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  2. CEO of SBI bullish XRP for a year and then join ripple board of directors. XRP fans bullish XRP for a year and then ……
  3. Takashi Okita is the CEO of SBI Ripple Asia. Yoshitaka Kitao is the CEO and President of SBI Holdings Inc.
  4. Peter are you running with this or do you want help? I will notify others to post. I am in CST so my choices are M-Friday 12am-4am UT. Sat/sun noon to 4am UT.
  5. I know it's sad to measure success this way. Baby steps. We'll eventually bounce back.
  6. I can not fathom how it could possibly be a negative.... however, I am curious to see the negative spins that BTCmaxginas come up with... Certainly, they are all currently sitting around a nice big table bouncing ideas off their large foreheads.....
  7. Breaking news!! Kitao has delayed joining Ripple it’s been postponed to January of 2020
  8. How you prefer to be identified. CNHquest , find me by this name on a social media platform (CryptoNewsHunter on it's quest in the cryptospace) Since I've stumbled upon.. XRP has drawn all my attention The other social media identities you use. twitter, here I post my research, follow the latest news, and have fun times whit the community while holding through this whole quest youtube, dedicated my home page to crypto https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTzzTfEnKjzJx8lEID3oVxg?view_as=subscriber (NeedsAnUpdate) Subscribed to some people who are part of this bookclub here, I see U. Working on a series of videos, There is a part called Banked/Unbanked in which some shots on Ripple comes forth, generally it's about the view point from the world leaders perspectives on the challenges we are facing, the new technology's ought to help us survive. The region, culture, or language audience you'd like to help reach. Netherlands, people here are well aware of the existence of cryptocurrencies, but not well educated let alone about the whole financial world, have learned about this the past few years and it is time for the financial sector, it is long overdue, we know who have been sitting on there laurels. Everything that has happen in this space, I need some cinnamon in my coffee when I think about it.. We know. That's why I have joined your bookclub Bob, I am a learner a thinker, money has run the world, internet has made communication global, put those technologies together and you have a global interoperable value chain , just if we can give the world it self a better proposition by communicating better whit value through data. The timezone you are physically in Time zone in Netherlands CEST Central European Summer Time Work evening and night shifts, I''ll do me best to attend, certainly putt my effort in learning If you'd like to participate in a regional team and what skills you can contribute I'm a creative honest guy, I'm here to learn, collaborate, Lets do this! I want to end by saying, I love XRPAfrica his vision, and all of ours, we have great minds.
  9. It's not always the best company who wins. I feel like either there are some pretty powerful people who don't want Ripple to succeed or Ripple has us fooled. Either way, there's some funny sh*t going on.
  10. Today
  11. I think a lot of people are conflating retail and business markets. There is no doubt that Ripple have done an awful job of marketing to the retail market - maybe by design. However, their approach to business channels appears to be significantly stronger. The future of xRapid and indeed RippleNet lies with commercial relationships, not a few retail speculators like us. From Brad down, I doubt Ripple management give two hoots about the retail 'investors', their success lies in building out their commercial network and product portfolio and I will be happy to ride along on their coattails.
  12. Any strong opinions? I think it's generally positive... SBI may end up exerting more influence over Ripple's global strategy, but enhancing the partnership is probably a good thing in this case. Is it normal to elect a CEO to the board of directors of a separate company? Can anyone think of examples of this that come to mind?
  13. Regarding the tether debacle I’d be more worried that exchanges will stop allowing USDT trading pairs, which will cause a mad scramble to liquidate holdings of USDT. It may temporarily boost market prices as people move out of USDT at any cost, but ultimately the overall market volume will drop by up to 80% which is going to bring volatility in either direction.
  14. Excellent news! https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-welcomes-yoshitaka-kitao-to-its-board-of-directors/
  15. Sounds likely to me. Maybe they had to sell BTC to make up the shortfall on dollar cash to avoid being halted or fined. Begs the question...will they need to sell more BTC tomorrow?
  16. I wonder if the recent news about the court order that was issued against iFinex Inc. that claims Bitfinex covered an $850 million loss using Tether funds has anything to do with today's drop in Bitcoin's price? Article is here: https://www.coindesk.com/bitfinex-ny-prosecutors-tether-850-million-allege The court order that was issued against iFinex Inc., (which operates both Bitfinex and Tether) can be found here: https://www.coindesk.com/bitfinex-ny-prosecutors-tether-850-million-allege
  17. When I went through the charts 3 months go I was looking at the end of the bear market end of summer, so we are probably going to see lower prices for BTC and XRP. Still waiting to pull the trigger on BTC but will step away till end of July and see where we are heading. The last bear market in 2014 took 600 some days and we have another 100plus days of bear market left in 2019 hopefully it turns out that way.
  18. Hey, I feel your pain. My entire portfolio is now down nearly 15% for the week. I'm a hodlr too. The bigger you are, the more you're down.. At times like this I'm really grateful for the ability to stake or lend most of my stash.
  19. I think we all remember 2018. This is just another sporadic spike that doesn't seem to be paired with any sort of news the accompany it... that is, unless Bitfinex is the spotlight of the market ;\. I think the only thing painful is spending weeks/months to grow steadily and then have it reset in an hour's time. I'm still long-term HODL, but it surely is disappointing to know that we're still susceptible to drastic full market swings at the bottom of the barrel.
  20. Maybe that's why they have Bob writing a book now. Hahaha
  21. This is just panic selling based on Bitfinex / Tether headlines. I doubt this dip will last long.
  22. I said earlier today if BTC gives a lot more back, we test support on XRP. It is and we are. Outcome still unclear., but if you want to buy some XRP, it's a good time. Just remember we went through a big decline in BTC that lasted for months, and this .28 to .30 level was a strong floor through out. We'll just have to see if it holds now. BTC was always going to do a hard retrace of the recent breakout. I was just hoping it might not happen right away. Not good for XRP price right now, but if BTC holds above the 4190 level, the trend will not be reversed. That's where we'd have to say this was a false rally.
  23. A little birdie told me that XRPTrump is in Washington lobbying for the Token Taxonomy Act. You can help him by signing this petition: https://www.change.org/p/congress-pass-the-token-taxonomy-act-to-keep-america-at-the-forefront-of-blockchain-innovation
  24. Yesterday
  25. I can't trade or withdraw my JPY (r94s8px6kSw1uZ1MV98dhSRTvc6VMPoPcN) on GateHub...any solutions out there? Thanks!
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