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  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.zdnet.com/google-amp/article/swift-records-13-second-cross-border-payment-from-australia-to-singapore-in-global-trial/ Could xRapid be behind this?
  3. This seems far more bullish than your last charts. $140 by next June would be incredible
  4. Great they can message better now, still doesn’t solve settlement friction, cost, and on demand liquidity like xrp.
  5. Today
  6. XRP has popped up another 1 cent - Chris Larsen has gone to bed! Let's do a coordinated pump and then sell just before Chris wakes up and mashes his SELL button!
  7. This is such complete hopium nonsense. You could keep repeating this pattern indefinitely to get to $1million per XRP token. Fractal charting is such baloney.
  8. Your time is over. The time of men is rising. Shadowy figures of the abyssal fud will fade into the darkness from whence they spawned.
  9. Thanks mate! In my very limited knowledge I was thinking he would swing further between support and above resistence.
  10. Silly question: Why starting from a certain point we'll just move on the lower range of the ascending channel?
  11. I think you've answered your own question? But in seriousness, have you looked in detail into how the XRP DEX works? I mean, you can't use it by itself to actually convert fiat to crypto or crypto to crypto, you need to use gateways to actually get value in and out. Once you're in, you can use the DEX for trading, but I don't think that's what you want? So you'd either have to create your own trusted gateway (with associated regulatory compliance and security measures), or hold a supply of another gateway's IOUs, or form some partnership/integration with an existing gateway... Not things that can be done with no money, I think, which is why you'd need to charge fees. Not to mention the development costs associated with the hardware and software. For a home project, maybe it could go like this... Machine takes in fiat payment (using I dunno, PayPal for example?), which triggers a deposit to an exchange (e.g. Bitstamp), which is then used to buy XRP, which is immediately withdrawn to a wallet, then you could use the DEX to convert to an IOU of the purchasers choice, and send it on to their wallet. If you can learn to automate all of that with APIs that would be a good starting point.
  12. I understand TA very well. It can be a helpful tool in liquid markets. Crypto is manipulated by a few and if TA does apply then whales are using it their advantage to suck more people in to either a pump or dump scenario.
  13. Many odd things going on. It's like with religion - either you believe in the token and company or not. Rationally, too many cons and pros to form an objective opinion.
  14. That's good, it makes me feel good as well. Way better feeling imo than seeing the price go up 5-10% with no new adoption no new companies using it like btc/eth etc.
  15. Here it is again how many want to call to start this? Class Action Law Suit Here is the information and the first number is the direct contact. sharova@sharovalaw.com phone: 718-766-9401 phone: 212-321-0741 fax: 212-939-6211 745 Fifth Avenue, Suite 500 10151 New York City 147 Prince Street, 4th Floor 11201 Brooklyn New York City sharova@sharovalaw.com 
  16. Now in an intellectual peacefull place we could start to discuss free the potential options swift-ripple or ripple-swift and possibilities in both cases. Considering the high zelots (at one side) and talebans (at the other side) quote here is better to **** because such a speculative discussion would not be kosher...how sad!
  17. My thoughts too. He's laying all of his credibility on the line with this one. We will have to see....
  18. Hard to say. This guy has some credibility. He hit the news a few days before about Ripple and MG. People claiming the whole "but they didn't buy MG" is suspect. Ripple bought a 10% stake, enough for a board seat. This guy is laying some credibility on the line with the SWIFT news. He has alot to lose IMO.
  19. SWIFT is a multi stakeholder organisation - as we know it's also much like the bank incumbents. Slow, lumbering, conservative. I can't think why people even thought an acquisition, let alone by a comparative dinosaur, would be on the table.
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