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  2. September 2018 was a pre swell pump and dump! Not sure what kind of point you're trying to prove here. Every alt coin pumped between Dec 2017 and January 2018 ,it was not exclusive to xrp...
  3. But also in May 2017 and September 2018? No. XRP moves violently and way higher than any other coin historically speaking. You can keep being negative about it but whether you like it or not this is a fact.
  4. Did this get missed https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.ft.com/content/d0c3079a-91c5-11e9-aea1-2b1d33ac3271
  5. Saw this it’s still extremely early to divine how Facebook’s Libra will play out. The company has launched many a program met with fanfare that ultimately sputtered and died. While Facebook does have a few big names at its side for this launch—including PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Uber, Spotify, and others—there are a few notable omissions that could prove to be huge hurdles. Apple, Amazon, and Google are not listed as “founding members” in Libra’s white paper, for example. Neither are any banks. As FT Alphaville points out: Don’t presume the presence of the more successful payment incumbents necessarily means their interests are aligned with those of Facebook. $10m isn’t too hefty a price tag for insider information about what Facebook is planning and/or a vote at the table when the time comes to sabotage the system. Everyone else of any note is either a loss-leading company yet to make a profit, a VC, a blockchain company, or an actual non-profit.
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  7. You should focus instead on the main Countries who receive remittance payments. China is never found into the top 3 of biggest incoming remittance payments https://www.pewresearch.org/global/interactives/remittance-flows-by-country/
  8. Yer, I pay for 90% of everything I buy with my phone through Apple pay, that gets deducted from my bank account. Not sure I would want to pre-fund FB coin or any other coin to buy things though
  9. That is because a very large portion of people in China don't have credit/debit cards and the problem of fake cash note. The technology jump from cash->digital money directly, instead of cash->credit/debit card->digital money. If the comparison is between credit card vs digital money, the benefit gained may not worth the jump for both retailers and customers as most payment infrastructure is in place already. People in developing country should make the payment technology jump similar to what China has been experiencing in the last few years. It is very obvious that they will skip alipay/apple pay and go directly from cash->crypto. I will not be surprised to see this facebook coin to took off in the poorest places in the World and pushing it back to the developed countries.
  10. https://krld.radio.com/media/audio-channel/alex-holmes-chairman-ceo-moneygram-international-inc-nasdaq-mgi Nice podcast about 9 minutes. "I agree, a lot of those guys are doing what we did a year and a half ago , in pilot mode and testing xrp, but we’re about to do is move this forward in a very large way." @Zerp_Legend
  11. In China we almost use wechat/alipay to pay everything……
  12. Yeah but it is getting too blown up, maybe some people in Africa use it. But they do not have ANY SCHMECKELS TO SPEND. All rich people use crypto to earn money. Not for easy payments because it is actually more difficult. Pce
  13. people need money in cash to buy groceries in real life. Not FB credits.
  14. How long till an alien ship arrives and they bring with them their advanced multi stellar bridge payment. And we will all be crushed by their awesome super advanced payment tech.
  15. Yeah I don't get his reasoning,majority of coins went up like crazy during that time, doesn't prove anything about xrp movements...
  16. Libra will be in competition with xrp. FB is a well known brand around the world, they have signed up partners like visa and Uber which a lot of people here were trying to connect dots to ripple recently so I don't know why people are not acknowledging that part and they are planning for cheaper cross border payments. Remember it's not about who has the best tech ,it's about who can reach mass appeal faster that wins. Hopefully xrp will actually be used soo ...
  17. French Finance Minister already doesnt like Libra. I dont think they will be able to launch next year on a global scale
  18. Would have preferred moneygram deciding to use xrapid without needing to be bought out by ripple but excited to see how this thing goes, a chance to showcase xrp in a good light hopefully
  19. Libra = everyday payments, cross-border payments, micro-transactions. Tether does not have access to 2.3b users.
  20. but then you still have to hope that person in mexico can cash out that fb coin and that fb has partners in mexico that will either accept said coin or allow it to cash out... and im sure they will, but you'd imagine that person receiving it would rather cash out in fiat. Then again, i dont think competition is a bad thing. No ones going to have 100% of the market.
  21. Agree that FB is doing a good job stirring the pot. The attention it is drawing is a good thing for XRP because FB’s product and brand is a real millstone around zuckerberg’s neck ( Imho) That as it may be, i was amazed that the front page of one of Australia’s major national daily papers (Financial Review) devoted its whole front page to Libra. And two full pages inside on commentary. It has drawn massive attention to crypto in general. Alas, nothing on Ripple or XRP. But while time is of the essence that also means time is on the side of Rippple and XRP me thinks.
  22. Awesome.... I really hope that There are any one can voice this to Visa.
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