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  2. I think the question is less about what you could do with these coins but rather how they would actually even work to begin with.
  3. Why so? XRP is divisible up to 6th decimal. So as price rises, you can subdivide. Also like I said above, is push comes to shove, the codebase can be changed to allow inflation.
  4. Looks like the bot keeps on running. A lot of failed transaction due to no sufficient fees. https://bithomp.com/explorer/rpJZ5WyotdphojwMLxCr2prhULvG3Voe3X
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  6. Price adjustment does not resolve any issues associated with supply.
  7. The problem with shorting the S&P is that you run the risk of fighting the Fed and the PPT, who can make that market go anywhere they want, over the very short term. The bond market has the same issue.
  8. Hi David, Wouldn’t it be a great idea to issue XRP backed stablecoin especially for funding. Ripple/Xspring can fund startups by issuing the XRP collateralized Stablecoin VS giving them XRP. Do the startups get XRP from Ripple which they then sell on the market for USD? Or do they just get USD? Non techie here, sorry if it’s a stupid question.
  9. Not just China. Keep looking. There is much more to find. Walmart China is relatively old news, I am actually reducing my exposure to China at the moment. I sold a lot of TRX and a lot of KCS. If VET were as China-centric as those, I don't think it would be moving like it is. imho.
  10. Use any ripple client to see what trust-lines you have opened to you. I suggest using the ripplerm client which is open source. Just download the git, open the index file in Firefox, then change the view to your account by changing the secret key to your secret.
  11. https://heraldsheets.com/2019/12/08/bank-of-america-cites-ripples-cross-border-solution-example-innovation/ Ripple, the blockchain tech that oversees the distribution of the digital token XRP...
  12. Just posted this in marketplace, but will add it here again since the discussion revolves around global clearing, settlement, and liquidity solutions. https://www.cls-group.com/news-insights/liquidity-challenges-for-banks/?channel=website&campaign=liquidity
  13. A good video by CLS on new mechanisms by which banks can seek liquidity moving forward. https://www.cls-group.com/news-insights/liquidity-challenges-for-banks/?channel=website&campaign=liquidity
  14. XTZ did break out as I mentioned it might yesterday. It is still painting a nice chart. VET is completing a perfect pennant....no guarantees but it sure looks good. XRP, imho, is on shaky ground, but in a zone where accumulating again makes sense. I did buy some yesterday. This is not the swing trade I talked about making if we reverse hard. Just starting to build the stack back up while the price remains low. It will take some time to get back where I was before SWELL.
  15. Not to pile on, but look at the volume on the daily chart for the last 3 green candles. Volume should be rising with rising prices, not falling. This is another bearish indicator. Part of it is likely just attributable to the weekend, so if we can hold here and pick up some volume tonight or tomorrow then we could keep marching up, but right now we look set to fall a bit.
  16. How can I see, if someone has opened a trust line to me? Is this possible with tools like bithomp or xrpscan?
  17. Ugh. We are rising but on very low volume. Worse, though, is that we have settled into a very clear rising wedge on the shorter term charts. This is bearish and likely will result in a fall back down to $0.21ish in the near term unless we can break out of the formation with some volume.
  18. I actually just opened a small short position on the S&P because it has extended into severely overbought territory. The vast majority of my portfolio is still allocated in stocks and bonds, so this was just more of a "for fun" move because the technicals seemed pretty obvious. My horizon is about 15-20 years off, so in the long run I don't really care much what happens right now.
  19. Ha, that was my view of eastern Europe in the 70s thankfully I’ve matured and learned a bit since then xx. Kiddo
  20. XRP is not static. Codebase can be changed to make it flexible in terms of quantity, however, quantity is only one facet. The floating price can account for the static supply. Maybe we can have an agreement in terms of XRP between Keynesian and Neo-liberals at last.😂
  21. I can't really comprehend you fitting anywhere else so prob welfare it is.
  22. I love this post. It’s amazing how life gets complicated when you lay money, economics, and politics on top of it. I travel to many places and I often think how fortunate people are that live in less developed areas or how fortunate tribal communities are. I mean that with the utmost sincerity. ....and how fortunate they are to not have to watch crypto charts haha
  23. Where is the S&P 500 top and is it better to just ride it out or reallocate somewhere else?
  24. Very interesting story. I remember being told In the early 1980's Tokyo real estate was worth more than all the property in the US, then the bubble burst and Japan's vibrant economy never recovered. You are right, the Chinese bubble will burst, half their businesses are not even profitable. The Euro will collapse and I have no idea what will happen to the dollar. Yes it is inevitable. We live with unstable currencies in a politically unstable world. People will get hurt, others will thrive, it is very much up to the individual to enjoy their lives and make the best of their circumstances. Whatever your future, find what is good and embrace it. Life is a gift. Live it through other people.
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