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  2. I know nothing about finance. Perhaps these are dunce questions: 1. How can a stable coin be a basket of currencies. The currencies go up and down against each other all the time but the stable coin is supposed to have a constant value, or is the stable coin one complicated algorithm that changes its relative value of the base currencies all the time. Four different currencies all going different ways - how do you reconcile that? 2. How are trade imbalances dealt with. OK FB has 40 billion, but this is the sort of volume that gets eaten up in minutes on international money markets that transfer 5 trillion a day and any trade imbalance would result in the coins arriving and accumulating in one location. The coins have to go back to resupply the trade deficit country, but by then the relative value of the fiat to fiat will have changed. Is this is real money moving, or is it all pretend vostro nostro mudbath?. XRP Ripplenet is an elegant solution because the XRP tokens find their own value and flow to where they are needed at the value they really have and are traded between Market makers. XRP works with the flexibility exchange rates, not against them. FB seems simple on first look but I can't help thinking it will end up with all sorts of anomalies that are impossible to fix without a very complex overlay of fudging and forcing square blocks into round holes. They tell us proudly that face book have 40 billion in cash. Are they going to commit all of that to this project. Ripple have 40 billion XRP at present worth 16 billion, but as soon as the price of XRP goes up to ten dollars they have generated ten times as much liquidity as the FB system own. Suddenly FB look like the small guy in the ring that is going to get punched around.
  3. Sorry mate but you are not thinking straight. Yeah we can all love Ripple and XRP, and think this is a great strategic move with massive potential, but only a fool thinks there can be no possibility of failure. Any number of existential risks exist. I’m thinking we are likely to succeed, but it is not, and never has been, a sure thing. Please don’t quit your day job today because “it is impossible to fail”....
  4. https://www.engadget.com/2019/06/18/house-chairwoman-wants-facebook-to-halt-libra/
  5. The Big Boys are making their plays into Crypto and Crypto is buying its way into the Big Boy club. It's certainly going to be an entertaining. 1 thing is certain it's going to make people more aware of Crypto. Adoption is going to get supercharged but who knows which way the winds will blow.
  6. I think if you're going to pat yourself on the back for being prophetic then you should be obligated to prove your prediction is actually true. How is Libra serious competition to Ripple?
  7. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-06-18/maxine-waters-demands-facebook-stop-all-development-libra-crypto-project?fbclid=IwAR0APAky8NI1hqFsmtN1rNY1o4XJ-gh_Z-ndQEgcRHU8jBfE_gLAvFpnwSE
  8. Here’s one from Ripple staff.... https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/fundamental-valuation-framework-for-cryptoassets/A+Fundamental+Valuation+Framework+for+Cryptoassets_June+2018.pdf
  9. A number of people have tried to arrive at some sort of value range for XRP... what is the most reasonable?
  10. yes we get it there is always those on a thread about partnerships saying something to the effect of " dont forget this could all go to 0, we may not moon" We get it. But this is a thread about a partnership with a publicly traded company declaring xrp the future and ripple acquired 10% of it. Can we all agree these are exciting times not in need of doomsday scenarios being brought up. And lets be real the likelihood of this not going anywhere or to $0.00 is about 0.0009%
  11. You just keep believing that narrative while you suck the hopium pipe.
  12. I’ve answered this question many times over the last 18 months it’s the escrow sales that constantly expand the supply. Not complicated.
  13. The title of this thread -- "Libra VS XRP" -- mischaracterizes what's going on... which isn't surprising considering the quantity of intentionally inaccurate titles we've gotten over the past few months. Libra competes with Tether. Libra does not compete with XRP.
  14. Wrong! Take a look when it was btc ath and xrp ath. If I remember good we're talking about 17/18th dec 17 and 03/04th jan 2018. A relevant lag if you want to prove the whole crypto space exploded at same time!
  15. I agree with the sentiment. But......to play devil's advocate, when you buy XRP, don't you usually need to supply copious amounts of personal data to often skeezy exchanges?
  16. Today
  17. oh no, time to sell my xrp's. competition is here to eat ripple's lunch.
  18. This is not even remotely competition. (But we have had competition for several years now, mainly in the form of Stellar.)
  19. @Eric123 how do you see the coming weeks/months in term of price for XRP? Pretty frustrating for me tbh , I should have kept ETH LTC and BNB , would have 4-5x the amount of $ I do own now in XRP. Even tho I believe in XRP , it wasn't the best idea in term of profits for the moment , and price is stuck. Even MoneyGram news didnt do anything , and now with the Facebook coin it may even scare some people and lower the price.
  20. Five days later the entire crypto space exploded. Had little to do with the escrow announcement.
  21. I remember claiming a year ago that it was naive to think serious competition wouldn’t enter this space. I was ridiculed and labeled a FUDsternas it couldn’t possibly happen to “the chosen one”. Well, I’ve been proved right over and over on here.
  22. I'm surprised he didn't grow a beard to complete the recipe.
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