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  2. It would be interesting to compare the amount of XRP being leveraged as I think this is more what dictates the amount transferred than the actual amount in dollars. I think the trend you are seeing actually is a reflection of the increasing value of XRP over this time. The amount of XRP being leveraged seems to be around the same (80,000ish) for most MEX/USD transactions.
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  4. No matter how many times you keep trying to suggest otherwise, XRP is not a security. Right after the FDA declares it's not a food, I'm sure we'll hear something official.
  5. I have the highest opinion of everyone at Ripple. It's unfortunate, for them, that so many people think owning the same asset means anything more than a common interest. No matter how many times it is explained in excruciating detail, there is always this guy: 5+ years later and here we are and here we remain.
  6. Cred announced moving to monthly payouts instead of quarterly. For those that want a recap (if you know how it works skip it): Lend CredEarn any amount of one of the ~30 assets they pay interest on. We will use 1000xrp which is currently paying 6% at the premium rate. To get the premium rate you need to "stake" 10,000 LBA by giving custody of it to Cred, no interest is paid on LBA staked. On the next 1st or 15th of the month Cred will accept, or not, your capital and lock it in a 6 month contract at the current USD value of the parcel, for ease we will say xrp is worth $1.00. On each 1st or 15th (which ever the contract was accepted on) of the next 6 months the contract will pay out to the matching uphold card in USD(or LBA if you chose that as your pay out currency) .5% (6 months of 6% per year is .05% per month) of the total original value. So in this case you would get 5 USD transferred to you each month for 6 months where upon your 1000XRP will auto enroll for another 3 months or you un-enroll and get your original 1000 XRP back in your uphold XRP card where you can transfer it, sell it or re-enroll it on the next 1st/15th. Creds Announcement: "Now introducing monthly payments! We are thrilled to offer our customers more flexibility and liquidity. Get your interest payments faster and more often with the introduction of monthly payouts. Access your cash quicker. Reinvest your payouts in more crypto and earn. Available for new programs only. Dashboard All programs with a start date before January 15th, 2020 will continue to receive their payments quarterly." https://mycred.io/blog/cred-launches-monthly-payments/ AMA will be happening shortly: https://twitter.com/ihaveCred/status/1219008793993859073 current price: $0.0204 current CS: 638,523,897
  7. Binance is beyond shady. US based ones like coinbase and bittrex are better. It is still a largely unregulated space.
  8. I clearly suck at price predictions!! I still believe that if Ripple succeeds in having XRP replace SWIFT as the dominant form to move money across borders, which frees up trillions in nostro/vostro accounts worldwide, then we will see $100 on day. Your guess on whether this will happen or when is as good as mine.
  9. How would they gift a new asset with an unknown value at an equal ratio to XRP? Creating a new token would be the jeopardy.
  10. It seems you have a very low opinion of the morals of the executive at Ripple Labs. Can you really see someone as openly honest as David S going along with this sort of open dishonesty? ...and it is dishonesty given that Ripple have been very clear to investors for many years that they regard XRP as their DA of choice. I suppose if XRP was declared a security that would provide some cover for such behaviour, but they would really need to give every XRP holder compensatory stock, not just their friends. There would also be a lot Law suits. The bad publicity is just not worth it.
  11. We are but gambling hoarders, cheering on the thrower at the Crypto Craps table !! "If the thunder don't git ya, then the lightning will!" -Jerry Garcia
  12. Not if they made them whole by gifting them the new asset. Ripple would never jeopardize any of their partnerships. They will do whatever works best for the company and its customers. There are no promises to other holders of XRP. None.
  13. Very big "ifs" OK you mean guarantee future usage. But as you point out they would have to go through all the processes of launching a replacement DA and then getting it accepted. I think if it was owned by Moneygram that would seriously compromise it being adopted by competitors. It would have to be decentralised. Could such a thing be done in under two years? Yes Ripple could make XRP2. That would be a huge breach of faith and very costly to all the partners who have spent billions stocking up on XRP. It would also be a slap in the face to the thousands of programmers and businesses and investors who worked with and trusted Ripple's word.
  14. If there is a contract guaranteeing XRP usage, by all means, please post the source. Otherwise, Moneygram can come and go just like everyone else is free to do. They could even issue a new digital asset.
  15. Yes I agree. Wishing doesn’t make it so. My faith is in the fact that various teams in differing enterprises are all actively working towards a useful (sufficient liquidity) XRPL. I’m hoping they have a plan and that it works. Time will tell.
  16. I like big dips and I cannot lie. My xrp and btc bags are packed for now and accumulating more VET. I just checked, I am 80% btc, xrp, vet. Link, Cardano, Holochain, Tezos, filling in most of the difference.
  17. Its nice to see you contributing on to xrpchat (again) @TiffanyHayden That is factually incorrect, Moneygram and other companies are already using ODL. It is not guaranteed that it will take off on the scale we are hoping, but the growth on the Mexican US corridor looks like the system is proving itself and that there will be many more corridors opening during 2020. It looks very promising Its true that Ripple can succeed with or without XRP. It is worth noting that ODL is the Ripplenet product that sets Ripple apart from other cross border options offered by other companies. No other company is anywhere near to offering a competitive without counter party bridging asset with corridors already open and pools of liquidity available that is tested and has AML and KYC.
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  19. No. The XRP Ledger was already fully built and functional when XRP was available for purchase. Do you know what wasn't? ETHEREUM.
  20. There are so many people who fall for YouTube scams that they just happen to show up in this thread? Are you serious?
  21. It's not guaranteed that anyone will use XRP, not even Ripple. Ripple can succeed with or without XRP. The company didn't exist when XRP was created. It's really that simple.
  22. I’m not sure I follow the logic. In my opinion the fact that XRP is not a favoured toy of the current (massively thinned down) bunch of crypto traders doesn’t affect any of the points I made. So then saying it’s not performing well during this winter (and now spring? Or is that too early yet?) doesn’t have a bearing on what would happen on an actual bull run. But also, you say “for years to come” but I’m not sure I understand what you mean? That things will improve in many years? Then what will have changed? Or that the current crop of whales and traders will have the market as their plaything for many years? To be honest your view, though understandable, just looks like a feeling more than a reasoned position. Forgive me if I’ve misunderstood.
  23. Last year btc went up from 3300 to about 13k so thats about 400%, and other top ten coins went up roughly between 200% and 350% but not xrp because that did go up from 33 cents to about 45 cents for a short while, so that was about 30-35%, so i don't think that xrp wil go up the 1700% i mentioned earlier for a long long period to come. Specialy when i look at what happend last summer when al the other coins went up while xrp was going nowere. Sure i hope that it wil rise beyond the moon but 1700% is not realistic for years to come imo.
  24. Make sure you have high performance SSDs as storage layer, I'm not sure if you can get that from AWS actually... As someone running a full history server: Yeah, it is expensive. Why do you need data from 2013 though to operate an exchange in 2020?
  25. Just picked up some more BTC on this little drop.
  26. Observation: Today's $0.015 price drop and Bitso trade action that followed... For the handful of us ODL "Chart Watchers," I share the following observations in today's early events (19JAN2020, 11:00 UTC): At Bitstamp, precisely at time 11:00, 2.5m XRP was traded (see below). IMO, not the actions of profit maximization. Prices at BS instantly descended from .245 to .232 and at Bitso the reaction exhibited some latency (see below). An unusual spike (for a Sunday) of XRP sells occurred at Bitso (see below). Finally, after all this dust has settled, the current (19:00 UTC) DoM of the corridor's order books are showing a 25% higher reserve of bids at Bitso compared to the recent norms, almost like it's being primed for an active start of the coming work week (Monday) to follow ??? (We shall see what unfolds in the new week)
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