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  2. As I said many times before PoW will be banned because there is no justification for spending tWh on tx confirmation.
  3. Of the four recent articles I see posted on the topic that’s the same conclusion I draw. Protect their people against fraud until they can put regulatory guidelines in place so only that which makes sense is used. With RippleNet in use in the Indian corridor and the safeguards they can demonstrate I see no threat to a future where XRP is being used in the IoV in India. Everyone is free to draw their own conclusion; I elect to cool my jets.
  4. I provide over 10% trade volume of certain trade pairs on XRP DEX every day.
  5. The zealots have a new worshipper in Bob Way and his XRP Bible umm book.
  6. You invest XRP not for profit? Joking.
  7. "they" made fun of me when I sold at 2.2$ in late January , they said that was a bad move and that I may regret it. I wasn't happy to sell but I had no choice
  8. You're a fan of profit not XRP. Get off your high horse.
  9. To have an additional 'professional eye' on the ongoing business is allways nice. However, considering how Ripple has managed the value of XRP it could be that the Japanese are getting nervous. Personally I would have liked to see Ripple being more restrictive in it's incentivising actions in the open market. Also we must keep in mind that the first Ripple usecase is crossborder pay and settlement and NOT putting XRP in everyones (average Joe) hands. In my book that means you need a stable XRP (as stable as possible) which is used by (as many as possible) financial institutions and not by 'weak hands'. I also believe that the network growth (technical/payments/settlements) is slower than the amount of XRP presently pushed into the market. This weakens the XRP value and makes it a target for whales and speculators. Hopefully 'Takashi Okita' has a more bankers view on managing the Ripple cashflow and the 'light headed' spending of XRP. Additionally he may advice about a system of defending and promoting XRP.
  10. Post after post, dissing Ripple, dissing the community, praising Stellar. Meanwhile not contributing *anything* to the ecosystem or the community. No ideas, no projects, only poison. Go buy yourself an IBM stablecoin.
  11. Yeah obviously they are playing tricks on their numerous customers also
  12. Rumor has been that he will serve as DTA (Director of Twitter Affairs) [emoji41] Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  13. Well... https://www.wsj.com/articles/bitfinex-used-tether-reserves-to-mask-missing-850-million-probe-finds-11556227031?mod=rsswn
  14. here is the group of Ripple-paid hired trolls. Do u remember ChickenRegal with title Best Contributor? and where is he now? where is Hodor? ))) all of them disappeared from here. They lured many people here into the fraud of Brad and Co and now enjoying the moment. XRP is one of the best tricks for last years))
  15. Well, I have bots running on XRP DEX and exchanges, and this month got over 5k XRP on XRP DEX as profit, don't worry me, I have enough time to against ripple fans.
  16. Today
  17. Well!! I was looking for the best Indian bitcoin exchanges to trade bitcoins, as one of my friend suggested me to choose Airfio exchange which is crypto banking integrated with artificial intelligence and neural networks. What's your thought on Airfio, can I go with Airfio let me know.
  18. Pretending to have Uber, Amazon and Facebook for customers is blatant deceit. Promising dozens of banks is also misleading. Regulated industry or not you can't just do that and I was surprised to see it's still going on.
  19. Launching 26 fiat-backed stablecoins won't get you anywhere. You'll have a credit card which can handle all those coins. You can instantly swap funds from stablecoin to stablecoin. All this doesn't make any sense when you can hold one currency which can convert instantly into any fiat when having to pay with your credit card (or Wirex card)... Anyhow; let's face it. In order to get the XRP ecosystem healthy, we need regulation. Banks won't jump into something of which governments say it's no good. Even the most bullish bank in the world SBI is postponing constantly because of the insecurity of regulation. I am 100% sure that if good regulation gets through, there's nothing stopping XRP to be used by a majority of the worlds largest banks. Ripple is busy building the foundation while at the same time they are busy trying to get some kind of regulation. They know XRP needs it in order to get mass adoption. Whenever regulation is in place, the basis of the ecosystem is healthy and mature enough to launch properly.
  20. Also, Trump told me he will have "yuge" announcement about XRP once we reach 2,000 signatures for the Token Taxonomy Act. Sign now! https://www.change.org/p/congress-pass-the-token-taxonomy-act-to-keep-america-at-the-forefront-of-blockchain-innovation
  21. This is great news! Let's all celebrate by signing the petition for the Token Taxonomy Act! https://www.change.org/p/congress-pass-the-token-taxonomy-act-to-keep-america-at-the-forefront-of-blockchain-innovation
  22. When you step back and consider the selling of XRP by Ripple , the whole thing just seems wild. Here is a made up currency that has some really nice features for transactions no doubt, that was built from he sweat of engineers many years ago, and now there is a market for it and they can sell it to find their business operations. That allows them to exponentially build the ecosystem and someday XRP could be used for billions or trillions of $s of transactions. The whole thing is mind boggling really. Kudos to Ripple. As for holding XRP we will just have to see what this amounts to over the next 5-10 years.
  23. Thank you for your answer but I am not interested in Bitcoin. Miners need to sell their BTC so they can keep their network working. We can see from BTC what happens with miners if price goes down. They bankrupt. So, keep selling pressure can destroy them. Can the vety same thing happen to xrp because of Ripple? Yes ofcouse, and I think ripple is close to do that. Since price is fixed for 3 months, that means they sell max they can. It is about time before they milk all the money and price drops. What can prevent this? Progress, do we have it? Yes. Is it enough for Ripple so they can keep selling at this rate? Absolutely NOT. EDIT: Last year when the price dropped to 25c they stopped stelling. Why did they stop? So price can recover or they thought they cant target new people so there was no point in selling? We both know the answer,!!! Which means they do CARE about price so they can KEEP SELLING. Low price = no NEW investors. PERIOD Why now, when the price is literally 10% higher, fake volume is probably also higher they sell max they can? They even INCREASED sell pressure. Why not reduce sell pressure so price goes up few CENTs, attract NEW people with that and ACTUALLY make XRP DISPERSE instead of dumping it like there is no tomorrow? EDIT2: I wonder how long that link is broken. Checking number of new account can easily kill your argument that with progmatic sells they target new people. https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/accounts
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