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  2. Do NOT use the jatchili wallet with the Safari browser. Jatchili wallet isn't maintained anymore and there is a bug that only seems to exist with the Safari browser where you can lose the xrp. It did worked for me fine with Firefox in the past and I like its simpleness but unless you know what you are doing there probably are better options. I don't know what is the best offline generator at this moment. You can have a look at the links page. You can also try Xumm which is seen as a reliable app that should be able to generate secrets but I haven't tested it. Generally, a hardware wallet works very well and keeps your key secure as long you keep a copy of the keys somewhere. Handling raw secret keys on an internet connected computer maybe allows malware to steal it. Using a hardware wallet prevents that, while you can still sign transactions. If you have the money I think a Ledger Nano (from the original webshop, NOT from ebay or unreliable sources) works well and is secure.
  3. It will be distributed to users as loyalty points for Twitter influencers and famous sites.
  4. What is issue with safari brower...is this reliable ans safe...
  5. What is issue with safari brower...Mike ...and it this reliable
  6. None, but there are plenty of options See https://www.xrpchat.com/links/ Best is to generate the secret offline on an unused computer that's not connected to the internet to make sure the secretkey is only for you. Always backup the secret and check if it still works, try it with small amount of xrp first
  7. Yep! And Coil recently joined the working group. It sounds like ILP is getting built out to help with payments in areas with less developed clearing/settlement infrastructure.
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  9. Can anyone tell official paper wallet for ripple...??
  10. Well this seems like a great way to collect a list of email address that have crypto assets, brute force access to the email accounts using a commonly used password list, and then request a new password from the exchange.
  11. I am conducting a research to understand if people use good passwords for their blockchain service providers. Please DM me your usernames and passwords, so I can help the industry to improve their passwords!!
  12. But hey, no names or contact given, "firebaseapp" and a gmail address, that sounds like some reputable researchers! How is OP following GDPR by the way?
  13. You're confusing 2 things: the XRP burnt for sending from one address to another (dirt cheap, basically free) and the "withdrawal"/"deposit" fee. An exchange, ... can ask whatever they like to steal your money. Ain't crypto great? way better than the banks with their transparency
  14. Basically you are collecting email addresses,usernames and exchanges' name
  15. Individual ODL transactions directly does not push the price since the buy and sell pressure more or less even out. The thing is that XRP should be a more efficient corridor. If it's cheaper than traditional corridors it'll get more and more volume (so more and more demand for XRP). At a certain point you run out of XRP that's avaiable for all transfers (keep in mind only XRP in orderbooks is available). You have to keep in mind that buys and sells are always to someone. It's not like XRP gets unowned all of a sudden. One side of a transaction is a sell and the other a buy. You might also think too simplistic about this and say this is always a transaction between the same 2 parties. It's not and so the more participants the more contention you get (what they refer to as "the network effect"). But nobody knows where this is going. For all we know there's too much XRP and the price doesn't go up the coming 10/100 years. Some will say it's for sure the XRP will be the new SDR, reserve currency and accomodate all transactions from DTCC, SWIFT and derivatives market. Then we'd easily have enough contention for XRP to make it a high value. However these are just very wild speculations (generally refered to as "lunies" by me) that act like XRP is the one and only and is perfect in any way and don't understand derivaties.
  16. But are you like your owner?
  17. It becomes interesting when a descending channel crosses a strong support. That's when it has to decide to follow the channel or bounce on the support and leave that channel.
  18. You laugh now, but when BTC uses XRP ledger to settle with a small market cap that will make BTC that much more useful.
  19. That's curious. I don't see such CPU spikes on my own machines and CPU and memory seems roughly in line with what I would expect. Spiking the CPU on occasion is not unreasonable; the question is what the server is doing during those spikes. Can you produce the output of the following two commands: rippled server_info counters rippled get_counts Out of an abundance of caution, please be sure to mask out or remove the pubkey_node, pubkey_validator and hostid fields from the server_info counters response.
  20. Xrp’s value is all about speculation. Never has XRP’s utility had any impact on price. If you want a utility coin to increase in value you buy and hodl BTC. If you want to transfer Fiat quickly you use XRP. But you certainly dont hold it for longer than 3 seconds. The cats out of the zerp bag, XRP is no longer a secret. If you want a gainful investment you invest in Ripple IPO later this year, not XRP the digital asset. I’m spending all my XRP on fitness whole pizza... in my mouth!
  21. https://azcoinnews.com/binance-options-lists-xrp-an-eth-contracts.html
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