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  2. I think reading into trading psychology will help you. Please read this article to start with: https://tradingsim.com/blog/trading-psychology/.
  3. Hi, " good decade " ends in 7 Months time !!!
  4. Not saying that Disney is thinking of this but imagine this "Disney operates parks and other entities around the world, tourist come in from all over the place, so the need for quick conversion and settlement is there. What if instead of getting those cards or wristbands that you utilize throughout the park they load your card with XRP value equivalent to the $ demonization you paid for your Park Hopper pass and events etc, as you spend that XRP in the parks etc it's quickly settled into US dollars. As I mentioned Disney deals with a plethora of foreign currency on the daily, At any given time at the parks in the US you will typically have just as many foreign visitors as you see domestic and those parks turn out visitors in the 100's of thousands monthly. You may ask why I say "As you spend it's settled into XRP?" Well I can speak for myself and some others if you purchase say a week park hopper pass you may not be able to do it all in one consecutive week and choose to come back at another time. Disney gives you time I think maybe a year I could be wrong it's been a while to fully utilize your pass before it expires. "Could Disney be one of the 3 household names mentioned some time ago??" This is pure speculation so please do not over analyze this, take it for what it is now. Speculation!!! Disney is definitely a Household name.
  5. The whole market is down. Not just XRP. Ease up everybody. It's obviously a longer ride so buckle in (or don't). It's cringeworthy to watch grown ups cry over their money. Boring times to be sure for XRP, but if you thought you'd make money any easier way then I guess you are the fool. It's no reflection on XRP the digital asset that you are not making money. That is your expectations being crushed. As much as something needs to be blamed your investment strategy and ability to live with it is not XRP's fault. It just isn't. An immeasurable amount of patience (for some) may be necessary to grit through this market. I find it boring, but I can hang with it all because I know it will eventually have a nice rise, by speculation or by utility (market making). But patience is the only way. Not spaz city. I like the "set it and forget it" theory listed above. That was Ronco's food dehyrdator slogan. It applies to the crypto market as well....
  6. Which is the Gates foundation's version of ILP, or at least that's how Mojoloop started.
  7. im keeping it simple. most people who dont know what theyre doing not only invest based on price alone, but only buy as the price drops. this in turn causes many want-to-be investors to hold millions of worthless shares, crypto, etc Ripple's fundamentals are sound. the current price has nothing to do with it on account that the crypto market is unstable and manipulated.
  8. Dude the IMF loves Ripple. And they are promoting it to the world. What more could you ask for
  9. OctillionSA (Bithomp) partnered with SafelloAB to offer a new service: https://card2xrp.com where Europeans have a simple way to buy XRP with a Bank Card. The best experience will be for countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark where users can use BankID, nemID and Swish. The video is for BTC, but its the same experience for XRP
  10. Number one doesn't hold water in this case. You can know exactly what you're doing and still question the best way to balance a crypto portfolio. I'd say a more common mistake I see with XRP investors is that they bet the farm on a single asset, based on it's technological superiority, while ignoring the obvious issues with adoption and the difficulty in putting any kind of value on pre-mined coins with larger total supplies. Seasoned investors these days understand that markets are momentum driven, and that technicals cannot be ignored. The old argument that fundamentals trump technicals over the long run is not nearly as persuasive now as it was in 1980. It ALL matters. Use all the information. But know yourself. I know that it's much easier for ME personally to ride a down trend over the short term, than its likely to be for me to come up with the cash to buy back my XRP the day the coin bottoms, even if I could call it, which I can't. Better to just buy it and forget it. It's easier on my psyche. I'm a human, not an algorithm. I might be tempted to spend the money on hookers and blow.
  11. Don't rush it. You'll have a good decade to buy this cheap.
  12. I struggle that the chat does just put our responses right below the original post. So inefficient and very ADD for me. I have used other platforms that are better but I am not sure the effort it took to set them up and we would lose the xrp population.
  13. hey @Eric123 I'm maybe pessimist here but I really think XRP price will go down further . maybe in the next few days it'll go back to 0.31-0.32$ but then it will drop again in some weeks to maybe 0.25-0.27$ , then again and again. That' s how I see it for now , that's pretty sad. I bought not long ago at 0.35$ , I've already lost a % . 550$ I'm at 475$ this morning . anyway , what do you think about this ? I think we re still in bear market for some time and that XRP price will go down to 0.25$ or even lower..
  14. As long as fiat debts can be paid in fiat dollars, I have a use for fiat. I won't get too excited about going all crypto all the time until that is no longer my reality. But generally speaking, if you are a SHTF believer of any stripe, you know that most of your net worth should be held in tangible assets. Both fiat and cryptos are somewhat dependent on BAU. Everything money, centralized or decentralized, is digital. The long term future of digital technology is totally energy dependent. That means it's fragile technology. I know it''s possible to have a crypto with no internet, but I'm guessing it won't work out that well, if and when we don't have connectivity. Holding too much fiat cash has never been a big problem for me anyway. But if the choice is something like Turkish Lira vs. Bitcoin, gimme Bitcoin. Interesting point about the drivers of big crypto moves and currency moves. I'm a believer in the Dollar Milkshake theory, at the moment. https://youtu.be/vDr3lRZ01Zo
  15. Agreed, frustrating, but only bc it keeps costing me money. Just made my largest Coinbase transaction yet, yesterday @ .325, woke up to the bloodbath this morning, bought more @ .302. I’m on the hopium, along with being an eternal optimist, my only thinking is: Will I ever be able to buy xrp this cheap again!?
  16. I like this idea. My ability to heart posts is maxed out today. That way questions don’t slow down the original lecture. Also as I get caught up on terminology when I am trying to learn, that would give me time to research things before meeting to talk about the subject on a deeper level.
  17. Publication Date: February 14, 2019 https://www.imf.org/en/Publications/Departmental-Papers-Policy-Papers/Issues/2019/02/13/FinTech-in-Sub-Saharan-African-Countries-A-Game-Changer-46376
  18. Depends on your timeframe and the amount you can comfortably lose without regret. Make your decisions on your best long term projections and considering the risk to (possible) reward balance. But don’t let yourself forget that your stack could go to $0 through no fault of your own. Which brings up this topic——>>> ->>Reminder: it’s not a good idea to talk about your holdings. There are some greedy mofo sociopaths out there.
  19. Today
  20. Depends on the exchanges. If the exchange has withdrawal fees, then they could either deduct the fees from the amount you specified to send, or from your remaining balance after sending the 50. They should make it clear to you before sending. In my experience it's unusual for an exchange to charge deposit fees on crypto, but it's possible, you need to check their fee schedule. Bitstamp is very nice, no deposit or withdrawal fees on crypto.
  21. its like this.. do whatever you think is best for your specific situation. yes, it works from time to time, but for a very small percentage of individuals. when people see the price of their investment drop, its very normal for new investors to sell in fear (they think its an educated decision) and then buy another investment. what happens is, they keep doing this. buying, selling, buying, selling... it creates a vicious cycle of not knowing when to stop and each time, they 'hope' their decision was the right one. all of this can be avoided by simply holding. XRPs price is down, yes. but this is an investment. professional investors make the big bucks because they hold long term. the same thing happened in 2017 when the price dropped from .40 to .14. many people in here sold thinking they would buy back in lower, only to see the price jump to $3.30 a few weeks later. summary: 1. people who dont know what theyre doing typically invest based on price. 2. seasoned investors base on fundamentals. notice you said, "I think mid year 2021 we may start seeing XRP move." this is a decision based on the hope that the price will go up.
  22. The crypto market is going crazy over Ripple and XRP. It has a now reached a fever pitch. And because of that, people are coming up with questions about the company, how can it be used, where to buy it and the digital asset. So, to eradicate any misconceptions about Ripple and XRP, here’s a compact guide that has answers to eight of the most frequently asked questions. However, it’s still in the development stage. As the development processes, this list will be updated regularly. 1. How to buy XRPs? You can buy XRPS on more than 60 digital asset exchanges globally, some of them are listed on this page. Do remember that every exchange has a different process for buying XRP. In case if you have already bought XRP from an exchange and have questions about your purchase, you need to reach out the respective exchange directly. For maintaining a healthy XRP market, Ripple considers having XRP listed on top online asset exchange its top priority, so that it can make it broadly accessible globally. Ripple has deployed resources to fulfill the initiative. So, you can expect current developments moving toward forming global liquidity. 2. What are XRP, XRP Ledger, and Ripple? XRP refers to digital asset native to XRP Ledger. While XRP Ledger is a distributed, open-source ledger. Ripple is a private company. 3. Which financial institutions decided to adopt XRP? During May 2018, MercuryFX, MoneyGram, IDT, Western Union, Cuallix. Currencies Direct and Viamericas- eight leading payment providers- have decided their pilot use of XRP in payments using xRapid to bring liquidity solutions for cross-border payments. The pipeline of financial institutions for Ripple is growing. They are interested in incorporating XRP in their payment flows. 4. Is XRP secure enough? Do I need an exchange to use it? Read full story here
  23. Hi Bob…….I remember talking to a Cisco guy more than twenty years ago, who told me that the first client for Cisco IPTelephony was Cisco. Basically his boss told everybody that to sell it, you have to use it………. Leaders lead by example, which brings me to Ripple adoption. This year we have all seen a huge increase in trading pairs & the growth of acceptance in the retail market. Why don´t Ripple settle almost all their payments in XRP: salaries, hardware, software, third party contracts etc. The contracts can be in any fiat, but the settlement is in XRP. Probably in the first moment almost everybody will immediately just convert back to fiat. With over 300 employees, across the world in different countries & cultures, just the interaction between Ripple & the suppliers accounting department is priceless education. Suppliers accountants are going to get up to speed on settlement, security, & volatility in the blink of an eye. Surely this increases awareness & adoption is a very useful complement to just selling XRP OTC ?? Maybe Ripple are already implementing this policy, but it would be good to see a % of monthly operating costs settled with XRP on the Ripple stats site. With a current market cap of over $ 180B, imagine the adoption rate if the exchanges could be persuaded to elaborate supply contracts in fiat but settle only in crypto. The supplier can choose the crypto from the market leaders. Education & adoption skyrocket. It seems so basic, that I guess I must be way behind the 8 ball, so in this case I apologise, but on the youtube sites & blogs I have never seen, heard or read anybody mention or push this concept. With access to thousands of subscribers you could run a poll to see if investors/hodlers would prefer an exchange that settles its bills in crypto, all other conditions being equal, or even just ask CZ are you settling your operating costs in crypto ?? what % do you expect to settle in crypto by EOY ??
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