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  2. If you are correct, I will have a newfound respect for TA
  3. I feel for you and all others that didn't cash out during the ATH or hesitated to do so.
  4. May I do an announcement of the announcement in pure Justin Sun style!?
  5. I don't know sometimes people like @Graine make that announcement and it speaks.
  6. In my opinion they have pivoted away from that world reserve 'currency' goal. This is a 2017 Insights quote, and remember xRapid didn't exist until Spring 2017. I don't think they would use that terminology in July 2019.
  7. Today
  8. Exactly!!! It's just more for show and response if you ask me. It's almost like he/she wants us to convince them otherwise and give them a pep talk to reconsider their decision. Like I've said b4 it's your money. You are allowed to do with it as you please. No need to announce your decisions to the world, just sell and be done.
  9. How could we guess that somewhat accurately? Maybe by looking at what looks like a similar bounce in Dec 2018. See that similar pattern? No guarantees, but we are on the 3rd green bar on the AO, and I would guess we have a week to get as high as we get on this wave, before it turns back down. I have more certainty that the wave will let about a week than I do that we reach .41 this time.That's a best case. I think that's the way to understand it......the waves will very likely be similar in length time-wise. The top we make is less certain. Update. I have decided to buy a little XRP today. But it's because I want to buy some other alts but can't......because I don't have moveable funds today . So I will buy XRP here while it appears to be bouncing and hopefully be able to get some upside while I wait for my other funds to clear.
  10. What has that done? I didn't realize banks started using it
  11. Got a time-frame for the wave? .41c would be very welcome!
  12. Fledgling at interpreting TA but I have been paying more attention to it then I used to, mainly as a means to pick better entry and (hopefully at some point) exit points. Anyway, I am seeing the same thing on the 4H and daily, so here's to hoping we're both right!
  13. Never understood the point of these threads.
  14. I know I said the XRP chart doesn't tell us much...but today it does look like it got oversold and that a bounce is in progress. I don't look for this wave to reach much past .41....but that's 25% above where we are now, so it's significant.....and if we could get back there and hold above it, I'd have to call that bullish. These days I'm having to restructure some of my on-ramps and off-ramps because both Coinbase and Celsius are putting delays on withdrawals. Not a big deal for hodling, but a pain in the *ss for trading, or even making portfolio adjustments.
  15. Can’t blame you. At the end of the day, this is an investment. I feel that so many people here are emotional and forget that money is money. If you purchased 50k in xrp, that’s $15,000. To most, that’s big money. Some folks could have 20,000 in at .32 cents and ride all the way down to .05 cents and still be happy. Good for them. I personally cashed out my initial investment a long time ago (in the $1.50 range), and decided to just leave the rest in. Point is, you did the right thing. And the guy that bought 50k xrp the same day as you and won’t even think of selling did the right thing. At the end of the day it’s about returns. Not about showing your loyalty to a company. Investment 101. good luck in your future investments.
  16. @Ripple doesn’t have the balls to give speculators info because it’s a charade like Stellar & Tron. Nothing to show anyone except $$millions worth of expenses that have nothing to do with cross border payments.
  17. Would it make any difference to start a class action with a lawyer based in Europe/UK instead of US? (I don't have any suggestion. Just wondering)
  18. Since when does "not losing anything" equate to "benefiting"? But even that claim is premised upon bad math. It implies that Ripple indeed "wouldn't be losing anything", when in fact it most definitely would be. Why? Let's do the math. For argument's sake, and to simplify the math, let's say Ripple has 50 billion of the 100 billion total XRP. Let's assume a price of $0.30. So given the example, Ripple has a valuation strictly from XRP assets of around $15 billion. The total market cap of all XRP would be $30 billion. Let's say they decide to burn half of all their holdings, which would equate to one fourth of the total, or 25 billion XRP. If we assume the same market cap, (which we safely can, as it is unlikely that simply changing the number of units would drive in new speculative money in any appreciable amount), then the $30 billion valuation for all XRP would remain the same but each individual XRP would now be worth $0.40. This would equate to Ripple now having a total value in XRP assets of $10 billion. So while all the rest of us will have grown in wealth by 25%, or 5 billion dollars, it would've come as a direct transfer in wealth from Ripple. This is not a good deal for them. They are losing 50% of their wealth through the burning of XRP to gain only 25% in price growth due to increased scarcity. Had they simply not burned anything, and let the price stay at $0.30, they would be $5 billion richer. Do you see now why I get so frustrated with calls like this for Ripple to burn XRP? The only possible scenario of your proposition in which Ripple doesn't lose (and merely breaks even) is if there were at least $5 billion in new speculative capital that was dumped into XRP, simply as a result of Ripple changing the number of units. I find this highly unlikely, to the point of absurdity. Even if it did happen, it would be unsustainable and would dump lower than it is right now. Why? Because it would be seen for what it is: a desperate ploy that has no function of advancing their business model. Think about it? Would Mark Zuckerberg destroying his FB stock make the FB market cap increase? It clearly doesn't do that. To do so would simply change the proportion owned by Zuckerberg and the proportion owned by the other stockholders.
  19. My favourite quote: "a 'just-in-time' or real-time net settlement based on distributed ledger scheme."
  20. I need to pass this information to backend, im not going to rely on JS to tell me if user is Coil user or not. I want to know if i should allow access to premium feature on my platform or if i should also send Advertisement info in HTTP REPLY. Yhe there is a problem - I dont even want to send ad data to user if he is coil user, bud in order to know that i need to get in REQUEST something that identifies him as paying COIL USER, HOW THE HELL I ACHIEVE THIS? Any ideas?
  21. .. Couldn't agree more.. you would think these guys have better use of their time than to preach to stubborn people like us ... My own logic goes like this... I don't have enough invested to care a whole lot whether xrp goes to zero or not. I do have enough invested that it could improve the quality of my retirement portfolio if it really takes off. I'm willing to give ripple the benefit of the doubt as I don't see really strong evidence that their intent is just to make money off XRP sales rather than grow the ecosystem slowly. It's getting rather tiresome here to have to wade through so many negative comments which contribute absolutely nothing of value to the space except to harp on the same theme ad nauseum, so please do us a favour and please leave us alone and stop trying to convert us .. You are free to invest or not as you please, we just ask that you let us enjoy the same rights in peace ...
  22. at least you didn't lose anything , but time
  23. I bought my 50K XRP in May 2017 at $0.322 After waiting for more than two years I sold at the same price today. This XRP is going nowhere as long as no banks are going to use it, Ripple and Jed keep dumping and no other real usecases exists. Traded for BTC today.
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