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  2. Yesterday someone I used to know very well passed away by euthanasy. She really was an incredible great person who inspired so many people including me.... Wanted to share this with the community. https://metro.co.uk/2019/10/23/paralympian-marieke-vervoort-dies-euthanasia-years-pain-10966693/
  3. See if this level holds here and we get confirmation of support (not including scam wicks)
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  5. Less than a day spent with Ripple as part of a wider disruptive technology event, several years ago. Subsequently, we have ruled out using Ripplenet in the near future. We are however part of a consortium of banks in partnership with R3 and Corda.
  6. Ripple is one of the parties that BoE is working with. BoE wants a level playing field and want to enable a system with multiple players in the market. Ripple is one of them and it's not exclusive. Have you been listening to youtubers that claim Ripple will rule everything? This is way more risky than many are claiming (talking about XRP mainly here).
  7. Today
  8. I'm pretty excited to share my new small project in Coil: The Blab. I will be posting interviews with a number of XRPL developers, advocates, artists and enthusiasts where we talk about pretty much anything...except XRP. Main objective is to raise funds via Coil streams for the One More Home XRP fundraiser to help fund a home for a family in need. Here is the link with a few more details: https://coil.com/p/moncho/The-Blab/U-fFBww4P
  9. I wonder if he would be joining the board of directors if he felt Ripple was a sinking ship caught in the quagmire of litigation as to whether XRP is an unregulated security ..........This appointment should be extremely telling from a regulatory standpoint. Kudos to the Ripple team.
  10. In theory. Someone has to be monitoring the liquidity (either the exchange/MMs/ or traders). Here's the idea, when a transaction is started from beginning to end. It is initiated at the exchange USD -> XRP, XRP -> XRP, XRP-> MXN. There will be an accumulation of XRP sitting at the second exchange (assuming a positive flow). How is that accumulated XRP redistributed back into the market? Arbitration is the best answer I have that makes logical sense, and there could be other methods too. However, I bet this redistribution back into the market (arbitration?) may coincide with the down peaks or down cycles of the bitso liquidity index. This is a nascent market, so liquidity aka trade volume has to be taken in baby steps. Otherwise if you hypothetically shove, let's $1 billion dollars, through the Mexican corridor on the bitso exchange, you would get massive price swings at that exchange and more than likely the corridor would seize until more liquidity is provide. Side note: I don't know the exact mechanics of the inner workings of an exchange when a transaction is initiated from beginning to end, but this is how I imagine the system would work.
  11. Id also imagine any rollout of using ODL would be a gradual pilot roll out as well... worked in enough banks rolling out items to know this sort of thing is in the most cases piloted on certain areas/branches etc.
  12. This seems most likely to me. It is highly likely that regular remittances will follow monthly cycles in the way OP originally assumed. But the market is still quite small and so sudden noise can drown the signal. I would expect as the years progress that ODL remittance transactions will settle into monthly cycles according to when people are paid in different countries, also yearly cycles related to public holidays and tax events. Exciting times!
  13. Meanwhile, if anyone out there is a fan of LTC.... this looks like a falling wedge that is about to break out hard. No financial advice here, but this might be a good time to pick up some LTC (if you are a fan). EDIT: In fact, looking a little closer, we've had a bullish divergence on the MACD and RSI along with this falling wedge. I just convinced myself. Transferred my speculative ETH play into LTC. Let's see what happens.
  14. Seems like clarity for a digital asset that doesn't yet have regulatory clarity. He doesn't seem like a person who would join the team otherwise.
  15. And if it does... I must.backup.thetruck...and buy MOAR!
  16. Everything looks good on XRPBTC, not much to see there. The drama is in the USD pair but you may be correct that XRPBTC is the better indicator of the current state of XRP. I am watching XRPUSD because I am genuinely surprised that we breached the channel to the downside, even if it is because of BTC. Watching to see if can get back in or if this is a setup to a bigger rally, which I frankly was expecting today or very soon.
  17. Not trying to be a troll, honestly, but am I imagining the post(s) yesterday that said something about us seeing action one way or another by 4pm est? Is there a reason this didn’t happen? Am I just an old man with a bad memory?
  18. BTC took the whole market down, so maybe XRP/BTC, not XRP/USD, is more meaningful for now?
  19. https://paste.ee/p/mmmL1 Things are moving well for you, we always face justice, whereever we live.
  20. Yesterday
  21. I want justice to be served for me, but in this case people also need to know what really happened. I am taking full technical responsability for the Gatehub Hack, and will defend myself the best way I can in court of law. I don't need to introduce myself. I have never been that so far. Note that I'll strongly argue I have been manipulated doing a string of hacks for money, including gatehub, and it willnever explain or excuse the actions. But I hope it will be noted that I want to face justice, but I just can't accept other people taking all the profit ( my accomplice from my country took twice than me), and Omniking / AmIEdgyEnough, on my back, took the rest, just by manipluating and blackmailing me. More people are involved. The attack was done by me and I'm fully aware of what I did, everything was planned, and oncxe again nothing should be excused. I could say a million times I'm sorry for the whole hacking problems, but I'm not and the best I can do now is to accept justice and face it. Only if others people involved, much more believe me, mischievous than me, because I'm choosing a worthy end, than me, will do. All I can say now to the victims, to Enej, is "sorry". Gatehub is I believe at fault for not having a good enough opsec but they faced the music more than you think. All the victims will be refunded, court will decide. And I really hope not only me but the people really involved will face her as well. No need for them to be smarter, because without my technical skills gatehub would have been spared. I'm once again so sorry, Enej knowsd I tried to escape identification & planned a plan to avoid being caught. I planned the hack and was made evil?. But I'll explain the whole story, how I see things in a court of law and fight for real justice to be served. Gatehub has its user database from 2017 stolen from an AWS S3 backup and I used the tokens to dump the API keys & decrypt them with AES. I needed the secret key which is the bcrypted password. Someone stated it earlier & he was right. A million times sorry, my actions will make peace to the whole world and the emoragy will be ended.
  22. Possibly but if the buyers are there at these prices, we should see a nice bounce. If not, then it doesn't really matter why, it's not good.
  23. But most of the market is down even more than XRP. If it was a spring wouldn't it be a huge spike down, and not what appears to be the entire market going lower?
  24. Two scenarios as I see it: 1) This is bad. I don't think that's likely given the overall trend, but if the trend irreversibly breaks down, that would be bad. 2) Wyckoff spring before a big move? Looks very much like it to me. I guess there could be a #3, that the channel never mattered and breaking it doesn't result in any big moves, but I don't think that's likely.
  25. It could and bounce? Long term utility is set to take hold and XRP is set to take off.
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