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  2. maybe its because no one is sure what to do with XRP - its definitely not a cryptocurrency, its a token issued by a centralized company just like the Libra. The XRP products are good but the token has no real use case currently. Even Japan is working on its own SWIFT alternative - https://cointelegraph.com/news/g7-approves-japans-cryptocurrency-based-swift-alternative
  3. Things are getting really desperate now with people now wanting to believe a known scammer for some hopium. It's just pathetic now
  4. He currently is promoting a scam trading 'online course" with guaranteed returns. He is a fraud spreading hopium to desperate bagholders, milking his lucky predictions as much as he can
  5. Nothing to do with ripple and xrp. Connecting imaginary dots where they are none is what bagholders are known for it seems
  6. What exactly are all these partners doing right now? They clearly aren’t using XRP.
  7. “However, if it (Xoom) wants to compete with the likes of Ripple, it’s going to need to speed things up, and drop the price significantly.”
  8. I did. Did you read my observation in the thread. Am I missing something from today’s article? Thanks.
  9. Did you read the post I was responding to? And this: https://www.swift.com/news-events/news/swift-sees-success-with-instant-cross-border-payments-through-singapore_s-fast
  10. This is what people don’t realize. Banks need to profit. They’ll pass on the costs anyway they can. Everyone likes to use the “their not using XRP or they’d save more” excuse. Reality is banks will be hesitant to invest heavily into something few others are using. Add on training on top along with keeping current system and it’s a large headache for most banks. Ripple is building a lot of partnerships but has yet to produce any significant xrapid or XRP usage. It seems more clear many are utilizing their other software solutions.
  11. oh my god are you serious here, i understand you work at a bank, i do as well. Im almost certain you are not responsible for foreign transactions. Swift is a messaging platform the real cost comes from settlement. Every bank or stop makes the transaction more costly more prone to error, requires oversight which requires overhead costs to run. Not to mention having to keep liquid cash stored in other countries accounts to settle which is deflationary and could instead be used to make profit or lend, maybe keep in a more stable currency. The current system most certainly locks out some countries from having corridors, the really volatile currencies. You are either not informed enough of the process or being misleading.
  12. I remember Blockbusters. Doesn’t seem that long ago either. Used to have the remains of one down the street for years after they went out of business. I only went in there maybe twice before they went out of business. Nobody ever moved into it after they went out of business. It stayed a relic until hurricane Michael made them clean up the remains.
  13. I have posted openly what it costs to transact via SWIFT. It is not anywhere near expensive as you think. Banks are there to make profit. A 4 cent transfer for the bank will still cost the customer $10+.
  14. No savings to be had compared to swift that is really funny to me. Not only is it wayyy cheaper to use xrp (fractions of a penny) compared to swift the other positive is it allows banks to free up funds locked away in nostro/vostro accounts and instead utilize on demand liquidity that settles in seconds allowing those trillions to instead be invested in other areas not deflationary currencies. If your bank didn't pursue the system with obvious savings, less friction, on demand liquidity that means nothing to me. I have my money where i think the future is. And that is DLT and specifically XRP as it is a finished product ready today. I told a manager at blockbuster one time that redbox/netflix could threaten their business model and asked if he was worried hed be out of a job. He scoffed at the time. Im sure i will see more blockbusters, maybe your bank will be one of them ?
  15. That’s great for you, you should overdraft a Billion dollars since you can overdraft as much as you want. Unfortunately the analogy doesn’t work. Using XRP with Xcurrent improves settlement speed and reduces cost. So it’s a benefit, whereas Your excessive overdraft habits will eventually cause your bank to increase banking fees which is a detriment to your cost of doing business there.
  16. So I’ll say that I don’t know what to make of today’s article good or bad because maybe I see something I don’t see others commenting on. FAST (Fast And Secure Transfers) is an electronic funds transfer service that allows customers to transfer SGD funds almost immediately between accounts of the 20 participating banks in Singapore. FAST was launched on 17 March 2014. So FAST was “new” in 2014 but it kind of comes across as new in this thread to me. SGD = Singapore Dollars between accounts So SWIFT can now move SGD (my conjecture as today’s article doesn’t state “what” moves between accounts) between banks outside of Singapore. I’m guessing that Singapore is the hub in these tests. In 2014 all banks were in Singapore...all domestic. If true (and I’m uncertain if my observation is correct) then I see this as progress from Singapore SWIFT but not breathtaking compared to progress being made elsewhere. Perhaps I’m wrong. And now, I await your high velocity arrows of flame 🔥 in return.
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  18. I work for one of those banks on that list. We were a ripple partner but our logo is no longer on their webpage. We POC'ed twice and could never build a business case to move forward as there was no savings to be had. That article is all about SWIFT. It has nothing to do with Ripple or ripplenet.
  19. This couldn't be less true. Is this based on anything? I don't see anything other than Ripple and XRP gaining ground slowly but surely every single day.
  20. Increased my position today. It's like free money. Today will seem so crazy when we're in the ~$50 range.
  21. My bank allows me to withdraw as much as I want as overdraft but that doesn’t mean I do.
  22. @Hodor Got a response from the Coil Team: "Thanks for the feedback, we've been thinking of making a Safari Desktop extension for a bit, its a challenge since it does not follow any of the standards the Chrome and Firefox use but it does seem that people regularly use Safari so we will look into it." I hadn't looked at the web statistics lately of who was winning the browser war but it appears that Google Chrome is leading with a fat gap over second place (Safari). Stefan Thomas from Coil also tweeted this two days ago: https://twitter.com/justmoon/status/1151291195122786304
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