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  2. Am I reading this right? Did the price spike up over 10% within 24 hours of the OP selling his stash? Lol.
  3. XRP will have its own space just as Ethereum and Bitcoin have their own spaces. There's no reason to panic and no reason to ask if XRP or Ripple has a chance to succeed. It is currently 3rd largest crypto by market captial, it has announced its deal with Moneygram and it is starting to make all the right noises in the media. Depending on when and at which price an investor purchased XRP will determine whether questions are asked. I purchased 5 years ago and am very happy with how much profit I will make if I sell because I purchased at very low prices and I have no questions to ask and I am not worried. Others that purchased for example at $0.45 a week ago and see the price currently at $0.47 might be asking questions relevant to their situation.
  4. If the energy would be used for something that works I could agree with it some more. Now it's just used to fuel a relic to make huge profits on it and keep squeezing money out of it as long as they can by shouting it's "a store of value" or "digital gold". All BTC has going for it is that it was the first and people know it exists, making it the best target for transfer of wealth from dumb -> smart. The fact that the energy net of a small country is trying to approve 4-6 transactions per second and clogs to waiting times of a day+ when people actually start using it (december 2017 anyone?) I can not agree with.
  5. Just DCA your way in to 21XRP and you'll be fine in 2038!
  6. Weeks have gone bye with no update from Gatehub, this is unacceptable and I feel for everyone here who lost there XRP to the hack! Enough time has passed that Gatehub will understand exactly what happened and how they plan to deal with situation. I think people who had there XRP stolen through Gatehub hack need to start Court proceedings in hopes of recovering there investment.
  7. I own more than one. Maybe even two. How much is the wallet reserve again?
  8. Today
  9. If we knew now what happened in the past years we would all be doing something else. I would have sold all on january 4th 2018, bought sept 16 2018, sold sept 23 etc etc... The thing is you never do. So the 'I should have done this and that' is pointless. I don't have the time to sit behind a monitor and watch all the charts do their thing. I could have thrown a percentage of my XRP in LTC, ETH or BTC, made some gains and then miss an XRP boom as XRP lags behind and goes up suddenly. So I don't worry, just wait and make the bet XRP will do it's thing eventually. And an eventual bigger percentage gain then other coins is my bet. Then it will be time to cash out a percentage of the stack.
  10. I can't speak for others but I personally own roughly 2 x half of the number of XRP in my wallet.
  11. Of course victims should join forces and take legal action. You still did not do this???
  12. There is plenty of science behind it. As someone who has worked with climate modellers for years, I can assure you that the maths and physics that makes the models work is the same as that that makes your mobile phone send and receive messages, your batteries recharge, the weather forecast come out accurately, the semiconductors that drive all your gadgets and the entire internet as well as all your crypto exchanges and all the bitcoin miners everywhere. A true statement, but not a valid defense for wasting energy that is exacerbating current climate change at a very rapid rate. Also a true statement, but I'd rather keep the polar bears and have a decent quality of life - and I'm happy to ban wasteful energy uses as a way of prolonging the existence of the bears and delaying further climate change.
  13. That's why I follow the official filings made by Gatehub, to see if there are things going on in the background. They could increase their capital to compensate victims or pull out capital and file for bankruptcy, and anything in between.
  14. ^ I keep blocking 'em and they keep coming back under different names.
  15. I am so regretted that I should have not supposed to use Gatehub as my XRP wallet storage. Because this is backed up by ripple and gatehub said money 100% save hence I trusted them. Now all my XRPs are wiped out. I am waiting for official statement from Gatehub. But it looks like Gatehub keep silent without anything happened. I just wonder if we need to file class action lawsuits. What I can do?
  16. Today, the global economy and the digital world are growing rapidly. Because of that various disruptions are happening in these two domains, causing businesses and traditional institutions to change the way they operate. And, now the issue that is all the rage and on the brink of disruption is traditional payments solutions. They are soon to be replaced by virtual payment solutions. Governed by cryptography, the decentralized, distributed ledger technologies like Blockchain is offering numerous prominent advantages over fiat currency and traditional payment systems. Why are we focusing on virtual payment solutions today? It’s because of Ripple, representing the next-gen of blockchain technology, that has so much to offer. RippleNet specializes in almost every significant attribute of a blockchain network, such as swift transactions, improved transparency, low transaction fees, etc. Ripple addresses the challenges that some of the existing blockchains fail to do. Its primary aim is to provide a secure and integrated global payment solution. The problem begins with today’s global payment systems. Most of the enterprises lack in having a decent infrastructure, wherein the networks fail in providing the necessary features, including sufficient inter-connectivity to serve the demands of the international users. In a nutshell, the current networks either are inefficient in proper regulations or are ineffective at handling the obstacles involved in cross-border payments. Visit here to read full story
  17. Quantification of energy and carbon costs for mining cryptocurrencies https://www.nature.com/articles/s41893-018-0152-7
  18. I bought everything my salary allows me. I have 26k and no problem saying it. Pd.: If you are a hacker please note that Viggo has 5 times my stack so please be smart and target him.
  19. All todaysgibberish articles are a waste of time. Just block the people who post them.
  20. In the sage words of @galgitron posted well before it was fashionable: http://galgitron.net/Post/Coin-Robbery
  21. Who is paying Facebook interest on the cash they hold?
  22. Its business for R3 to have SWIFT run through it. R3 has alot of functions, its not all about Ripple or XRP.
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