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  2. I understand only a few corridors are active now. However there's only a fraction of those 22k corridors that do meaningful volume. This is not a simple calculation sadly, we can't just extrapolate. Nor in the existing corridors or with expanding to more corridors. Do we have 40 mill$ XRP volume a day on ODL (I don't keep track of the number)? Even if it hits that 100% of daily volume that would only support the current price (sub 20cents). Of course speculation is never 0%. For getting 2, 20, 200$ XRP that some are hoping for we'd need far bigger increase (and preferably in a small timeframe ). I still give it 2 years to see substantial (10x-50x) increase in volume. I'm not in it for 1xx$ XRP. 2-10$ would already be nice returns. All above it is a bonus Just waiting (im)patiently for those new corridors to be fired up.
  3. We’ve been through how ODL works here. What are you asking for now? $2M a day in XRP usage across EUR > USD corridor (that we previously did not know about) is awesome news!
  4. Nice! This is such an interesting and underutilized aspect of the XRPL. (And great intro to Mayan finance). What do you think the main use cases are for IOUs on ledger? Could they be used to keep track of loan amounts?
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  6. That doesn't say much. Are you a day trader cashing out any wave or a bag holder never returning after cashing a one time huge sum. Please don't answer this one
  7. I like everything about it except that it is on a Chinese exchange. Not that I dislike Chinese - I don't, but the CCP will become a major issue in the coming years with its political and economic influence, both domestic and abroad. This could cause problems for foreigners using Chinese exchanges.
  8. I read it but didn't buy it I'm afraid. Too much wishful thinking
  9. LOL, you clearly never read what I posted a couple days ago. @xerxesramesepolybius There is a myriad of ways in which MM's, exchanges and others do NOT have to get paid by Ripple:
  10. Very sad, a ledger with limited smart contract ability may as well be on a centralised database
  11. Leonidas, any idea how much liquidity in the options market?
  12. The hash rate doesn't directly effect price but a lower hash causes longer block times so that the block reward, new 6.25 bitcoins, are not created every 10 minutes but could take as much as 100% longer. The difficulty is adjusted every 2016 blocks or approximately every 2 weeks so that an average of a 10 minute bock time is maintained.. https://www.blockchain.com/charts/median-confirmation-time So a lower block rate causes less new bitcoins providing upward pressure on the price. If miners have a stash of bitcoins they need to dump that would certainly drop the price but if they are not running a profitable operation they would most likely hoard their coins and wait to sell at a higher price or just shut off their operation. There are other factors to consider rather than pure economic ones when viewing hash rate. See this article. https://cointelegraph.com/news/china-strikes-down-10-of-global-btc-hashrate-who-will-pick-up-the-slack Overall though Hash rate can be viewed as investment in the bitcoin ecosystem and other than the volatility around the 4 year halving disruptions it has been in increasing.
  13. Here's a theory that fits the evidence better than any of the others propounded on this forum. The more volume goes through ODL the more Ripple has to pay everyone involved in XRP, which is immediately sold adding to the selling pressure on XRP. We know Ripple pays remittance firms on an on-going basis, we know they have paid exchanges and there is very good reason to believe they pay market makers. That is the whole cycle. Nobody seems to make money from ODL unless Ripple pays them.
  14. Bitcoin Total Fees Paid Grew +825% YTD, XRP Much Smaller Yet 3X More Output When comparing Bitcoin fees and transaction outputs, many tend to focus on the “average” metrics opposed to the macro picture. We take a look at Bitcoin total fees paid and total transaction counts compared to Ethereum and XRP. XRP continues to be the outlier, showing much smaller total fee growth, yet facilitating 3X more in total transaction counts compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum. https://www.visionary-finance.com/news/Bitcoin-Total-Fees-Paid-Grew-+825-YTD-XRP-Much-Smaller
  15. Yeah, reported volume is laughable. Cryptocompare shows a way more realistic volume. It's in line with the report from last year that showed that 95% of BTC volume is fake. Cryptocompare shows 190 million today. Crypto compare Top Tier shows just 150 million, which is much more in line with what Ripple itself shows on the site. (Ripple doesn't show coinbase btw, strangely hilarious) https://www.cryptocompare.com/coins/list/USD/1 https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/xrp-markets So, going from that, let's say 200 million actual global daily volume, ODL might be responsible for 20% of global volume during workdays, weekends only have 4 million ODL as far as I can tell, and I am not clear what CCTT's volume metric is in the weekend. There were no more datapoints on utility-scan when I started looking into it a little more in depth. LOL, yeah, 100% would be nice, but 70% is certainly doable with only 10 out of a possible 22k corridors actually being open. regards
  16. Hi to all. I am new to this site but felt I needed to get something off my chest that occurred a few weeks ago to me. I moved approx 740 XRP from an exchange into an online soft wallet that I thought looked reasonable. The reason for moving it was because someone tried to hack my Binance account over Easter Weekend. Fortunately I had nothing in that particular account. This spooked me and I immediately ordered a Ledger Nano X wallet. Due to the current virus it was going to take a week or two to arrive from France to South Africa, hence my decision to move of the exchange to a soft wallet before the Ledger arrived. Dont know if it would be allowed to name the company so wont right now. Without looking at what it cost me to move the 740 XRP I moved an additional 5000 XRP to the soft wallet. This is when I not5icede that I only received 4950. Checked the frirst transaction and saw they charged 23 XRP - so to move 5740 XRP to the soft wallet cost 73 XRP !! This did not sound normal to me as I had moved XRP before and paid 1 XRP - no matter how many I moved. When I confronted them was told " cheaper than traditional bank fees..." My Ledger X arrived a week later and I moved the 5740 XRP. Imagine my shock when saw they charged me another 320 XRP for the transaction!! So all in all cost me 393 XRP to hold them in this wallet for a week!! My question is - is this normal practise that people can charge what they want?Ripples whole theme is cheap payments - this was certainly not. Some feed back from JoelKatz would be great
  17. Right, but at the same time I assume that those miners are selling their btc to cover their loss? Thus the decline in price
  18. Isn't it because weak miners die out as as result of the halving? This is temporarily if so.
  19. I saw that the hash rate of btc is declining significantly, how will this affect the price?
  20. From a theoretical standpoint utility volume should be 100% of total volume for having no downwards pressure Significantly: 70% of total volume? That would be a very solid foundation and bring more upside. The volume could indeed be 35% higher than we think it is. But "35% of e.g. 1% of total volume" is still negligible. And if it's not and there doesn't seem to be upwards pressure that's not good either 1.6billion reported volume (I know it's difficult to know how valid these numbers are). How much $ value do we know of in ODL?
  21. https://www.xrparcade.com/news/xrp-options-trading-now-available-on-binance/
  22. I actually think we are heading lower on BTC. It depends on how much Tether they print per day though.
  23. https://azcoinnews.com/blockchain-com-and-hong-kong-based-exchange-gokumarket-now-lists-xrp.html
  24. https://azcoinnews.com/xrpl-labs-developed-the-banking-app-xumm-which-is-intended-to-be-an-alternative-to-the-traditional-bank-account.html
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