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  2. No he isn’t. DYOR, maybe read his name in the chinese way...
  3. Except ........ you’re mistaken about him joining may 2018. He was here way way before that time. How is that possible ??? DYOR, you’ll figure it out. Talking about personal attacks and misconceptions.
  4. No worries! It's not frozen! It's going down. 😂
  5. Longest ICO in history. No adoption until Ripple's bag is empty
  6. Hello Study Group, Scott here from Love For Crypto, I Run the LFC Instagram and Facebook pages @LoveForCrypto17 and also add daily videos regarding DLT, IoV, IoT and my general thoughts on where it's going to YouTube. I can also be reached on Twitter @ScottyPMedia We at Love For Crypto are hoping to reach English speaking people online globally and are looking to set up events locally to start with. Being in the UK we're currently on BST (British Summer Time GMT -1) I would love to be part of regional Teams and sharing the knowledge through different visions. Super Excited about this.
  7. Learnt??? Lol. You’ve learned nothing Jon Snow.
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  9. Learnt to read a balance sheet yet ?
  10. Hello All Im Matthew Mariano, Twitter Matthew LINY Youtube Hike-Around American living in Long Island NY EST Earth Science Teacher (18years) , Hoping to be of service to this community in any way I can. Experienced at presenting and researching information. Fascinated by this community, try to say up to date with trends and tech driven movements to keep my students up to date.. that's how i found all of you! Digital Revolution lets go!
  11. Although I believe i am well versed in the conceptualisation of dlt and related software i would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with a well versed XRPL developer and gain some hands on experience. I go by OZ Crypto. You can refer to me as OZ. I'm also known as Oz Crypto on YouTube and @OZCRYPTO2 on twitter. I only speak English Australian english at that. G'day, mate, shielas, that's not a knife this is a knife all the standards. I am in Sydney so operate on AEST i am hoping to be able to share the knowledge I gain with youtube and the world.
  12. Agreed, not only Ripple, but the whole crypto sphere needs to start delivering something that ressembles to real life use cases with the potential of short term mass usage and we’ll see a bullrun again. Otherwise sideways action at best.
  13. This is cool. Gonna participate. I developed the same application but on Ethereum. @eXRPe how did you technically achieve this on XRP ledger without using smart contracts? Or do you manually collect all TXs and then sending them manually to the winner?
  14. The new project has the support of Japan’s central bank and regulators. The J-Coin will be exchanged at a one-to-one rate with yen.
  15. You never know what could potentially start the thinking process. It is always thought provoking to read posts from smart people who have reasonable doubts (or hidden agenda). Kind of miss @MaxEntropy lately. It is as if Ripple’s marketing team is led by a technical guy who thinks that you can win masses over by stating facts while many recent examples in politics teach us otherwise. Either that or Ripple is not interested in masses. Which is why it was very strange to see statements from @BobWay that he was impressed by marketing results.
  16. Pilots finished long time ago. xRapid is in production now and that is how it is being sold atm.
  17. These two points. XRP getting added to Korean exchanges is really what set Ripple to spike on a moon mission. It was well documented that Koreans were buying BTC but younger Koreans went into a XRP frenzy buying crypto penny stocks. This did not end well and we shouldn't expect XRP to rely on a Korean frenzy again. https://www.businessinsider.com/cryptocurrency-traders-in-korea-react-to-bitcoin-bloodbath-2018-1#this-user-said-that-he-wouldnt-trade-anymore-and-that-he-threw-his-laptop-after-calming-down-he-said-he-opened-it-to-discover-it-was-broken-2 Then there is the fact that people are not really buying into the XRP being a "bank coin" anymore. Banks are developing their own solutions like JPM coin, tokens on the Stellar Network, big players like Goldman Sach's which owns Circle have stablecoins in the Ethereum Network, Facebook is developing it's own coin and Alibaba is doing something similar. Also despite all of Brad Garlinghouse's prediction that major banks would use xRapid and thus XRP at the end of 2018, there is no evidence of this. If you look at the entire cryptospace, Bitcoin dominance is growing. It's now at almost 53%. Bitcoin pumps, others pump as well, BTC dumps a little, most other alts dump a lot. There are a handful of coins people believe in or are so new people haven't become jaded on yet that outperform BTC. I think it's going to become harder and harder for Ripple to rely purely on marketing and BTC pumps to increase price. Ripple needs to start delivering.
  18. Hi! I'm Bob. I'd like to present and discuss some material I have on XRP, the XRP Ledger, "rippling" payments, financial systems, money, blockchains and more. I hope you will bring your personal experience to the discussion so I can learn about new business and monetary needs. We can then discuss how best to apply "rippling" technologies to help solve those problems. My name is: Bob Way. Please call me "Bob" rather than Mr. Way. I'm also known as: @bob_way on twitter I am monolingual (English only) and tend to bias my discussion with Americanisms. I'm hoping y'all can help fix that. I'm currently in Houston, TX on central daylight time (GMT -5) I'm hoping to travel to meet other regional teams, but I'm too flaky for you to count on as an actual team member.
  19. J-Coin Japan Launch Digital Currency Without Using Blockchain Maybe someone with tech knowledge will have an opinion on whether this idea is looking a little half baked? https://cryptodaily.co.uk/2019/04/japan-launch-digital-currency-without-using-blockchain
  20. As I mentioned about 80 people wrote me wanting to participate in the study group sessions. Each of you had different reasons for why you want to participate and how you intend to use the new information. Some would like the be “the face of XRP” for a region. People like YouTuber’s, Bloggers, and News Sites. Others want to help translate content, or create additional content but aren’t really intending to become public figures. Still others want to understand well enough to answer questions coming from other community members. Finally many others offered to help organize and facilitate the study group, while they are learning. So now is the time for you to introduce yourselves to each other. While you are doing this, I'd like to capture some information to help organize the group. So please include: How you prefer to be identified. (name, handle, nick. etc) The other social media identities you use. (twitter, youtube, websites) The region, culture, or language audience you'd like to help reach. The timezone you are physically in (for session planning) If you'd like to participate in a regional team and what skills you can contribute
  21. What is wrong with you man? You're having a monologue in this thread or what? Do you need medical help? Chill
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