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  2. Really interesting statistics. Make me wonder if I have been foolish not to own a spread rather than being fixated on XRP. Chasing money and relying on TA to choose winners is not my mindset, and I comfort myself with the thought that I bought another 10 - 15K XRP at rock bottom prices and that XRP's poor performance has allowed me further opportunity to go on accumulating. I am well set up for when XRP takes off (which I think will happen at some future date). I am good with not chasing money or being jealous when others do better than myself.
  3. It was not "stupid", it was a sensible rational decision to put your money into the asset which has been making the most technological progress. XRP ecosystem continues to grow and deepen faster than any other asset and it use case is at the very heart of commerce. You cannot buck XRP's development model of real use in the real world forever. This does not mean that others will not outperform XRP in the short term, or that XRP might not crash when others rise. Backing the best horse at the beginning of the race does not guarantee winning, but consistently backing the best horse will provide you with the highest investment to return ratio. IT you made profit on BNB and then switched to XRP, you gained XRP and did well, you just misjudged the top of the market (Judgin the top is about luck). Of course if there is fault in your reasoning about which is the best horse, that would be your misjudgement and you will have backed losers. Personally I am 98% XRP 2% ADA, but it looks as if ADA team have weaknesses ://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/cardano-news-update-is-ada-coin-experiencing-trouble-in-paradise/. Maybe I should just go back to be 100% XRP.
  4. Hey, great topic! Interesting. But...Didn't Bob Way once say, loosely, something like : "We thought Arthur Britto was a god, because he'd bought BTC at $1". So Britto does not equal Satoshi if this is the case. Just sayin'
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  6. Waiting for BTC. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/LTCUSD/5JXda7Hk-Litecoin-Time-Where-is-Chickun-going/ I'll do a XRP analysis soon.
  7. Easy to say in hindsight :p I agree that most things point towards a bull-run. And I think it will be greater than the 2017 one. just look at the ease by which BNB surpassed its previous ATH... it was a slow but steady increase over three months i think we will begin to similar growth for some other digital assets soon! I am pretty sure we’re in for a good summer
  8. I'll go away if you don't go away. Unless XRP is between $0 and $10000, in which case I will reconsider.
  9. As long as topics like this exist there wont be any significant developments in price. Thank u sirs for reading.
  10. sold my BNB 2 months ago for XRP , most stupid thing I've done yet
  11. This goes for the whole of crypto. It’s an unregulated Wild West, everybody’s shooting in the air now and then. So I stopped taking “news” serious long ago and I’m not overinvested. This means I can take it all with a grain of salt and enjoy the game. If it runs I won’t be super rich, but this attitude made it possible to stay here and in crypto longer than most others.
  12. Well, if you don't care being fooled it is up to you. People say Ripple owes us nothing but I think they do, at least they owe us honesty.
  13. I'm just trying to work out where your going with this janna A) Visa looking to buy the tech to get in... B.) visa trying to buy the whole internet (on card lol ) to stay in business.. C) visa furiously splashing about to keep its head above water Either way about it visa sure hates atomic payments. thing is, last time I checked, one only gets 3 reversals before one has to go legal...
  14. Lol, this! I’m tired of members promising to go away because they’re tired of promises.
  15. Are trust lines the XRP Ledger's version of (USD@Citibank) but in the form of (XRP@Gatehub) or (USD@Bitstamp) and it costs 5XRP to open a trustline to your XRP address similar to opening a bank account in the real world? I haven't Googled this jholmqist but am I right in assuming PRX@Jholmqist makes him a "bank" for this trustline meaning we're just trusting him with our XRP like we trust a bank with our FIAT.
  16. It won't be, you can save yourself a lot of stress by not waiting this whole year.
  17. Plese close topic sir. This in front of the page all the time is looking nuts sir.
  18. XRP has always been acting like this. Some people say it’s manipulation from the super whales 🐳 🐋 etc. it’s only when they can no longer hold it will xrp surge.
  19. Do you think banks will design there own PRX like currency for internal use and make there own decisions on how to store them for there customers and that the equivalent amount of XRP gets locked up on the ledger? Or do you think one day i can store my XRP at my own bank. I hope one day the value increases i can earn interest on my XRP by my own bank. Thank you for al the information you provide to us @BobWay. (Not a native speaker)
  20. I know but at least I wanna play a fair game with no lies.
  21. Hi @1Ton as per our recent post HERE we made some fundamental changes to the idea based on advice from members of xrpchat and further market research. Two of those changes were: to reduce the XRP contribution from $5 to just $2. to reduce the target from $1 to $0.40 on Binance. As you can see from the ledger entries; the three contributions for predictions made at the higher rate for the higher target had to be refunded in full to reset the system. The members were then invited to remake new predictions of which one has so far. This is an entirely new concept, we had fully tested the system prior to launch on a private wallet. The one created for XRPredict to receive, store and payout the contributions is the one feature on the website. For transparency and confidence we had to keep it that way. We are not changing the wallet or indeed hiding ANY transactions from the ledger. Thank you for your question; I hope I’ve managed to address your query and you understand what has happened in the XRPL with regards to the transactions is a good thing. We look forward to welcoming your prediction with or without a contribution to the wallet pot.
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