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  2. sold my BNB 2 months ago for XRP , most stupid thing I've done yet
  3. This goes for the whole of crypto. It’s an unregulated Wild West, everybody’s shooting in the air now and then. So I stopped taking “news” serious long ago and I’m not overinvested. This means I can take it all with a grain of salt and enjoy the game. If it runs I won’t be super rich, but this attitude made it possible to stay here and in crypto longer than most others.
  4. Well, if you don't care being fooled it is up to you. People say Ripple owes us nothing but I think they do, at least they owe us honesty.
  5. I'm just trying to work out where your going with this janna A) Visa looking to buy the tech to get in... B.) visa trying to buy the whole internet (on card lol ) to stay in business.. C) visa furiously splashing about to keep its head above water Either way about it visa sure hates atomic payments. thing is, last time I checked, one only gets 3 reversals before one has to go legal...
  6. Lol, this! I’m tired of members promising to go away because they’re tired of promises.
  7. Are trust lines the XRP Ledger's version of (USD@Citibank) but in the form of (XRP@Gatehub) or (USD@Bitstamp) and it costs 5XRP to open a trustline to your XRP address similar to opening a bank account in the real world? I haven't Googled this jholmqist but am I right in assuming PRX@Jholmqist makes him a "bank" for this trustline meaning we're just trusting him with our XRP like we trust a bank with our FIAT.
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  9. It won't be, you can save yourself a lot of stress by not waiting this whole year.
  10. Plese close topic sir. This in front of the page all the time is looking nuts sir.
  11. XRP has always been acting like this. Some people say it’s manipulation from the super whales 🐳 🐋 etc. it’s only when they can no longer hold it will xrp surge.
  12. Do you think banks will design there own PRX like currency for internal use and make there own decisions on how to store them for there customers and that the equivalent amount of XRP gets locked up on the ledger? Or do you think one day i can store my XRP at my own bank. I hope one day the value increases i can earn interest on my XRP by my own bank. Thank you for al the information you provide to us @BobWay. (Not a native speaker)
  13. I know but at least I wanna play a fair game with no lies.
  14. Hi @1Ton as per our recent post HERE we made some fundamental changes to the idea based on advice from members of xrpchat and further market research. Two of those changes were: to reduce the XRP contribution from $5 to just $2. to reduce the target from $1 to $0.40 on Binance. As you can see from the ledger entries; the three contributions for predictions made at the higher rate for the higher target had to be refunded in full to reset the system. The members were then invited to remake new predictions of which one has so far. This is an entirely new concept, we had fully tested the system prior to launch on a private wallet. The one created for XRPredict to receive, store and payout the contributions is the one feature on the website. For transparency and confidence we had to keep it that way. We are not changing the wallet or indeed hiding ANY transactions from the ledger. Thank you for your question; I hope I’ve managed to address your query and you understand what has happened in the XRPL with regards to the transactions is a good thing. We look forward to welcoming your prediction with or without a contribution to the wallet pot.
  15. During the 2019 Wolfe FinTech Forum, March 13th of 2019, Visa was brought the questions: Why are they interested in Earthport ? Why were Mastercard and Visa competing for this asset ? You can either listen to the web-cast (at 39:55), or read the transcript (page 21). https://investor.visa.com/events-calendar/Event-Details/2019/2019-Wolfe-FinTech-Forum/default.aspx
  16. Wow, I missed some of this while I wasn't looking. @joe91 you are absolutely right to be confused! I actually know Jon Holmquist but I had to Google to see what he had been up to. It turns out, this is NOT the PRX that I was referring to. The one I was talking about was created by @jatchili long, long ago. It works exactly like @ADingoAteMyXRP explained. A lot of this is what I'm planning to explain in the study group. So consider this a bit of a preview. On the XRP Ledger, each newly "issued" currency is associated with a particular issuing party. That party is represented by their particular ledger address so it is always easy to tell the issuances apart if you understand what is going on. But if you are new to the system it can be pretty confusing. --- By metaphor, if you deposit your paycheck in your bank account at Bank of America. They credit your account in USD. You think of that balance as fundamentally equivalent to the paper notes you might carry around in your wallet. The goal of the banking system is for you to be able to do so. You should be able to trade one form of USD (bank) for another form of USD (paper) at your convenience. That is precisely what the ledger address @jatchili created does. Let's call that address "autoteller". It takes in XRP (paper) and credits your account in PRX@autoteller. It can also reverse this process. The autoteller runs as a smart contract and no human has the ability to change its rules. @jatchili disabled the master secret for the autoteller and set the regular secret to a blackhole address. However, there is one thing that everyone knows but is so obvious that it rarely comes up in conversation. If you deposit you money at Bank of America, you CAN'T just show up to withdraw your money from CitiBank. What you own is (USD@BofA). You do not own any (USD@Citi) to be withdrawn. You could have BofA "wire" or "ACH" funds to another account you have opened with Citi. Then you might own both (USD@BofA) and (USD@Citi) at the same time. But you can still only withdraw the related amount from each particular location in paper (USD@FedReserve). So now we've defined three different types of USD: (USD@FedReserve), (USD@BofA), (USD@Citi). And in fact, in the real world there is no limit to how many different types of USD can be defined. It is only a matter of getting other people to "trust" your particular USD as being fungible with (USD@FedReserve). --- It turns out the XRP Ledger lets you do exactly the same thing. You can create as many types of (currency@location) as you want, and so can everyone else. Moving back to the original example... What made the original discussion confusing was conflating (PRX@autoteller) with (PRX@JHolmquist). Those are two distinct "issuances" that share the same denomination. However, the same denomination does NOT necessarily make the two interchangeable. It is up to each person to decide which PRX they wish to own/hold based on which "issuing" address operator they "trust". Most of the time this is fundamentally equivalent to deciding between BofA vs Citi. You weigh how safe your money is vs. the benefits your deposit enables. In this case, the two PRX issuances were fundamentally different concepts. (PRX@autoteller) is always equal and tradable 1:1 for XRP because the autoteller will always buy it back. (PRX@JHolmquist) is not equivalent to XRP. It's value is determined by the market of humans willing to buy it in exchange for XRP. --- The important lesson to learn from this is that counter parties (issuers) are important and not interchangeable. We understand this about the real world. Your friend owing you $100 is not the same as your bank owing you $100. However, most people don't immediately associate this concept with the XRP Ledger.
  17. One of the main missions of the IMF is to reduce extreme poverty, financial inclusion being a contributing factor. Although, this is precisely what Ripple can help with, among numerous other benefits. Again I was in bed so I could not upload it when I saw it, but they published another document in that regard yesterday night, focused on the ASEAN region and FinTech. https://www.imf.org/en/Publications/WP/Issues/2019/04/19/The-Financial-Inclusion-Landscape-in-the-Asia-Pacific-Region-A-Dozen-Key-Findings-46713
  18. You sound like you know what you are talking about! So i guess; it should make sense! But, I know nothing, so it is a different story in my brain! The only thing i can fathom is that J. Holmquist was the one who created 1,000,000,000 PRX // why He would need to first acquire 1B XRP somehow?!?
  19. If he wanted 1B PRX he would have to first acquire 1B XRP somehow, and use those to buy the 1B PRX. The XRP he spends get escrowed on the XRPL, so they can't be used until he exchanges out of PRX trust line and back into XRP. (The XRP has effectively been converted to PRX). Make sense?
  20. Even if it's used by dozens of banks it doesn't mean the price of the token will amount to much.
  21. I also believe the guy on the left is A.B. and I also suspect Satoshi is In this photo as well (at least partially) !!!
  22. So if J. Holmquist created 1,000,000,000 PRX (minus whatever he gave away/sold out) - He can at any time trade those 1:1 for XRP?!?
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