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  2. Yup, if I remember good Bradesco and Itau are involved. Considering that Santander is already Ripple's partner they actually cover all major brazilian banks with the execption of Banco do Brasil. Don't consider Caxa and BMG real universal banks.
  3. I think it's old news that has been recycled... happens all too often so I will do a quick google search..... not even read the article... and post it here.... let me know if I am right....found one from june 13th.... https://dailyhodl.com/2019/06/13/ripple-says-14-new-banks-and-financial-institutions-just-joined-ripplenet/
  4. More news just came out: Ripple’s Global Head of Banking: 14 new Banks and Financial Institutions have joined RippleNet https://www.fxstreet.com/cryptocurrencies/news/ripples-global-head-of-banking-14-new-banks-and-financial-institutions-have-joined-ripplenet-201906172350
  5. I believe they are building this platform on R3 Corda, but this is still good news for Ripple/XRP because we know that R3's Corda Settler will use XRP for currency conversions to settle transactions.
  6. The real question is why are most other alts up several hundred percent from recent lows while xrp is up maybe 30 or 40%. It’s annoying being in the red and watching other coins fly. BUT, I remember this same sentiment in December 2017 and then boom. If Bitcoin hits $25k this time around, I’m betting XRP hits $4.50 around the same time. When Bitcoin goes up, XRP will eventually feel the aftershock because Investors start looking for anything that has upside potential and FOMO kicks in hard.
  7. well if that holds the price down a little longer: thank you, I might yet reach my target of owning 100k
  8. If you knew me in person, you'd see and understand I don' take this very seriously. It's a forum after all, and people get wound up very easy. I can take as much as I give. I have been invested in XRP for some time. I think it's healthy to challenge and look at the argument from the other side. This announcement is BIG for one major reason. Ripple now has the platform to prove that XRP can work on a global scale to it's intended use case. They NEED to make this work, if not it could spell bad news. Whilst there is lot's of excitement with the announcement. Now starts the hard work of proving the Use Case. Good luck and if it succeeds we all all make money.
  9. What planet are you living on to write such a silly comment? 2019 is already turning out to be a golden year for Ripplenet and XRapid which is being rolled out and growing every month. Ripple are working with 50 central banks, the IMF, SBI, R3 ,Temenos, Amex and probably Visa and a lot more companies under NDAs. Now they have a very close partnership with Moneygram and Walmart 30 million is peanuts to Ripple and the potential to speed up adoption through helping Moneygram is obviously
  10. Kudos for backbone. Yeah I must admit as I occasionally engage you guys who love to crap on hope... it’s often occurred to me that I can only ‘win’ if XRP does well, whereas the naysayers can ridicule us all the way to payday then still walk away happy. It takes all sorts to make a world, so it’s a good thing to have some healthy debate around the forum. At times I think both sides go overboard.
  11. No, that bit of the rumour was not right but the strategic hook in which MoneyGram agrees to use xRapid seems to be where the value of the transaction is. A strong strategic partnership on the face of it.
  12. Is it possible that this can be interpreted as ripple being so desperate for xrapid traction that they were willing to pay 3 times the current MoneyGram share price to get it?
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  14. I am sorry, but I have to post this. I usually don't troll in the forum, but @MemberBerry's Tweet from a month ago is too hard to pass up. In all seriousness, it will be exciting to see how the partial Moneygram/Ripple tieup plays out.
  15. I wonder if part of this deal is that Ripple is going to grease the rails for MoneyGram to be the dominant MM in certain corridors...
  16. I am one of those naysayers, and actually do hope I am wrong. I am fine to cop a tonne of flack for all the sh%t I have posted in recent times. With the optimists laughing at me. On the flipside, my fat stack will make me wealthy, so will happily laugh along at the ridicule
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  18. Yeah, I remember. Just wanted to pose the question to see if my logic passes the test with our resident legal members and similar subject matter experts.
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