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  2. well Xvia and/or Xrapid would make sense for amazon IMO anyway, remember the rumors last year because birla seems to have slipped up about amazon being a custumer? here are some results from my quick search https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/23683-ripple-and-amazon/?tab=comments#comment-403845 https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/23687-amazon-and-xrp-did-asheesh-birla-slip-up/?tab=comments#comment-403967 https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/27647-swell-attendee-tweeting-about-a-amazon-xrp-rumour-buzzing-around/?tab=comments#comment-566867 https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/26394-amazon-announces-r3corda-on-aws/?tab=comments#comment-505270
  3. No, the data is several Terabytes at the moment. There is not yet a way to share it deterministically and I don't want to put out something like a BitTorrent file or IPFS hash if there's no real way to verify its contents. I can offer to buy a large HDD from Amazon, put a full node_db on there (so you can use it for importing via import_db) and ship it worldwide for 1 BTC (price unchanged for several years now!). Alternatively you can of course make me an offer.
  4. Hope you're right, and you very well could be, but I'd like to see XRP get the first mover advantage on that. I can hear the sound of many horses behind us, coming at full gallop.lol.
  5. We needed another riddle to justify HODLing So thank you! I wonder what riddle follows this one?
  6. I think XRP is a natural choice for retail and if he has been mentioning Amazon before that sounds like a probable, although R3 and banks are a bigger market Amazon would be a bigger speculative pusher. I would not worry about XRP being pushed out of retail sector. AS soon as XRP becomes "the bankers" coin it becomes the retailers coin too. Everyone wants a digital retail currency they can trust and if the banks trust XRP the pubic will trust it too.
  7. I'd be okay with that. I want very badly to see XRP get into retail payments. I disagree vehemently with certain experts (he who cannot be named) on the relative importance of that.
  8. .... so I suppose if an Amazon partnership is confirmed around summer's end.... that would make him right time two!
  9. I'm not someone who listens much to rumors in general, but the persistent rumors about Amazon somehow implementing XRP probably have some basis as far as being in discussion on some level. Bezos is a big picture guy....exactly the kind of CEO I'd expect to really grok the potential. I know nothing about whether the rumors there will amount to anything, but it might just be early. Don't quote me on that. And I'm not even on Twitter. lol.
  10. Ugh who knows what this means. Remember that he was in the ballpark last time, but wasn't entirely accurate regarding MoneyGram. Maybe something like Staples?? A University? Microsoft (that would be the only significant one)? Maybe a way to donate XRP, or for people with other currencies to donate on DonorsChoose.org (remember that time Ripple donated 29 million USD to fund all the teachers' projects there)?
  11. Yeah.... don't know... can't really say he's been right on the money though... back in October seemed he was trying to set some flames to an Amazon rumor: https://twitter.com/TheCryptHawk/status/1046875203761070082
  12. Unlike the other rumor mongers, he has a track record of being right. That matters to me. His prediction also lines top with my prediction of a late August/September rally, which is based on everything I know, from TA to sentiment, to the way Wall Street generally behaves (they take the summer off).... to utilization.. EVERYTHING points to this time frame as a critical pivot. And I'm not in it for utube clicks. I make my money the hard way, by taking risks.
  13. Well there's two schools of thought. One Joel Katz's view which XRP has no value or BearableGuy123 where the value = 589+. If we use a shitcoin like BTC as an example for some insane reason it manages to have an imaginary value associated with it which climbs even though BTC has no real purpose or value except for the fact it's supply is scarce. Eventually XRP through adoption will be the same, hence it too will have speculative value which people will say the value is driven by utility as the big exchanges will need to hoard large amounts for transferring value. Definitely this won't happen over night and this will be an investment of wits. Should XRP ever get superceided by a newer tech that could be devastating for the long term holders expecting to see a great imaginary value associated with XRP which seems to have an infinite supply. But there is hope, the more volume the more burning and eventually the supply will dwindle making it a rare commodity like BTC and the value will Increase.
  14. At least all our kids will be 'save at school'...... XRP is such a killer token
  15. I like these things, it makes you think about potentials. But I can also shout "Something big is going to happen. Soon". And then a random thing happens months from now, and I'll be right! Anyway, Apple has this 'back to school' thing annualy where they promote their products. https://www.macrumors.com/roundup/back-to-school-promotion/
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