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  2. I'm happy to pay for the Zoom "Pro" version. I had a discussion with them in online chat. They claim it will work with up to 100 video participants. It creates 4 pages of video thumbnails. I would probably have to set up two computers. One to present and stream from, and another to see everyone's faces. But that won't be a bother and I have great bandwidth. I'd just like a distributed group to test it out, to make sure the video works well in Brazil, Japan, Africa, India, etc. I'm sure it works pretty good inside the US and likely Europe as well. But I really get flummoxed when there are technical difficulties as I'm trying to get started with a presentation.
  3. I added this to the top post for those new to the forum. If you'd like a notification when I post something new. You can "follow me" on the forum.
  4. We can set Moodle up for you and admin it, if we decide to go that direction. I looked at the requirements for Moodle and it looks like a pretty straight forward PHP app that runs on a LAMP stack. I would volunteer server space (assuming we don't need like a massive server) and could sys admin the LMS. Ms. Rabbit is willing to help with the actual course design and organization, as her university uses Moodle. It looks like we would still need some sort of a Zoom or other video conferencing account. It looks like Zoom allows up to 50 users, and videos can be streamed to Moodle, YouTube, and other platforms. I'm not 100%, but it looks like room.sh limits video calls to 6 participants max.
  5. Tell your wife thank you very much for the suggestions. I have zero experience with these products so I was just personally hesitant to look into them. I briefly looked into Google Classroom but was disappointed that it wasn't integrated with any video collaboration tools. Personally, I'm 100% willing to have the study group better organized using a LMS. But I'm don't want to learn or manage the LMS myself. I'd like to spend as much time as I can preparing material and evaluating XRPL client software to use for hands-on examples. If some one wants to set one up a LMS, then tell me how it can just, "show up" and video present to the study group, that would make me very happy. You are right, it might also be a good tool for others to summarize the material after the fact.
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  7. So apparently Jed hasn't sold since the beginning of the year. I actually used the account explorer to look at the four accounts he is known to have (and that have been under the control of Ripple, from what I gather.) That's around 4.7 billion XRP that isn't getting into the market right now, that could be. Now I wonder if it's because he has the expectation that price is headed up. Because otherwise I can't see his motivation not to sell out. Why wouldn't he?
  8. I stared some new threads so that everyone can express their personal preferences. Also so that someone could coordinate the process and work out a good compromise for everyone. Please use the calendar in this forum if it is helpful. If you can't post to it, let me know. I'll try to open it up to everyone. How many sessions? What days do we meet?
  9. Hi Bob, Based on what you are describing, my wife suggested using a learning management solution like Moodle. She uses Moodle for teaching her online and hybrid courses. There are plugins for Zoom, WebEx Meetings, H5P interactive video content, text based chat etc. and the platform allows you to break down content by topic/week. It could be one way to help keep everything organized. Thoughts?
  10. Okay, thanks. This is for a hardware wallet, with connectivity provided by a mobile app, so not really feasible for end-user to run rippled. I see that some other wallets just default to one of s1.ripple.com, s2, s3, s-west, s-east, as well as giving user option to choose their own server. I don't have much worry about trustworthiness of those servers, but more about MITM. I was hoping there might be some kind of signed transaction verification.
  11. I’m investing long term but I figure short term why not make some $$$ with BTC. Will sell 40% of my XRP and trade BTC. I know it’s risky with XRP suddenly mooning. You are right that this is definitely long term investment.
  12. I'd like to focus on the material I want to present as part of the study group. While I'm doing that, I think there are some important questions that you as a group can work out for me. What day of the week does each session meet? I suspect that other's time is more constrained than mine. I'm willing to meet on any day that works best for people. That includes weekdays or weekend days. Of course, even that statement is complicated! I'm well aware that other cultures define the weekend differently from mine. I work in the Middle East for a brief time where the weekend was Thursday and Friday. Followed, of course, by the US weekend of Saturday and Sunday. So all communication between the two locations needed to happen Monday-Wednesday during working hours that didn't really overlap. Could someone take this on as a project and let me know the answer? This will take some coordination with the session timing project as well. My only constant is, please don't schedule three sessions on the same day for me. I don't think I have enough energy for that. Two on the same day would be fine, as long as there is a couple hours break in between.
  13. Yes it is a year old - but this document is worth a look Fintech and Financial Services: Initial Considerations BBBPFTAC Steering Committee Meeting, March 2018 Full PDF (30 Slides) : https://www.pftac.org/content/dam/PFTAC/Documents/About PFTAC/PFTAC Steering Committee/2018/PFTAC Presentation_IMF.pdf https://thexrpdaily.com/index.php/2019/04/23/pftac-imf-venture-document-regarding-dlt-mentions-ripple/
  14. TD Ameritrade is using BTC/USD:CXERX and LTC/USD:CXERX in their test system - CXERX (Currency Exchange Eris X) ?
  15. I'd like to focus on the material I want to present as part of the study group. While I'm doing that, I think there are some important questions that you as a group can work out for me. How many separate sessions do we need? @VoteForTomorrow has already started this discussion in the General Welcome Discussion. I'm willing to do up to three sessions to help meet the timing needs of people around the world. But I think two would be better. Optimally, I'd just like to fly everyone to the same place so we could all meet at once. Unfortunately, I don't have the funds to make that happen.I'm on US Central time. Currently that is (UTC -5) This site has a pretty useful meeting planner tool for coordinating time zones. Could someone take working out session timing as a project? Then you can just tell me when to show up. That would make me very happy since my calendar is pretty open most of the time.
  16. I'd like to focus on the material I want to present as part of the study group. While I'm doing that, I think there are some important questions that you as a group can work out for me. Where do we meet? This is really a technology question. I'd like the opportunity to see other people's faces during our sessions. Especially when questions are asked. This is much better for me than just talking into a camera while others watch. I presumed that I would just use Skype back when I thought the group would be small. But with the larger size and still others who might want to just watch as an audience that probably won't work. Zoom: I've use Zoom before and it has worked nicely with small groups. They have reasonable pricing as well. room.sh: I only know about this because Coil tweeted about it. I like that they are supporting WebMonitization even if we won't be using that feature. But I don't know if it will scale or record. other? Perhaps y'all have other ideas? It would be great if someone from the study group put together a test session with people from around the world. That way we'll know that the chosen system will live up to its promises once we get started. Both of these have free plans that should work for testing. One of the things I'm interested in, is if people could "re-stream" our live sessions to some of the other platforms that people prefer. Will someone step up and take this on as a project? Thank you in advance!
  17. Potentially it's the key word...all the rest is patience.
  18. Not everything on ILP goes through XRP. It is up to the people who are using it how they want to connect to each other. ILP is really a synchronization protocol. It assures that funds move all the way from Alice to Bob, even if there are several other intermediate parties involved. It prevents any of those intermediate parties from stealing the money or even failing to move it along down the path. The path itself is made from trusted relationships between each pair of parties along the path. If a pair of those parties wants to settle in XRP then they can choose to do so.
  19. Yeah, sorry. Wasn't feeling particularly terrific today. After getting through some email, I decided to sleep it off. Just sitting down now reading the posts. I like the discussion that is going on here. Please keep going!
  20. I hope its faster than that..i probably wont be alive in ten years 🤔
  21. I like this. 8 hours of coffee, Bob? You gotta be freaking tweaked by now.
  22. No1 knows. But if everything moon shots without a reason.. I cant see reason why xrp would not follow.. Yes, it is annoying as F to see bitcoin and altcoins moving up like 90% in 3 months and xrp just being stuck.. but thats how it is.. If you dont like it, sell and buy something else.. if you can live with it, enjoy life and hope for the best Or just sell portion of xrp and enjoy gambling..
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