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  2. The slightly whitening Brad looks great with his beard - also this opening photo Bloomberg posted, forever young Brad
  3. haha yet here you are still lurking, what a loser
  4. I agree, I sold all my XRP for BTC over a year ago. These HODLERs behave like cult members when someone dares to question their fantasy delusion of impending mega fortune.
  5. What part of "balls deep" didn't you get? If this thing could move up for once more then a few cents some ppl might hit their dca so they can break even. I don't know about @K41105 but if I would sell now with a dca of around 50 I would have minus 42k so yeahhh not happening. Good thing running a business is still profitable.
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  7. Filed patent applications (i.e. patent pending) in the US are publicly available. Just need to hunt for what you are looking for and unfortunately many patent applications are quite ambiguous by design. They are often submitted in legal language that greatly expands on the design of the patent. What started as 2 pages at your desk turns into 60 pages when the attorneys are done with it.
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  9. Interest will increase with price increase. The public will buy into high when the early adopters cash out.
  10. You'd think this would be much greater given Bitcoin is all over the news (including the White House)
  11. Not the same sentiment; based on google data for searches on the word "Bitcoin", public interest seems to be slowly trending upwards:
  12. One sentence in the above article makes me wonder... "Enabling this pilot is the creation and use of UnionBank's commercial bank-backed tokenized fiat called PHX, which will be officially launched very soon in the Philippines." My spidey-senses tells me this could be simply a made-up-way for a business in the Philippines to be making money off Filipinos vs trying to really save the public money. I don't know. We'll see. My experience in the Philippines is: if there's a hustle to be made...it'll be made. Hope I'm wrong as I'd like to see all the hard working Filipinos get a break.
  13. Again, Ripple doesn't have to do anything. In my view, them burning a portion of their XRP would alleviate both their large % of holdings as well as total outstanding. You don't believe total supply impacts investment / speculation, but you are discounting human psychology. Does somebody want to own 0.00000000000000001 of a BTC? Probably not many people.
  14. I believe it means anyone making payments using Corda Settler will have the choice to settle using XRP. To me and i could be wrong, it also reads as if Users would need accounts Pre-Funded with XRP to process payments.
  15. Yes, but Ripple has also leveraged their XRP holdings to: Launch funds (create partnerships), expand partnerships, start other companies, donate (and get extensive mainstream media coverage), etc.
  16. I think what you're saying makes sense. But I think (a) it's summer, and institutional money managers in the US DO "sell in May and go away"....lots of them do anyway.....and (b) we're playing a waiting game. As soon as we get some kind of guidance on what's a security and what's not.....and how cryptos are going to be treated by the IRS going forward...and US investors can actually find exchanges that will buy and sell the coins we want to own....things will turn on a dime and we will get plenty of new buyers.
  17. Yeah, but most of Ripple's high-profile exits have been replaced by highly competent individuals. Also, the vast majority of those individuals leave to start other blockchain companies and/or ventures that are/will in some way/shape/form/fashion help/assist Ripple/XRP directly or indirectly. Let's take Katherine Coley, Ripple's former head of XRP Institutional Liquidity and the most recent departure, new role as CEO of Binance USA. I don't view this as a loss by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, the first thing I thought of was that Ripple just got a new xRapid exchange partner in the works and could very well see yet another exchange with XRP as one of the base exchange digital assets other than BTC. Also, they just recently snatched up Breanne Madigan the former Goldman's Sachs Global Head of Institutional Wealth Manager who oversaw a portfolio worth over ~1.5 trillion in total assets as their VP of Institutional Markets as Katherine's replacement. Even CZ said that Katherine's move would benefit both Binance and Ripple. The same thing can be said of Stefan Thomas who left to start his web-monetization company, Coil that is using XRP/ILP/Codius by-the-way. His replacement was David Schwartz as Ripple's CTO. Again, I don't think one needs to worry about exits like these so long as Ripple is replacing them with competent individual.
  18. That's a fair assessment @EasterBunny! I LOL'd when I read your response. Yes - Jed McCaleb who's credited with forming Ripple in 2011 and left in 2013 definitely qualifies as someone who left to join a competitor out of anger! He's been gone for a while (6 years now) and he left before a lot of the real progress was made by Ripple. Jed's made a number of big and great and things and some turned out well and some turned out not so well. Not sure those various results can be traced back to what team Ripple does. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jed_McCaleb https://www.quora.com/Why-did-Jed-McCaleb-leave-Ripple-to-start-Stellar As far as "Vinnie" I'm not tracking who that is. Corey Johnson left as well but I think he simply served his purpose as was no longer needed. My only point is I see a lot of growth, new offices, new talent coming in, etc.
  19. Do you think that Bitcoin was basically pushed into its range by a select few purchasers (back in April I think) and that the market still has much of the same sentiment as 6 months ago or so? It seems like very little if any new money is eagerly entering the market which would explain Bitcoin's gain while most alts have done nothing. I agree about your point about need whales. I don't see any movement happening until new money comes into this market and I don't see any sign that anyone wants to put anything into this market at its current state. You basically have holders and you have "no-way-ers" (no way I'm touching that market) I'm not an analysis or market expert though by any means.
  20. Back to the regularly scheduled program.....I've been looking at BTC, and I think most of the time frames look ugly.....this 6 hr view kinda sums it up. Not much momentum up or down....a ton of resistance just overhead....if I had to guess, I'd guess we have some more downside, based on this chart. Not a bloodbath, unless momentum picks up. But only a whale with deep pockets can make us go up from here. imho.
  21. Well, it is delaying price appreciation for alts, because speculators are buying it preferentially. I think that's pretty obvious. For those of us who understand the tech, that might not make good sense, but most people in the world don't get that part. Bitcoin IS crypto, for most people. And I agree with @Trentsteel.....other than speculation, it only functions as a store of value...and how well that works depends on what's happening with the currency where you live.
  22. You are citing two different issues here: proportionality of the ownership of the tokens and the total number of tokens themselves. These are not the same. The proportion owned by Ripple can be seen as a systemic risk or a systemic benefit, depending on your POV. But the number of tokens is irrelevant, especially since they are highly divisible. There is no right supply of XRP. Changing the number is nothing more than a gimmick, that at most, would trick an initial number of foolish people into thinking it represents real growth, when in fact it is nothing more than moving deck furniture around.
  23. Years of crypto and they still can't figure out how to regulate. They'd be fired if it weren't government. Not knocking on Zagone, just these regulation turds at large.
  24. Most people who buy it won’t use it and most likely will convert or cash out, with profit.
  25. The window for buying Bitcoin under $10k is likely closing, but I still can't wrap my head around how it is supposed to surpass its ATH and maintain higher values when it still isn't able to scale without excessive transaction fees and delayed transaction times. I wouldn't be surprised if this is what turned out to be holding everything back in some way or another
  26. I heard the easiest place to get permanent residency in the EU now is Portugal. At my age I would move for. tax reasons if I were wealthy enough to afford it. Why not? I pay 20% on capital gains and 38% on trades now. Only The Godfather takes more than the US tax man and gives back less (maybe).
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