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  2. Why so relentlessly adversarial? Why the constant stream of nasty comments? Why do you need to divide the community into the wise and the foolish? I just can’t ever understand the motivation of those folk who seem to delight in “putting another down”. You have your views... you think they are correct, that’s fine. Why do you need to denigrate any who differ?
  3. Is he in the development of cross border payments department? Most banks install API's provided by software giants like R3 and Temenos that will be using XRapid under the bonnet, they will see the interface and choose the simplest cheapest option which will be XRapid where an XRapid corridor is open. So they will hardly be aware of what is going on under the bonnet.
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  5. I have a friend who is pretty established at a major US bank. He says no one there ever talks about XRP. He doesn’t see it getting used.
  6. Look... I’m sorry.... I’ve written reams on this forum about all that stuff... I can’t be bothered writing it again. The purpose of my post was to suggest to you to do some more reading.
  7. Huge whale money is being made and lost on these moves, I'll bet. One million dollars (probably a small stake for a whale) makes or loses you a million dollars on every $1 move. And Bitcoin shifted up and down by what, like $300 - $600 dollars in the past week? Crazy money
  8. Thanks @JannaOneTrick and thanks for the link - I followed up on something below your "Visa" mention and also found a breadcrumb - what do we make of this? Xpressmoney https://www.xpressmoney.com/ Travelex https://www.travelex.com/ Money Dart https://www.moneydart.com/ Times of Money https://www.timesofmoney.com/TOM/index.html Finalbr https://www.finablr.com/newsroom/press-release/finablr-network-brands-capitalise-blockchain-using-ripplenet/ "Dubai, UAE; 10 February 2019: Finablr, a global platform for Payments and Foreign Exchange solutions, today announced that its network brands UAE Exchange and Unimoni are now on RippleNet. The brands will use the blockchain-based platform provided by Ripple for real-time, seamless cross-border transactions to Thailand, with plans in place to extend it to other countries. With this, UAE Exchange and Unimoni become the first in their category in the Middle East to have adopted blockchain technology to process transactions."
  9. then write those reasons. and dont forget to write why ****** coins like bitcoin sv are going up at the same time . added: what haters ,ppl in internet forums ?contrary to this there are bunch of good news about ripple every day . All around the world. in The news. and nada.
  10. Alternative to Swift is alternative to Swift, competition is competition and yes it's healthy. Go Ripple.
  11. I don’t know how much you know about this market... but your questions seem to indicate you have a fair bit more research to do. Your starting premise that people should love it because it’s top 3 is wildly wrong I’m afraid. XRP is the most hated coin in the market. It has haters actively working against it at every opportunity. That’s slowly changing but it’s still true. And your false binary logic about only two options is another giveaway that you need to do more research. If it’s not going up there can be many more than just your two stated reasons.
  12. i mean its number 3 in the list. Literally one line away from Bitcoin. Forget all the good stuff ripple is making. Just that number 3 in the list should push this coin up , but its not moving. So either ppl dont want to buy it ( why would they when its in top 3) , or somebody is selling huge ammounts. And who that can be ???
  13. Here is an article regarding regulation that I haven't seen before; it's from 2018 but still relevant, I think... https://fintechpolicy.org/?p=32247 The Paths to Crypto Asset Regulation and Innovation Sagar Sarbhai is Head of Regulatory Relations for APAC and the Middle East, Ripple
; Ryan Zagone is Director of Regulatory Relations, Ripple
 "For the United States to remain competitive, the country will, in our view, have to proceed with a coordinated, holistic approach for crypto regulation. Otherwise, it risks over time becoming more reliant on foreign technology and expertise for payments than it has since the rise of the U.S. dollar as the international currency. To do so will require the formulation of not only sound rules, but a thoughtful, efficient, and robust framework for onboarding new technologies and providing sustained oversight. It will also require coordination with other major financial centers in order to learn from their experiments, and export best-practices abroad." "This kind of strategic government approach will position the U.S. to maintain its position as a leader in technology innovation, and, perhaps, put the country in the driver’s seat as crypto policy becomes globally coordinated."
  14. Not sure HOW soon though. I'm personally not opposed to making money off a questionable asset in an irrational market. One has to temper one's attachment to fundamentals occasionally, no matter how well-founded. Or watch others make money over the short term while your investment stagnates. I wouldn't argue at all with your basic premise, although the kind of problems Galgitron warns about (100% true in my view) are not necessarily just automatically going to happen, and especially over the course of this one market cycle. They could, but I give it a low probability. And the idea that all the whales are off-loading BTC doesn't hold up under scrutiny. They sell and buy back, for the most part. I think the evidence supports that, although I don't have a handy link to prove it. That's what I've read in more than one source I don't own any BTC, at this moment, and I only buy it to trade for alts I want to own. I used to have to do that to buy XRP. Glad that's not necessary now, but for some coins it's unavoidable. But I do buy coins that are early movers in this bull. It's about the timing and the opportunity. I'm not trying to **** off any XRP hodlrs. I'm probably hodling as much XRP as most people here. My motivation in posting is just to see us all make money.by making profitable decisions. (Especially me of course, lol.)
  15. Thanks @denverks - there are some interesting links in that piece also (although some are broken or behind pay walls). Well worth a Sunday read
  16. I think that by “creating an alternative to Swift payments” simply means being another payment option. That’s what competition is. And it’s healthy 😁 But the July 1st event should be an interesting one, considering the IBM/Stellar rocky partnership!
  17. its always like that. I asked pretty serious question but since there is no comfortable answer somebody has to post some joke . Of all coins xrp imho has most potencial and yet such poor price increase.
  18. Before that it says, "Ripple can help you help Customers like Joyce"
  19. I think if you’re going to take the CEO’s exact word on an emerging disruptive technology targeting one of the most established markets you’re in for a rude awakening. Look at the things Elon Musk says regarding Tesla’s progress and how little of what he claims actually occurs by certain deadlines yet they are clearly disrupting the entire auto industry even if they aren’t succeeding in the moment. Brads in the same camp IMHO, but the disruption isn’t so obvious yet to the broader market. People talk about it, but no one is really listening yet. You have to dream big to make change happen and I can’t fault Brad for having the optimism to say the things that he has over the last 18 months. There’s also significant regulatory overhead that I think has caused many of the would-be customers to delay their jump into digital assets as a utility. I’ve been saying for months look to 2019 EOY for a major statement from the SEC / FTC before adoption really begins. Once there is semblance of regulatory clarity in the US the dominoes will start to fall.
  20. Not like them to post something over the weekend, Thanks for posting.
  21. Nice clip. Interesting at the end of the video clip Ripple say to contact them directly instead of promoting a remittance company they're in partnership with. Do they want 2.3 million Filipino contacting them.
  22. A new and simple post by Ripple. It’s a horrible and sad fact that there’s so many people like her who spend so much time, money and effort just to send money home. The two things she has so little of (time and money); that’s the last thing in the world she should have to put up with. So glad to be following a company with the drive, vision and talent to right this wrong. XRP hodlrs will likely be rewarded for helping Ripple along their journey. Rewarded not only finically but ethically in helping so many like Joyce. https://ripple.com/insights/global-payments-shouldnt-be-stressful-joyces-story/?utm_source=linkedin&utm_medium=organic_social
  23. Still waiting on this announcement.... Ripple also bought Swift....just trust me....they'll announce it someday.
  24. yes -- a lot of plot/charcaters cut for the show, most understandable given the time compression, and sheer complexity and scope of the books however, i do think they should have done 9 seasons and not rush it the way they did and have to alter so much to fit such a weak ending
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