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  2. Untill it's quietly implemented everywhere, the world runs on Ripplenet and they need to flip the switch to an instant democratized finance and IoV around the globe. Lawsuits can take years or they can be dealt with Swiftly.
  3. Hi all, I'm a regular watcher of the Kaiser Report, an economic show on RT. They are very proud btc and have been for years. They talk about ethereum with disdain and don't mention xrp at all. Yesterday's show had a Canadian guy on who runs a site called bitcoin bull...he was saying that Canada has already implemented legislation to give support to btc users...as an xrp hodler I read posts on here, follow the xrp news blah blah blah. ..we are always talking about the need for crypto regulation but having seen that yesterday I was slightly thinking wtf are we waiting for if it's already happened...any insights from Canadians on here would be appreciated, cheers
  4. How long could it take for further action from the courts because of this update? A quarter? A year?
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  6. Thanks for sharing, OP... this catches attention:
  7. As I suspected, jumped the gun a bit too soon. Perhaps next month...
  8. Had a quick look, the defence appears to be... Firstly, it’s not a Security. It’s virtual currency as per the 2015 fine Ripple & XRP II was given. After that, various reasons why the plaintiff can’t make a claim. Ie, it’s too long ago (timelimit on law), they didn’t buy directly from Ripple, can’t show they brought it in the State they bringing the action. Didn't see anything new in terms of no action letter from SEC etc.
  9. I’m not an expert but I believe: If you go to https://www.theworldexchange.net/#about and then disconnect your computer by unplugging Ethernet cable turning off Wifi etc then you have a page that has the required libraries already in your now-offline browser. If you “login” with your secret key and it doesn’t complain, and gives the correct public address, then that is enough in my uneducated opinion. It has used that key to calculate the public address and if that matches then you are golden. Close the browser and clear your cache. Unless you have some malware on your computer sniffing your keystrokes, that caches offline and then when connected reports back to the hacker... no one saw it. This assumes you also don’t have your phone or laptop camera anywhere near the keyboard and or screen. All of this is for you to consider and research yourself because as I said... I am not an expert.
  10. Thank you for posting this. Very interesting to note that, with the website re-design, Ripple seems to have further shifted away from labelling their different products as xCurrent and xRapid (no mention of either on their website), but prefer to market their RippleNet product as a bundle with the option for «On-Demand-Liquidity ». I like this approach as it probably makes it easier for Ripple to market their products and the nomenclature provides an instant explanation of what xRapid/On-Demand-Liquidity is all about.
  11. https://www.scribd.com/document/426643035/Defendants-Motion-to-Dismiss# Please, someone with legal expertise, translate it to layman terms.
  12. @Eric123 Happy Friday. In your estimate based on TA do you see XRP reach $1 in a matter of days or a slow creep that takes month once we enter bear?
  13. He should start doing his one month per post again. It was interesting read.
  14. Just for the record for anyone finding this who wasn't around at the time: OP @XRPcalling also stated he was wrong. No excuses, no blame-shifitng, no cryptic hints at some delays etc. Simply admitting he was wrong. That's something I'm yet to see from all the TA gurus and jesterbears and self proclaimed insiders that came before or after him.
  15. .... could be wrong on this call but Ive a suspicion XRP is going to move lower to .28, .26 and . possibly .25 https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPUSD/Ub4gKWML-XRP-Possible-moves-to-28-and-26/
  16. A PDF with examples: https://www.ripple.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/RippleNet-On-Demand-Liquidity.pdf GoLanceInc is a customer. No idea how big they are:
  17. Great article. Analysing the various approaches and SWOT analysis of web monetisation and micropayments is long overdue. More please! I'm still getting my head wrapped around the Coil terms of service. I don't think we ever ran the data privacy issue to ground when it came up earlier this year. It still looks like Coil is conducting some form of data collection, sharing and analytics but it's not clear how/if content providers profit from this. From my perspective, this data is digital gold so if Coil is retaining the data and/or the analytics, there should be more transparency with providers and users regarding how this data is being monetised. It's going to be a key source of revenue for all concerned.
  18. Any three economists can give you four differing opinions. You have one. So does he. That nearly sounds like a belief rather than a science. But you state yours as though they are incontrovertible facts... which is bold if not foolhardy. What’s that old joke? "An economist is an expert who will know tomorrow, why the things he predicted yesterday, didn't happen today."
  19. It's being used as a bridge asset right now, settling transactions using xRapid - so I'm afraid reality doesn't resemble your statement. Reality is awkward sometimes. Printing more units of something just dilutes the value of each individual unit. Read up on the purchasing power of any fiat currency (all are subject to increased circulation). As for a fixed circulation asset such as XRP, a single unit can (and here's the magic) gain in value if it's bidded up on exchanges. Therefore, XRP can bridge higher values if each individual unit has a higher value, AND the exchanges xRapid uses has the necessary liquidity. Not about number of units, dog!
  20. Altcoins, including xrp/eth, will continue to bleed another 30-40% in sats value, slowly. Until BTC gets to a new ATH and all hope is lost on altcoins. The little pump recently is just another attempt to lure retailer investors to get into altcoins and lose sats value. In the meanwhile, they totally put all sorts of TA theories to their advantage. It's a game they always win.
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