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  2. yes but how does 500+ accounts get decrypted in such a short period of time? including accounts with small balance which if i were the hacker i will not be bothered due to the time and effort needed.
  3. Is it possible that they thought they were stating the fee in drops? In RippleRM wallet, I believe, all transaction values are in drops, for example.
  4. Main difference: banks won't make profit from Libra, indeed it will eat banks' lunch. Libra will create a huge ecosystem, basically its own internet and all that will happen within the ecosystem and without touching banks. Buying groceries, watching a movie, games, etc. Anything you can do today on the internet. If Libra eventually launches it is gameover.
  5. Facebook has a network much larger than Ripple, about 2.5B users
  6. I think the central banks view Ripple as an ally...and perhaps they think of XRP as just some new way to build a centralized platform......in the same way many investors have a hard time distinguishing between Ripple and XRP. And investors think XRP is centralized. Bankers LOVE centralized. And the lack of references to XRP in all these working papers is not by accident. And I don't necessarily see it as a positive thing (like it's a big secret and one day it'll be out there and we'll moon). It might be more like XRP is "he who cannot be named".......Ripple good, xCurrent good, xRapid good (if we can completely control XRP and maybe even rename it).
  7. Today
  8. It is weird how they keep using the "level playing field" phrase without actually explaining what they mean by it. It is a meaningless statement without elaboration. Anyone can use that vague platitude about anything - it demands elaboration. It's like saying "we like fairness" - well, that's kind of a given (at least, as an official position to take - of course everyone will say "we champion fairness") - if someone says such a bland statement, they should give details as to how they would achieve that.
  9. Libra mentioned everywhere— no mention of @Ripple. I don’t get it. Ripple’s been courting them for quite a while now but Libra was announced within the last couple weeks.
  10. This is the kind of question that goes over the head of most XRP hodlrs and in fact, most people. It's a very complicated question and a really thorough answer would take more time than I'm prepared to spend here. But here goes..... Who or what exactly is threatened by Libra or any crypto? It isn't the US dollar itself so much ( that is just a medium of exchange). It isn't US citizens or citizens of other countries, It's really the banking cartel that runs the credit system for the entire world that is threatened...and yes... the answer is Y-E-S in capital letters. Crypto threatens banks.....and also the legislative bodies that spend tax money.....in every country in the world. Fiat money, as it now exists, creates as many or more problems than it solves. It has resulted in this horrible positive feedback loop we have with money. Banks create dollars (and Euros, and pretty much all fiat currencies) from thin air by loaning money into existence....and they depend on their partners in government to make sure that BANKS ALONE have that power of the CREDIT purse. The governments....they get something back for letting the bankers create unlimited fiat money. They get carte blanche to spend money they don't have...to run endless deficits like they don't even matter. It's an unholy alliance with almost unlimited power in this world. XRP definitely COULD threaten that.....which is why we have the likes of Brad Garlinghouse and Ripple sucking up to both banks and governments to try to get them to allow XRP to exist, so that it can even be used in the most benign way, the most beneficial way for the banks themselves, so that they will buy into it. But banks are still afraid of crypto. And they should be. How does the existing fiat money not crash under unlimited money printing and unlimited government spending? Well, sometimes it does......but the world's reserve currency has NEVER crashed (you can fact check that one), and the dollar won't crash either, as long as inflation exists to act as a hidden tax. Governments borrow and then pay back with cheaper dollars...That's the tax for allowing you to have your own personal money. Most people know that inflation takes their buying power away over time, but they don't realize it's engineered into the system on purpose to rip them off. These days, the amount of notional wealth in dollars (or any fiat) terms greatly exceeds the underlying value of the assets that collateralize them. That creates real instability. And inflation, which is predicated on economies that grow (theoretically) year-over-year into perpetuity, is in trouble, as more and more money pumped into the credit system as "investment" gives less and less bang for the buck as growth stalls. Growth is finite. This is the real threat to the USD, not cryptos..... But cryptos represent a way for peer to peer exchange without the involvement of government.... Limited inflation. Even no inflation if you want it. And crypto banks, like NEXO and Celsius and others, can even serve as an alternative to bank credit. Frankly, I'm surprised it's gotten this far...but as long as it was just some fringe characters and drug dealers and money launderers, it was not given any credence.....but with Libra, the powers that be are suddenly getting their wake-up call....and that call is from their international banking cartel partners who are suddenly waking up themselves and having an intense WTF moment. There is a lot at stake for the banks, which have now effectively become dinosaurs looking at their own extinction. And the governments will do whatever they're told. Most (almost all) your elected representatives in Washington, London, The Hague......are as ignorant about how money works as most lay people. We've seen (in 2008 and since) that banks always get what they want. When times are bad for banks, taxpayers (like us) subsidize their losses. So upstart money (crypto) is bound to get regulated out of business or criminalized....unless banks own it and profit from it. Or banks all go defunct and their awesome power is no more. It's pretty much that simple, when it comes down to it. There is no way for fiat (as it exists now) and banks( as they exist now) to peacefully co-exist with Bitcoin or XRP or any other crypto that provides a decentralized medium of exchange that is not in control of both central banks and governments. It's unclear how this works out. Crypto can be criminalized but it can't be completely stopped. It can maybe be co-opted. I think the delay in coming up with regulatory guidance in the US is a deliberate stalling tactic forced by powerful elites in order to buy some time. The banks want to co-opt crypto and they see Ripple as an ally. Bitcoin whales and rich miners and foreign unregulated crypto exchanges are definitely NOT the allies of the banks.
  11. Not sure what went wrong but their must be some mistaken/unwanted relation between Value and Fee amounts. Maybe some copy and paste mishap or something.
  12. @WuWei Here's the TX json. Note the bold. "type": "payment", "address": "rJXcrnAS8XoBwjvd5VrShrLMY8buPuiuC5", "sequence": 37255, "id": "50F54A9DF5417482F601DA43086C53FCC091518E766F16CB882B33CCE2293F61", "specification": { "source": { "address": "rJXcrnAS8XoBwjvd5VrShrLMY8buPuiuC5", "maxAmount": { "currency": "XRP", "value": "518.75" } }, "destination": { "address": "r4VaPEKo4XoU27bCREgsTdbfKrKwNxJ1Cm", "tag": 75808 } }, "outcome": { "result": "tesSUCCESS", "timestamp": "2019-07-15T15:07:42.000Z", "fee": "51318.421875", "balanceChanges": { "rJXcrnAS8XoBwjvd5VrShrLMY8buPuiuC5": [ { "currency": "XRP", "value": "-51837.171875" } ], "r4VaPEKo4XoU27bCREgsTdbfKrKwNxJ1Cm": [ { "currency": "XRP", "value": "518.75" } ] }, "orderbookChanges": [], "ledgerVersion": 48672235, "indexInLedger": 42, "deliveredAmount": { "currency": "XRP", "value": "518.75"
  13. @WuWei They messed up by specifying a huge fee. User error.
  14. I don't understand how such small transactions would result in such high fees. This doesn't make any sense to me....what am I missing here?
  15. I also found some account try remove all the XRP out by set the fee to 20 XRP Like this: rBP11q4wnzyuVSaV5MAbkBEciVHk6T9mMr https://xrpscan.com/tx/5663357DE1088608F9642B21CAC36046705270F1D4DD14421ADC2F80DDE2C46D r4chMnBD1cWumyCmBUAcJ7T8YvVehqS2eQ rhKY7ASWefvg2nsB6ctwNEpW941yxMZq35
  16. I think that's wise. 2017 created many bag holders. And Ripple has clearly run into unforeseen roadblocks insofar as bank adoption of digital assets (remember that Brad promised 12 banks by this year). Banks are slow to change, even when they can save money. Without banks on board, you are left with financial institutions (like MoneyGram) and that's going to take years before you see strong affects on the price. There's simply too much supply of XRP. Realistically, BTC is what is driving the price for the foreseeable future. When BTC peaks, it would be smart to sell -- unless you want to see another crash in price. We are at the beginning of another bull market. So we have a ways to go....
  17. he also could be talking about leveling the playing field re: tether
  18. personally, i think im more interested how u stumbled across this as to how it happened
  19. oh I would argue quite the opposite. from someone who has followed this forum for awhile, it's the far reaching conspiracy theories that everything in the world must be subliminally xrp news has damaged people here (and the community as a whole) I watched the entire Mnuchin PR and nothing grabbed my attention re:XRP
  20. literally anything positive posted here is turned to a negative, guess the bear market has ruined a lot of people here
  21. @ripplenet Muchin says they will support “electronic payment systems IN DOLLARS.” Dillion’s quote missed the important part. This sounds very good for RL, and their software products, but sounds very bad for xRapid and XRP.
  22. https://xrpscan.com/tx/50F54A9DF5417482F601DA43086C53FCC091518E766F16CB882B33CCE2293F61 https://xrpscan.com/tx/37453A79C4D523A4C10B9B91DF3EA9BAFFA8A4135C787ACC01371DE83D77CD80 https://xrpscan.com/tx/736C3B7C6C0A16F85BF07D6C65F8ACFD7A35A9A318BB930BE4A93993FDE2BC57 https://xrpscan.com/tx/2AEEC2444A2E8710123D8D2D66653C01D64DF1EB47E79C8EA828F63A5B031C5A for more information: https://xrpl.org/transaction-cost.html
  23. Not sure if this has been directly linked, but Caitlin Long's testimony before Congress is so right and to the point it's hard for me to see how anybody (even a Senator) could fail to understand. It's without a doubt the best thing I've read on regulation....I just wish they'd listen to the voice of reason. https://www.forbes.com/sites/caitlinlong/2019/07/15/facebooks-cryptocurrency-libra-senate-banking-testimony/#4264112e1378
  24. XRP isn't just a currency. It's a bridge asset. Just like gold doesn't threaten USD's international status due to several barter use cases.
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