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  2. Well now I'm confused. I'm excluded from getting my lambo moon gains for saying it might go up. But you, in the same post, also say "XRP may fail". OK.... cool....
  3. If you are here going maybe it will go up maybe it won't then you really have no business investing in XRP and just shows you have not done enough research on your investment but just saw the large bullrun at the beginning of 2018 got greedy and thought you could make such returns quickly. And now the majority of you got nothing to cling to but hopium because you have no idea what you got your self into. There were people in 2014 who bought XRP at an all time high of 0.05 USD only for it to go crashing down to 0.001 USD and remained around those levels until mid 2017. Do you think the people back then were despairing and going "oh noes XRP may never recover I need some hope?" Doubt it those people were pioneers who recognized a good investment and probably kept holding huge stashes until the bullrun at the end of 2017 and what kept them holding wasn't people telling them to it was them using their brain to research and gather as much information regarding this asset before throwing money into it something the majority of these despairing losers here lack and just want someone to be spoon feed them all the information and then pat them on the back about what a good investor they are and then when things don't go their way they look at someone to blame whether it be Ripple or Riddlers or Youtubers or whatever. I have done my research and I have faith in my investment. XRP may fail but after what I read and looked into the chances of it succeeding are way more than likely then it not
  4. That is a lot of anger and insults for such an empty post. Hopefully one day, you will learn to balance your views. I wish you luck with your gamble.
  5. XRP went parabolic and based on the chart and market conditions in Jan 2018, the right thing to do was to sell. People who knew the cryptomarket (like Charlie Lee) were warning new investors. Until there is substantial utility demand, XRP is going to follow the same cycle as before, although this time perhaps more money will flow into BTC. ALT season may be less intense. The big question for XRP is when will it see substantial utility demand. My bet is 2021. This year is not looking good. And I anticipate that 2020 will see the passing of more regulation, which will benefit 2021.
  6. I firmly believe Ripple has ties to the top central banks in the world, and that Ripple has most central banks under a NDA. What is Ripple's ultimate goal or "the holy grail" as Dilip has stated? For central banks to hold XRP. I believe Ripple has already tested and been approved by at least 1 central bank. That is BOE. They are already a "paying customer" and have carried out successful proof-of-concepts. "That the Interledger Protocol was able to support synchronisation of payments between two simulated RTGS ledgers." "Cross-border payments when applied to wholesale markets present different challenges than when compared with retail and corporate transactions, which the Ripple product is designed to handle. The availability of liquidity is one such challenge, and the PoC allowed the Bank and Ripple to begin exploring these questions." "The Bank is considering further Proofs of Concepts to extend its understanding of the dimensions of the synchronisation concept" (with Ripple and RippleConnect). https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/research/fintech/-/media/boe/files/fintech/ripple.pdf?la=en&hash=75E5F445230B8A2B794C208D29619A3E33F1FFE7&hash=75E5F445230B8A2B794C208D29619A3E33F1FFE7 Other central banks such as the European Central Bank (*cough* lagarde *cough*), Bank of Japan, Bank of Canada, etc. have all published research articles either discussing ILP, 24x7x365 settlement system (there is no other 24X7 settlement system other than the crypto markets), or partnering with R3 to carry out some type of settlement system. What is Ripple's main goal? To make XRP as valuable as possible. How do you do that? Have central banks use your system, because the central banks manages the currency, money supply, and interest rates for each country. Arguably the largest influence on a countries economy. Even if it seems like Ripple is getting away from XRP or focusing on other projects, trust me, they are not. Sometimes when you are working towards a goal, in this case on a global scale, you have to take on side projects that may slow down your momentum. I firmly believe Ripple is position themselves and XRP for the right moment in time, because WHEN we run into a liquidity crisis again, central banks will be knocking on Ripple's door.
  7. They currently stand at 23% of the 'recommended validators,' so they could, as you say, obstruct ('veto') in an extreme case. I've updated the blog to remove this: Thanks for the correction @Sukrim Sources: https://xrpl.org/amendments.html https://minivalist.cinn.app/
  8. I remember these kind of posts around second week of Jan 2018 right through to now. Those who sold then (against the fury of many) were ultimately proven right. Maybe it will go up from now, maybe it won't... those righteously ranting may equally be proven wrong. There is no "deserving" or not. And those who DCA in today at 90% less than some of us paid in Jan 2018... well lucky them.
  9. To all the losers in this thread who are despairing and being pessimistic just cause you didn't get MOON!!! you expected I only have one piece of advice for you. Sell your stash and recover your losses and go somewhere else. Impatient people who can't stomach the ups and downs of this market do not deserve 10-20 or even 100 time return on their investment. Word of advise just go back in time in this same forum you so cluelessly post and have a look at threads dating back to 2016 and 2017. Heck in 2017 XRP hit an all time high in May only to come back crashing down extremely hard and remained at a stagnate price for the next 7 month while the entire crypto market was skyrocketing. I have zero doubt that if any of you losers were around during that time you would be spouting the same nonsense I see in threads on this forum nowadays and probably would have exited your investment and went and put it into any other crypto moving up just to miss XRP skyrocketing from 0.2 to 3.9 in a matter of days. If you ain't got the stomach, ain't got the guts and ain't got fortitude to remain in this market exit and go home. This ain't no market for despair moonboys this is a place for people who have done their research properly understand the risk and is willing to take that risk for some life changing money.
  10. I don’t think this is anyone’s concern. Ripple knows there is a level of risk associated with each investment and yeah some fail and a small portion succeed. That’s just how it works. Why should any of us care what ripple does with their money. All they are doing is finding good companies/projects to invest in. It’s like an athlete, just because a team drafts a first round pick. It doesn’t mean they will succeed, it just means they are more willing to pay out larger sums of money as there is supposed to be less risk in the early rounds. My point is who the eff cares!
  11. Today
  12. I used to be around on twitter but am no longer. Wuick look through and Toff has CERTAINTLY changed her tune towards Ripple, is this the beginning of the end? Her profile used to say loving all things ripple and XRP or something of the sort, just near slating them now.. and possibly rightly so
  13. Wait what? They've invested 300k in XRPL Labs - I thought they were funded for 2 years and they are a couple of devs so 300k looks absurdly small amount, especially compared to the other genius Xpring investments. Amateurish stuff.
  14. Yeah, but "enough" also means that at least part of Ripple's validators will have to vote for lower fees, since the magic threshold for being able to veto things on XRPL is not 50%, it is 20%.
  15. Quotas, GPU support, Healthcheck and liveness probes, logging config, storage... In general https://kubernetes.io/docs/reference/generated/kubernetes-api/v1.15/#pod-v1-core seems quite a bit more flexible than https://github.com/codius/manifest/blob/master/schemas/GeneratedManifestSpec.json Yes, I'd send a host a description of what I want to run, get a quote back and as long as I stream at least the amount that is quoted, the pod is being scheduled and run. Once I stop paying (ideally in a more graceful way after notifying the operator, since there might be some more seconds of CPU time when shutting down), the pod gets descheduled and killed. Knative is also nice, but one layer higher. On the plus side, it might be easier to reason about and to price. Besides Katacontainers, you could also look at Kubevirt or GiantSwarm's KVM-operator, but in the end you're advocating for people to pay for runing unvetted customer/attacker supplied containers or VMs (depending on the isolation model). I personally have a hard time in seeing the "smart contract platform" part of this, but it seems like a neat concept.
  16. Yes they are strict with the whitelisted wallets. I’d probably still use Celsius if they allowed US customers to participate in the CEL token interest payouts. Or if I needed a loan. Their business model looks great long term.
  17. Still quite surprised XRP is acting so well. I mean we’ve had the least gains out of the top ten in the last 6-9 months so we should be seeing something, but still I’m surprised. It would be lovely to see it first off the starting line in an ALT push edit: Volume picking up nicely too, must be plenty of buys going on
  18. Hi, I think the transaction you refer to is what is called a "pseudo-transaction" (https://xrpl.org/pseudo-transaction-types.html). Can a different pseudo-tx has the same hash? (which sounds weird I must reckon as a hash should be unique to a tx). Apparently yes!
  19. Ok... tinfoil hat on 1) You can’t have a gold backed currency. The global establishments literally kill anyone who dares to do that. 2) If XRP does get used globally by the establishments, they will not allow some “shady elements” (translate: us) to get super rich because of it. It will be a new currency they have control over from the beginning, citing national security and sanctioning requirements. “What if individuals from some rogue nation already hold a large cache of XRP?” Companies are not going to risk it which can bring in fines of astronomical levels, as well as prison terms to people. tinfoil hat off.
  20. Feel like there is some profit taking going on atm. Next 48 hours will be interesting. BTC not holding 10k well.
  21. I maintained a positive attitude. Went to the bank when it was down... and going down. Waited. Then bought while it was still going down.
  22. Hi all! I have a question regarding transactions. Here is the transaction. When the ledgers are imported, the transaction is connected to two ledgers: Ledger 3715073 Ledger 3721729 This was detected through a unique index on transactions' tx_hash. When the transaction is fetched from the rippled.xrptipbot.com server, it shows that it is related only to the later ledger: 3721729. When I was checking the API client: https://xrpl.org/data-api-v2-tool.html#get-ledger and https://xrpl.org/data-api-v2-tool.html#get-transaction, these two ledgers contain the same transaction. I'm wondering, what implications does it have that the transaction is related to two ledgers. Is there any way to check from the ledger's data to which ledger does the transaction belong to Is there any reason for sharing the same transaction between two ledgers? I would be grateful if someone could help! Best regards, Szymon
  23. I had funds delayed too...but I guess I'm glad. I would have spent it too soon. My problem was a new one for me. Found out Celsius Network now puts a 24 hr lock on your funds if you change to a new wallet address to receive your cryptos.
  24. Shhhh. You need to be more discreet. The forum Marxists don't like the idea of Hodor being compensated in any way for his hard work, unless he is willing to share it with them for doing nothing but complaining.
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