape.com/top-5-crypto-trading-cfd-providers/
  25. https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/8150354/zakinov-v-ripple-labs-inc/ another update yesterday anybody can get this doc?
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