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  2. https://ripple.com/insights/remittance-innovation-in-asean-is-changing-lives-for-workers-living-abroad/
  3. I also did not receive the confirmation emails. In the end, support changed my login email, so now I get them again. (and can login!) I do have a feeling this somehow connects to the hack. It has only been a few months since i did not receive these emails anymore... To check your account, you do not need to login to Gatehub. use any ledger tool like Bithomp and see if there are any XRP left Hope you are lucky!
  4. I did NOT receive the phishing email or an email that my account was vulnerable. My account was hacked and drained. I had always received the new device confirmation email and the Gatehub support email. I did question this false sense of security they were giving to account holders telling them if they did not receive an email there was no reason to suspect their account was threatened. I pointed this out on my support ticket. Honestly I am starting to lose patience. 3 years with Gatehub. Wallet created in June 2016.
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  6. XRP giving mixed messages depending on the time frame you're looking at.. The one day looks pretty good. More volume would be good to push all these charts higher. We need some buyers.
  7. Binance lets you transfer 2BTC every day without KYC. Just set up more accounts if you need higher KYC-free bandwidth. But nevertheless, if Gatehubs KYC databases have been compromised, and these documents were not encrypted by these "backed by Chris Larsen" amateurs, then that's the end of this company. And some bad publicity spotlight on Ripple, which will be well deserved.
  8. Can Gatehub provide a list of all Ripple addresses they had secret keys stored for? That way we can compare against the list and avoid using any Ripple addresses that may be on it. Some users might have forgotten they imported an address to Gatehub, or they might have thought it was wiped from Gatehub using Gatehub's delete function, which may or may not have worked.
  9. I doubt that a government's promise to police itself will be much consolation to someone from Russia, China, Venezuela, or any number of countries, who runs afoul of the regime. I stand by my claim that political minorities in particular, have much more to lose than they have to gain by anonymous money being banned. But I realize this is likely a topic on which we will not come to much agreement.
  10. You do realize that in 2-factor hinges on a secret key on that second device not being stolen or discovered? It is not that different than just having two secret keys or passwords. The authenticator just makes it so you don't ever send that second key around at risk of being stolen. But in a situation like the recent Gatehub hack, if your secret keys are stored anyway on someone else's server, you're no better off having 2-factor (because the secret key underpinning that second factor is also stored and stealable just like the first). If you were careful enough not to let the secret keys be exposed to a third party, then it is the same as just as what we already have.
  11. Something to look up????? 1) @gatehub seems to know WHO of their clients are vulnerable to theft (18K so it seems?) 2) But what separates the vulnerable from those who are safe? My son who still has a wallet with 16K on Gatehub. (I warned him of the ongoing hack but he is so busy that he still didn't find the time to put them safe ). But he told me (just double checked it) that he did NOT receive a warning email grom Gatehub of being vulnerable to a direct theft from the hackers But now he did receive a warning from Gatehub as potential target with phishing. The last payment he made on XRPL was on 5th of Jan 2018 and before that he ONLY received payments from computing for good after the initial activation on 7th of Jan. 2014 For some reason (anyone knows?) he was NOT warned by Gatehub for potential hacking..... And they do have him in their records because he was warned for the phishing
  12. He is trying to make a joke, obviously. "I remember some whitepaper.." he starts off with. The rest of his presentation is actually very interesting. Also the point he is trying to make here: the key is not your identity. No, code is not law. But you're not supposed to think for yourself. Twitter manipulated groupthink is incredible powerful, scary even.
  13. This does stand to affect the price action on alt coins, it seems to me. I'm not sure how it will play out, but Binance is my go-to for undervalued alts right now. Not sure how it will affect BNB price either. Hopefully there is a seamless transition for Binance to a US approved platform. It'd be nice. In general US buyers are being herded into certain on ramps already. Now we have to worry about where we can even trade. About time for some decent regulations.....but maybe some powerful forces are responsible for the delays,...maybe not just a slow bureaucracy in action.
  14. Even though it has become a meme in the community, as far as we know banks won't use xrp. I would like Brad to say again his prediction.
  15. Looks like a Fibonacci hurricane coming to me. (Just posted for fun, not financial advice.)
  16. You do know that Gatehub is currently being hacked and funds stolen? Be careful with emails coming from Gatehub as scammers are sending phishing emails now as well. Do not click on links or open attachments! If you have confirmed that the email is really from Gatehub, then you need to head over to this thread where the matter is being discussed. Act quickly.
  17. This thread should not die. Soon 3 weeks and still no outcome of the investigation? I guess we can exclude the fact that the users are the ones to blame. Right?
  18. I had a friend who asked a similar question, if the big banks don't use XRP, then what will happen? My opinion was that the smaller banks that do use XRP will become the "big" banks due to the leakage of customers to their faster, more nimble competitors.
  19. New video released: How to rekey your xrp wallet using bithomp-tools
  20. Bithomp now supports sending XRP with Secalot! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2l1gsKMTcoM& https://bithomp.com Send XRP with Secalot Hardware Wallet
  21. One of these days people will realize that Ripple not only has the power to sell XRP into the market, they are able to LIMIT the supply as well. If the biggest stakeholders thought it made sense to do so, they might burn a great deal of XRP without much sacrifice, imho. It probably won't ever be necessary, but I don't think it's an idea that gets much discussion. Feel free to explain why it couldn't happen, if you have an opinion about this. The low price is about uncertainty....OTC sales, big supply compared to most coins, lack of valuation metrics for a new currency, etc, etc. We are arriving at price by a very old process known as supply and demand. No shortcuts available. Many ways to be wrong on the low side and on the high side, as far as predicting future price action. FOMO for cryptos in general is about to go off-the-scale, and that (I think) will make every beleaguered XRP hodlr whole and give a decent ROI for early believers, perhaps before the questions around adoption are even close to being answered.
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