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  3. Thanks for the summary - Link is wrong - you have pasted the link to preview mode - which comes up with an error - I tried https://cryptoking.org/xrp-weekly-report-june-5-2020-xrp-value-comes-with-liquidity/ which works
  4. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/moneygram-launches-partnership-with-al-rajhi-bank-to-transform-saudi-arabia-cross-border-payments-market-301070827.html Good times roll
  5. Despite the new normal and lockdowns, Ripple and XRP keep moving ahead. There are signs the eagerly awaited Thai baht ODL corridor is about to move out of the regulator’s sandbox. And why is a former Merrill Lynch broker all in on XRP? What does he know we don’t know? And learn why a Ripple pioneer says XRP’s value is tied to its liquidity. This and more in the new XRP Weekly: https://cryptoking.org/xrp-weekly-report-june-5-2020-xrp-value-comes-with-liquidity/
  6. let's few months later are we heading for 1c or $1
  7. Bitso talking about ODL. Starts at 11 mins - 17 mins. Very bullish on ODL and possible foray into forex market.
  8. I understand and accept that stability isn't a requirement due to the fast speed of transactions which prevents losses (and gains). But wouldn't it be better to be stable? When has instability ever been a good thing? Why does the price have to change? (This is the key question of this thread.) Why do you want it to grow? What valid and useful purpose does growth serve? What would happen if there is no growth in its price?
  9. Yesterday
  10. No, this is a wide spread misunderstanding. We must distinguish between stability and volatility. XRP doesn't need to be stable to work, it can easily have a steady growth. In practice we see already that price does not influence the payments. A high volatility is a different matter because that needs to be compensated by Market Makers. Considering that no one will earn money making a payment, the gains and of course losses can be compensated but it is an issue, stability is not a requirement.
  11. Is the Crazy 8 Token a Game Changer for CasinoCoin?!
  12. Very interesting presentation by Greg Kidd. Makes a lot of sense. Not sure why banks are not adopting the Ripple protocol more quickly. Interesting to hear that their protocol is used with all currencies including fiat and bitcoin. And XRP. And it doesn't depend on the existence of the Ripple company (just like SMS texts don't rely on SMS Corp). It's just a protocol that anyone can use with or without Ripple. I guess the great uncertainty is what should an XRP be worth? (This is the same key question for all assets, even postage stamps - how are value and price determined?) A nominal gold-backed or dollar-backed value seems to make sense to me instead of the current fluctuating and unpredictable value (or price) based on speculation, hopefulness and guesswork. Imagine if fiat currencies were valued as XRP currently is. It would be chaos. And no-one would want to hold onto it because its value will unexpectedly and unpredictably change. Would you want your life savings in an unstable (or more unstable) currency? I don't. The world can't function with an unstable currency. When XRP has a stable value (similar to the stability of the dollar), it will take off. But I suppose speculators, gamblers and investors present here on XRP Chat won't be happy with that.
  13. Yes! what I was thinkig with that Visa vs Mastercard bidding war. It does also hark back to Brad's statement saying there's going to be a lot more consolidation coming. Since Mastercard lost to Visa, they've gone on a shopping spree acquiring several companies since. Whether WU buys MG or not, I doubt they'll stop as their business model is at risk and their digital footprint is almost non-existent. With MG, at the end of the day its down to the shareholders to accept any deals. I hope they don't capitulate and give up because of the share price tanking for years.
  14. Listen to Greg Kidd use the postage stamp analogy, just before 7:00. I have also used this since the early days, and the reason for WHY? is the basis for Utility Value. Just like a postage stamp for a small local town's own postal network would not have much utility value in compairison to a postage stamp with UPS who's network can deliver a package anywhere in the world... XRP will not have much utility value, until the XRPL has a large network of connections and can move value anywhere in the world. Also, XRP can be the value in the package, plus the stamp on the package paying the TX fee for the package to move through the XRPL network. Ripple is trying to position XRPL as the "node" in the new global monetary infrastructure's network/ledger with the highest Eigenvector. Eigenvector is a metric used in graph and network analysis, this is basically the mathematical way of saying, "Its who you know, not how many people you know". Google's PageRank started out essicentially measuring webpage's eigenvector, then their search algo grew from there. Consider each ledger to be a 'node', and consider XRPL to be the node with the most connections to the most important other nodes (FIs and CBs or those who "custody of value"). (not to confuse, just want to point out the functional similarity... you can think of XRPL's Pathfinding, as preforming the same search function as Google's search algo. Except it is searching TX pathways on XRPL, not websites and their backlinks). Consider having to pay 0.00012 (XRP) per search, instead of paying for your search by viewing ads.
  15. That is correct, but I believe it is also true that in the literature at the launch of Corda R3 chose to strongly feature XRP as the example of a currency on their to demonstrate how it worked. Furthermore SBI have a substantial stake in both R3 and Ripple, so the connection between R3 Corda and XRP is not trivial either.
  16. just gotta break $10500, then clear skies to $288000 by next summer where we'll all be retired!
  17. looks like we are approaching 10k again, hope we get through!
  18. But I was right about shares. You heard it here first, back in March, a few days before the bounce back started.
  19. There's too much cherry-picking the information the content creators like. That's why I'm so much against people like SamIAm, Brad Kymes, Alex Cobb, Kevin Cage, ... They misrepresent this information. Corda brings multiple things together in one API. SWIFT GPI, CDBC, ... Or at least that's the idea. So it's logical that banks and financial institutions are implementing stuff like ILP and R3 Corda since it allows them to switch/use whatever settlement method/rail is most efficient for them. Without getting vendor lock-in (the level playing field Brad Garlinghouse is refering to). So if XRP is best positioned it will be used (logically). The question is if it is and that's not just a crypto comparison like many make it to be. As a reference you can have a look at this slidedeck:
  20. https://www.xrparcade.com/news/xrp-added-to-crypto-lending-platform/
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