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  2. Well, the market doesn't believe him. And who can blame it? Ripple have been crying wolf over 'actual use' for years.
  3. Interesting. This could play to Ripples advantage and may move banks to XRP faster. Depending on this plays out. May move regulations along faster.
  4. Couple of articles someone just sent me:
  5. Eh, you think MGI getting a Runs on Ripple tradeline on its corporate credit report might brighten its prospects at doing a better debt restructuring deal? "Anybody get a look at that luck truck? Corner of dun and bradstreet."
  6. So, when you see a 1 minute +10% green candle appearing on multiple exchanges simultaneously out of nowhere on a quiet day after weeks or months of consolidation around a stable price, you contribute that to a large number of retail buyers magically deciding to buy an asset at the same time (usually within the same second)? Or is it more likely that an entity with a large stack (a.k.a. a whale) decided to place an order to push the price up? Which of these two options is more likely? If there’s a third option, please let me know. EDIT: the same goes for buy and sell walls. Is it more likely that a large number of retail investors put a sell order at a random 0.432156 USD price, and then all at the same time remove that order (called spoofing, fake orders), or that a single entity with a large stack (a.k.a. a whale) does that? EDIT2: If your response was sarcasm, accept my apologies
  7. This was to be expected as shorts take immediate profits. Depending on how fast MoneyGram gets moving with xRapid integrations and implementations to start having a financial impact on their balance sheet, will determine MG's longterm viability. What "longs" will be looking to determine if they invest/re-invest into MG are earning reports towards the end of this quarter, but most likely, the end of the year and each quarter of next year. They will also be looking at what additional partnerships (i.e. new business opportunities) MG will strike in the short-mid-long term etc.
  8. Good post. Not too simplistic. I think I'm going to call it "McLibra" from now on. Yes, there is potential for them to get to the masses because their already established infrastructure makes it easy even though everybody knows it's not good for them. In fact it's so bad for them governments around the world are likely to shut it down because they don't like the competition!
  9. > Libra avoids banks, Ripple works with banks. True. Ripple works with banks because people need to use banks at the moment. Libra stands to disrupt that. BTC also stood to disrupt that before it became relatively useless as currency. As such, Libra is pretty darn disruptive to BTC’s currency aspirations as well. > Libra transfers liability Libra aims to be so ubiquitous that cashing out to fiat is perhaps never required. The Libra ecosystem will enable it to be used for a very wide range of products and services. This probably won’t eliminate the need for fiat completely, but it reduces the requirement for fiat. Over time, this reduction could be substantial, and this is one of the reasons there has already been some political backlash against it. > Facebook's move may actually stimulate banks to start using Ripple/XRP. Yes, I agree. And this would be because Libra poses some degree of existential threat to banks as I mentioned. > Libra can be inflated, XRP can’t. True. But would this fact alone stop users from transacting with Libra? No. Joe Average gives tacit approval to Keynes every time he uses dollars or sterling or any other fiat currency, so he’s not going to be too concerned.
  10. They are real. Both as individuals and as consortiums working together. I have seen small amounts of their work live, watched someone claim to do something, then do it. (such as P&D). it's real.
  11. Does anyone know if Huobi (https://www.hbg.com/en-us/) requires destination tags, or if they create a unique wallet address for new XRP investors?
  12. I would imagine that greed applies to the guys over at Ripple too. Many have worked for little money building this biz, paid in XRP, these guys have car payments, rent, insurance, need beer money, wants a new watch or that nice veycay with the wife. Easy to sell off just a few mill each... In all honesty why do you think we are not rising ? People buy XRP world wide....and someone, with huge stacks, are always selling.
  13. what are you telling? not real? no neverland? no lil Tinker Bell? next you want to make us know that there is no Santa?
  14. Today
  15. To be fair though, they are only committing to a max of 10% of the MG equity. It will be interesting to see what happens after 2 years. I think that Ripple would have shied away from an outright purchase. The liquidity this gives XRP if it works out right, in my opinion, will help other money transfer companies involved with Ripplenet, which will far outweigh any negatives for these companies who will likely have significantly lower overheads than MG and will still be able to compete.
  16. I use Bitstamp, they are not controlling my information stream in any way. The problem is the full loop: Facebook is providing you a news and advertisement feed on your mobile device, this feed is constructed by "clever" algorithms. These algorithms can very precisely measure your response to that feed (what do you click, where do you pause, where do you continue to swipe down, when do you engage). This data can be combined with billions of other users, so that the self learning algorithms can optimize your information feed to maximize your screen time and engagement. This already works perfectly. Young people are literally glued to their screen. Even when walking, or biking, the phone is in their hand, and they have to watch every 60 seconds, or even non-stop. They are completely hooked. If you ask them, they will actually tell you that. There is nothing they can do about it: the algorithms are just too clever. They must stare at the device, and swipe through the endless stream of messages, infested with "promoted content" (content over which the algorithms have full control: they can literally change your view of the world with seemingly harmless "advertisements"). The only thing that was still missing: connecting this addictive device to your wallet. And connect the self learning algorithms to your spending behavior, so that the information feed can now be even better adjusted to maximize money sucked out of your wallet, and turn you into swiping and consuming zombie.
  17. My favorite NikB tweet is this one, for some reason:
  18. Thanks, but most of what I said has been mentioned by others on this forum.
  19. Yes, that's the tweet I meant. NikB doesn't mention the word retail, as @codiusrex claimed. He is also drawing the comparison to show the XRPL in a favourable light compared with Libra, not the reverse.
  20. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that you need it to be on open market to move between fiat currencies without the need for the nostro/vostro. Without an established market for XRP/USD and XRP/MXN I don't think you can send money from USA to Mexico since it's basically buying XRP with your USD and then selling that XRP for MXN, and that happens in a matter of 3 seconds or so.
  21. @Cesar1810 @EcneitapLatnem Allways nice to be right before the ‘confirmed news’ is out.... I sense next july is also going to bring some big names and ‘heavy adoption’ for Ripple and XRP.
  22. https://libra.org/en-US/white-paper/
  23. He made some good points about balancing the flows being difficult. I dont understand why they need to buy "securities", bank deposits should be sufficient. Although I guess they want a bunch of free cash to earn interest on. Also, is the price of the Libra supposed to be free floating? Or is it just pegged to 1 fiat? How are the FX rates determined? One last thought, with XRP 2 parties are transacting accross a counterparty free + jurisdiction-less asset. This alleviates the risk exposure of each party to the other jurisdiction's fiat. Is there a link to the Libra "white paper", or did they put out any official documentation yet?
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