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  2. International Money Transfer, Remittances & X-Border Payments Conferences Link to the page Link to the agenda (pdf)
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  4. They have discussed DLT during their last conference: Distributed Ledger Technology: Application and Uses of in Financial Institutions Overview of what operational efficiencies can we expect to see realized in the not so distant future specifically in Banks and Insurance Companies. What new risks do we anticipated being created as a result of the growing use of DLT? Speaker: Kevin L. Richards, Managing Director, Global Head of Cyber Risk Consulting, Marsh (source: https://www.aba.com/Training/Conferences/Pages/irm-program.aspx) They also have a paper about the Internet of Things which can be found over here https://www.aba.com/Tools/Function/Technology/Documents/Understanding-internet-of-things.pdf?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=org&utm_campaign=fintech&utm_content=thursday_6.13.19 but it is very general and does not really explain what they are planning to do
  5. Dear @gatehub everyone deserves to know. Any updates on your investigation? It's taking longer than usual.
  6. Well there's your dozens of banks this year...............hang on................
  7. It’s a balance between demand and supply in a crazy manipulated market. Anybody claiming to know exactly why is talking BS. So here I go, lol: - BTC down, alts down - BTC climbing, alts down - BTC stable after climbing, alts up
  8. BTC is hitting $9300, where is XRP? I remember back when BTC plunge to $3k and XRP going down to 30c also. But, why BTC is climbing $9.3k, XRP stays in 40c? Any idea?
  9. Three weeks down the line still no update from @gatehub for the victims. To me it looks like stalling giving statement for the victims etc. since they have power to do so. Not everyone that was affected have reported this issue with LEA hence the traction or progress will take ages and I doubt authorities will help as crypto is still unregulated.
  10. very poor performance of xrp. Being top 3 coin it should fly high with everything else, but for some mysterious reason it cant even break 0.47 from 0.28 low, when other coins moving high without any major resistance. Any ideas why is this happening ?
  11. It can't be used effectively at this point in time as there are only 2 or 3 available corridors, and there is no gain to be had over efficient corridors such as US to Euro.
  12. It's a Bill Murray film saw him with my Mom last Spring on his one-man show. We were sitting front row, every one got flowers but my Mom. Almost punched him out.
  13. Yeah we won't sit quiet. Let's wait for further announcement from Gatehub then we act. Gatehub investigation is taking forever!!!
  14. Perhaps the answer is more simplistic and achievable without using any brain energy... I do not remember exactly but I remember reading about a man who had a razor.. I believe it has been known to be "Orgasmo's Razor".... and If I recall correctly, it basically states that the path of less resistance would be the one to choose... maybe not down a mountain, however... so after believing myself being void of inaccuracies, I would say that the simple answer is "when we reach $1.00".... See you at the top of the mountain.
  15. This will likely give tier 3 & tier 4 providers the option of using xcurrent moving forward. But they will be very small payments/volume until the lower tiers ramp on later on. Promising nonetheless
  16. I don't know how others are feeling, but I never had a better feeling about a price increase as now/soon/possibly in the near future . A few more corridors of liquidity, regulation certainty and of course.................... A sprinkle of fomo
  17. No thanks. https://cryptoslate.com/craig-wright-committed-fraud/
  18. They also have the warchest of cash to buy up XRP on exchanges to drive the price through the roof - if they wanted that higher price for extra liquidity on xRapid. I think this is the period of time that XRP is being bought up by Ripple partners at low cost. There will come a time when this restraint is broken - when the main participants are loaded up on XRP at sub $1.
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