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  2. Hell no. xpring maybe, xRapid maybe, the programmatic sell is not.
  3. Blessing in disguise for them, they can sell on Amazon as well. Even more exposure. I don't think that reference is the same though with Ripple and SWIFT.
  4. ..opinions are always welcome. i meant it as benign as possible, not trying to toot my horn (lost my horn at the Battle of Belmont in 1861)
  5. Yea but they lost a gigantic share of the market. To amazon alone
  6. and they still exist despite internet shopping.
  7. Today
  8. Just reading that makes me want to put on my Leo Sayer LP while sipping on a Piña Colada.
  9. I think many in the community are under the impression progress with xRapid is being hindered by regulation and from this post and previous posts in the regulation thread it seems as though that is not the biggest factor here.. hope you have a good night!! Thanks again Bob
  10. I think the same thing was said about brick and mortar stores
  11. SWIFT is an old boys club run by some very wealthy and powerful men. It's not going anywhere in the foreseeable future. 11,000+ banks are using it.
  12. While most will try to comfort you here with the fact that you did not make a mistake, well actually did. But, your mistake is not a question of IQ ("stupid") rather greed and boredom. When you have something that goes up in value, hold it. Most will hold to losers, but you should hold on to winners or remove partially some chips. I get rid of losers as fast as I can. XRP is a winner for me because I got in at the right time, but if I bought it higher, I would have got rid of it. There are way too many opportunities to cry over one and stare at it like watching paint dry. I made the same mistakes as you, and it was impulsiveness. Rid of it!
  13. Always be skeptical! Yeah, I don't like it when people say 100%. It's really hard when people are watching you so closely though. Had he backed off that point, the whole story would have been, "Brad G NO LONGER BELIEVES blah blah blah..." doesn't really matter what the rest of the story would say, nobody would read past the beginning before they started tweeting. OK, so I guess I'm cutting him a bit of slack because I like him. But I also can't think of what I could have said better in that circumstance. I don't really think the failure was a regulatory issue. I think it was much more likely what I wrote above. Someone said, "How exposed am I for moving forward with XRP if the price falls by half or more again." Which of course it did. Why take that risk, when you can continue forward with the safer RippleNet ILP strategy. Then wait and see what happens with XRP. Everyone wants to be second.
  14. Thanks @BobWay, just to be clear I was referring to statement by ripple of 3 of 5 largest payment providers and brad saying a bank 100%. and yeah sorry I put the posts in wrong order of timing but thank you for that response and it definitely makes sense with the 3 of 5 statement by ripple not coming to fruition since that was in jan when we crypto was booming, however, the vid I posted where brad says 100 percent a bank will use this year was in late june when we were around 45-50 cents so thats a bit different... anyways, so glad you r here in the community.. hope u dont think im being too skeptical, after all u asked for it lol, I just thought it was odd since he would have known at that point, late june, regulatory issues could get in the way so no reason to say 100 percent IMO.
  15. https://github.com/codius/codiusd/commits/master No commits since the end of 2018
  16. Let us not forget that the cryptosphere is a global phenomena that has yet to be realized (adopted) by more than 2% of the total population.... GLOBAL.... We also have yet to break into a minuscule 1 trillion total market cap.... to put that into perspective, even the tulip bubble of the early 1600's had a total market cap of over 3 trillion dollars (adjusted for inflation ofcourse)... TL;DR: Even $hit coins will still get you rich!
  17. For the coinmarketcap thing. It may be best to use the same resource for data. Since the real information, to my knowledge can not be obtained, then to use the same metric until one is forced to change creates data continuity. I'm not saying coinmarketcap is right, but if they are consistent then it might best to have a retaliative range to view. It may be a good idea to consider how many bitcoins are mined per day relative to the total available supply and compare that to total xrp released relative to total supply. I don't know the Q1 report wasn't ground breaking, but it did seem to be better than the quarter before so progress. All in all I don't know what is happening so ?
  18. Just to be clear, I have great respect for Brad as a leader and also complete confidence in the direction he has steered Ripple. If I didn't I wouldn't be holding XRP nor here talking to all of you. However, Brad and I don't have the super close friendship I feel for Stefan, David, Arthur, Nik, Rome and many other Ripplers. I'll defend my friends to my dying breath. But expect me to give Brad some **** if I ever think he makes a bone headed move. After all, he still is "the new guy" to me. That said, let's be a little realistic when we analyze what happened in 2018. Through January while XRP was up 1,000 times in six months, everyone in banking thought they might get promoted for recommending their bank jump on the XRP bandwagon. Later in the year, with cryptocurrency down dramatically, those same people were likely wondering if they would be fired for suggesting they push forward with cryptocurrency. After all banks pride themselves on stability. Going "all in" on volatile assets is not how most banks want to be publicly perceived. But here in 2019, Small banks are still being overcharged by big banks for the international payment services they need to provide their customers. Remittance companies still have liquidity problems and trouble getting banked. Customers are still having payments go missing, even after paying exorbitant amounts. The problems are still real. RippleNet and xRapid's solutions still solve them. What I expect to see is: Smaller banks and payment services companies moving the fastest towards XRP as a new liquidity alternative. People at those banks get promoted for creating better and cheaper services for bank customers. Larger banks favoring RippleNet's end-to-end payment synchronization solutions. Nobody ever gets fired for improving internal efficiency, reliability and compliance of traditional products. That's my bet on the next steps toward money's future.
  19. It depends on your outlook.. If you're waiting for a big price jump to cash out, it's not going to happen anytime soon because demand and adoption has not reached critical mass for cryptocurrency in general and XRP in particular. Probably I would guess that a vast majority of the general population has never even heard of XRP. With this kind of exposure, there is little chance of a quick price jump in the near future. My approach is to view XRP as a longer term asset (approx. 5-10 years horizon maybe even longer).. if you believe the fundamental nature of money is about to be changed, then this in my opinion is the correct perspective to have for this asset class. This is by no means a sure thing either.. as the implications of alternative currencies and stores of value may have lasting consequences for governments hoping to continue influencing economic policies via manipulating money supply and interest rates. It is still not clear what effects this new asset class will have on the real economy once it becomes big enough to rival other asset classes.
  20. XRP is not recovering because the investors that used to buy have lost confidence. This is partly related to the FUD that has been heaped on XRP by the crypto community and it seems that now even the XRP enthusiasts are more interested in being despondent rather than following the news (Hodors last blog was full of excellent analysis yet it hardly read or commented on). If you really are this down on XRP it is hypocritical to expect/complain that others do not have the confidence to invest. Emotions are catchy and spread like viruses. Being despondent will extends this stale period, not that it really bothers me because I have no intention of selling at the moment.
  21. they always draw big picture, draw bright future, and then nothing happened. watch xRapid carefully
  22. Hello, I hesitate between Option #2 and #3, but I think I’ll opt for #2 and see how it goes 🤗
  23. BTC has a ways to go before 20k again.. ETH also has a big hill to climb before it hits 1.3K.. and again, this time it's still speculation.. otherwise they would have retained value and people won't be worried about it tanking again.. Most of the crypto market has no lasting value except for those with actual concrete use cases. We all want price increase.. but in fact what we should wish for is lasting value creation.. that way everyone can hold and not worry about speculative ups and downs.
  24. I big part of it was Jed dropping a billion tokens on the market at once when their value were at an ATH, after that we were hit by the BTC bear market...but it did create a buying opportunity or latecomers like me
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