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  2. @Hodor Not very nice to post stuff like that. If Coil strategy is this way, they loose. Big time. MHO it is.
  3. One good part about this is that Ripple's total xrp distribution figure will likely be over 44B in the next update or two. Right now, it's at 42.89B as of August 4, 2019. The sooner we get to Ripple owning less than 50B (without hurting the price too much), the better. Ripple's goal is to be under 50B by the end of 2021.
  4. No they are not, if all the small fry stop buying they are screwed. Who will line their pockets with riches ?
  5. I believe Ripple seeded 1 billion because coil is going to need it for future partnerships, perhaps theyre already in talks with a big player like youtube and so paying someone like youtube $100 mill for a partnership would be well worth it in the end, xrp value skyrockets and ripple recoups the loss easily. win/win
  6. @BobWay if @SamIam were to ask would you consider being a guest on his youtube channel "To The Lifeboats"? - Check it out if you haven't already done so, that is one interview I would absolutely love to watch and I'm sure I'm not alone. Thanks in advance guys (maybe!)
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  8. Dear @Valhalla_Guy - you have missed the point by 180degrees. Opening up a zero cost corridor from south America back to the USA is exactly what xRapid needs, even if it's an xCurrent corridor. All the remittances from USA to S.America need to be balanced. Someone with lots and lots of MXN/Peso/Other needs to buy up all the XRP that is coming from North America, someone who can immediately sell it back on a north American exchange for $dollars and use it to pay their bills for all the stuff they are importing from the USA. You've used the right argument, but drawn the wrong conclusion. This is exactly what @JoelKatz was talking about a year or more ago when he said that half the bid/spread can be saved by someone making markets on the other end of an xRapid corridor. It doesn't matter if they use xCurrent on the return path as long as they have bills to pay in dollars and a dollar bank account on the other side of the border (full of $$$ from their xrp sales on the N.American side). Anyone importing from the USA (paying dollars) and selling in S. America (extra local cash) can make the market and save $$$. This is a win, not a lose.
  9. Hey Bob, I was just pointed to this report: https://cryptoresearch.report/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Crypto-Research-Report-July-2019-EN.pdf While it makes some obviously incorrect claims about Ripple/XRP, there's some things I'm not entirely clear on as it relates to consensus. I'm hoping you can help clear this up, and I'm posting here because I think a lot of people in the group will benefit from this as well. I'm going to put a video together on this report, and want to get it as accurate as possible to educate the larger community. There's a lot to explain here, and I'm happy to review links to go read up on any of the questions below. Here's where my questions start: P28: xVia was billed initially as an interface for corportates so submit payments via RippleNet. Birla recently tweeted that it's a bridge between xCurrent and xRapid. Can you add anything to that? Has that always been the case? On the centralized consensus, my understanding - it's running on top of ILP and using a payment channel so upon close settlement over XRPL uses consensus. P28 - This is from Binance Academy: My best answer to this - That's just Ripple's list, if the default UNL becomes a small minority the rest of the network disagrees with, there is no overriding protocol/code putting Ripple or it's UNL nodes as a higher authority to the rest of the network. I'm confused as to what happens when the nodes start disagreeing. ( I realize this is a deep deep dive into consensus protocol, if I need to go read up somewhere I'm happy to if anyone can recomend a link to follow) This is the first I've heard of ripple holding private validator keys. Is this an encrypted default UNL list or something more? Either they're misrepresenting how the keys are used, or this is a pretty solid claim. P29: This is where I'm confused about the whole consensus mechanism overall. I understand you can have different pools (UNLs), but how do they all stay in sync? If one validator or group gets out of sync or behind, does it just grab a current ledger close and pick back up? How does this sort itself out? They seem to go completely off the rails with this one: Not at all like lightening network, Banks provide their own liquidity, still uses Nostro/Vostro, and xCurrent is simply tracking/directing/updating private ledgers of the movement/release of funds between the two or more institutions involved. After reading a bit more, seems they're bringing issued currencies and gateways on the XRPL into the mix, and that's mostly what they're referring to here. P31: This is largely only true for corporates correct? It seems like the "workaround" DS was describing is the use of xVia to bridge xCurrent and xRapid so MG can quote Fiat to Fiat while completing via xRapid. The rest of the report is so ridiculous I'll have no problem destroying their arguments. Any input you guys can provide would be helpful. ~Sam
  10. To @ADingoAteMyXRP's point - I am curious about the big picture vision, too, as what we've seen of the content monetization doesn't appear that impressive. I only have one internet subscription to manage. My pet theory is that coil becomes a way for cable/telcom/ tv channel providers to offer channels à la carte finally; a partnership w/ Disney and their acquired streaming services as the flash point. Could be excellent, but the strategy is still opaque to me.
  11. coil has a few thousand subscribers (may not be true, please fact check the correct number) - so anyone uploading their latest music video and hoping to earn an income from it will be sorely disappointed. But if coil can (for example) incentivise uploaders by increasing their revenue to make it worth their while - then more people will do it. If the big name music icons upload their latest songs to a WM enabled site and only subscribers can see them - then people might start subscribing. Getting the system up and running is the tricky part. $250million worth of giveaways would go quite a long way towards onboarding some people. Pure speculation on my part, but it is one thing they could do with some of it. I see obstacles as #1 getting big names to adopt WM and earn enough to make it worth their while (hence incentivisation) #2 stopping the pirate versions that are free on youtube/other from preventing people from subscribing. If I can get it for nothing on youtube, then why subscribe to coil-braun-whatever WM site to pay for it. (Partnership with youtube would be the obvious answer - but that sounds hard) #3 .... EDIT: partnership with youtube, netflix, disney, washington post, etc etc - these would all be game changing as your one subscription would truly cross boundaries.
  12. what does coil need with a billion xrp? there are countless startups that succeed with far less funding. ripple didn't even receive that much funding. is coil really that game changing? I actually don't believe that internet content monetization could possibly be the end game for coil with that level of funding.
  13. And apologies on my behalf if my response seemed aggressive. I'm playing devils advocate too, the main point is that the web has been around for 20+ years and until now, nobody (myself included) did anything about WM and micropayments, so it's not really fair to criticise coil right away - but your point is quite right - we have not seen the vision, the grand plan that will tell us if all the possibles we have in mind can be put in place. Despite the shockingly bad (in terms of information content) interview with Scooter Braun's people on the ripple drop - it seems inconceivable that coil will not be working with them to make music (as well as video and blog type material) available somehow. I'm encouraged to read in the blog article of this thread that different payment stream amounts will be enabled. I will gladly pay more for video and music and books than simple blogs and some reasonable amount for the news and other informed reading material. I very much hope that this comes to pass with a single subscription - like coil - even if it turns out to be a different provider and not a flat once per month payment, but one based on usage with nice info to tell you how much you've used each day/week/month etc, much like your data roaming tariffs etc.
  14. And separate from any passwords you use to access any exchanges, wallets, etc...
  15. Apologies if my post came off as aggressive. Still, I don't think it's deserving of a "go learn to code" reaction. I'm not saying what Coil is doing is bad. Of course they have a longterm strategy. The problem is that we haven't heard it yet, which is concerning to me because based on the 10 billion payments they announced they only have a few thousand subscribers, and they just got a $250 million dollar investment. Content monetization is the future of DA's, but the Coil angle is not clear to me yet. What they're doing is brave, but content paywalls are not disruptive innovation. I want to know what that innovation is and I want to hear the vision.
  16. Yeah exactly. 20x returns wasn't good enough? Greed is a motherf*cker.
  17. Says on her Linkedin page she's at O (1) as head of marketing now: https://www.linkedin.com/in/claire-arthurs-kart-6601b67/ Note also her Twitter hadn't been updated since February, which if she's head of community or whatever is a massive giveaway.
  18. Sounds like a dumb idea honestly. High chance it will backfire. Just let Ripple do whatever it is they're doing. They dont need us to spread the word.
  19. Im all in XRP and believe it will succeed, but i've been in many investments where there is always someone who writes up articles explaining why 'said investment' is such a win, only for the investment to ultimately fail. It will be interesting to see what happens with our XRP investment over the next several years and whether or not all of these articles are actually substantiated or end up being all for nothing.
  20. On https://twitter.com/clairearthurs she still states: "Marketing and Community for @Ripple" - what's your source for her leaving the company?
  21. What's stopping you from doing this? Sit down and start writing the code. Then go out onto the internet and persuade tens, hundreds or thousands of websites to implement the protocols you've designed to make it happen and adopt your systems. We can only hope that this is exactly what coil are trying to do. They had to start somewhere, so what we see (so far) is a $5 subscription model. If they were finished, then they would simply sit back and rest, but in fact they've persuaded their parent organisation to give them 1billion xrp to do stuff that we don't yet know about. Thanks @Hodor for pointing out that the scale of investment in coil is 10x the moneygram one. although I've seen the numbers, I hadn't quite appreciated the magnitude of the investment. (Of course it's easy to donate 1billion xrp that cost you effectively zero...but that's a lot of potential incentivization to bring others players on board...)
  22. The evolution of standards will definitely impact the browser experience, IMO; even now, it's great that there's a payment pointer option that most major browsers have agreed on; I'd like to see ILP gain even more traction as time moves forward as well, whether or not users choose XRP or Coil. In the beginning, the creators of the Internet foresaw funding and money as being important and necessary, but they didn't fully "complete" it until now. And even now, it's really not "complete," as your comment alludes. Hopefully we'll be able to use our crypto as easily (or more so) than using a credit card online. Thank you! I've fixed and re-posted the blog entry on Coil with that correction. Note: On Twitter or Reddit, I send a zerp to those that share a correction. Just drop in your Twitter ID or Reddit ID and I'll make it happen!
  23. My dream last night was more like: Mr Tusky What a dark soul I am. Maybe on a subconscious level that is bull versus bear.
  24. Buses and messages have had a tough time last few years in the UK.....
  25. Stefan Thomas was among the first to promote btc in 2010, then joined Ripple in 2012 and now build something new and potentially revolutionary with Ripple support.
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