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  2. I tend to think he is ... 1. Well aware of Ripple’s legitimacy 2. Well aware of bitcoin’s failure on all fronts.
  3. I suggest selling at the all-time high of the market next time, and then but back at all-time low right after. After that just repeat cycle. works every time.
  4. This was bound to fail. Ryan Selkis fails to grasp that Ripple is a legitimate company with legitimate customers. Which is exactly why XRP is a legitimate digital asset able to solve a legitimate problem. DFS was right in not disclosing the information. Additionally, I think Selkis would be humiliated if the list of buyers, including companies and financial institutions, we're to be disclosed. I expect some of the names of respected and well connected individuals from around the world would serve as a validation of how well Ripple is positioned and who really believes in Ripple's vision of IoV. Could you imagine if the CEO of corporations, well-known investors or directors of banks names were on the list? That would be tremendous news. A part of me wishes they had identified the folks who are on board, but that's not how the world works. Selkis and many BTC maximalists fail to accept the world we live in and that is what angers them. Poor guys.
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  6. So how many would have preferred 3 more seasons, properly playing out the stories, but using different actors? (Replacing those actors who wanted to move on) Heck It worked for Bewitched and the Flintstones as well as plenty of soap operas.
  7. Its thereX You know where I come from...
  8. "I don't really know"? Yes I do know. The ledger is transparent. I already offered proof of how often exchanges are replenished by Ripple > https://www.zerpslurp.com/xrpl_monitor.asp. Ripple sell to the exchanges with programmatic sales, but if they need more, they will simply buy more from Ripple. Susie flat-out made up a supposition when she assumed an exchange would have to go to another exchange and quite literally buy XRP like a regular retail investor would. This is so silly and absurd. Let me walk you through why it's silly and absurd :- 1. The point of the exchange needing more XRP would be to fill up the sell order book. Why? Because they make money off fees. If a trading pair has a thin sell book, guess what? Very little to no trading will occur. That means little to no fees. 2. If an exchange bought from another exchange like a retail investor would, the average sale price they got for each XRP would be incredibly high. So anyway they take this high-priced XRP and then layer asks in the sell order book to get liquidity back....but wait up, they have to put them in at a high price because they bought them at a high price. XRP is available on other exchanges at 600 times cheaper prices, so nobody is buying them...no liquidity, no fees, the exchange is holding VERY heavy bags they will have to sell at hundreds of times the price they bought them at. Of course, this is a weird fantasy scenario that never happens because exchanges are not stupid. As I said before, a retail shop does not buy from another retail shop - they buy from the wholesaler. This is very basic economics of buying something in bulk, then selling it in smaller pieces at a higher price. Sure, the wholesaler one day....in the distant future....will not exist, but that's years away (literally according to the Escrow schedule) and this salient point is never mentioned in the video. 3. In any case, arbitrage bots will sniff out the thin sell book and see the "cheapest" XRP at $334 or whatever, and stack lower asks above it - eventually taking it down to market price. Well you're disagreeing with Susie now as she never mentioned post-Escrow. Her logic was that an exchange suddenly goes into "panic mode" and will buy XRP on the market from other exchanges. This is pure supposition not supported by any facts whatsoever. You can bet that Ripple will have made it as easy as possible for their customers to buy XRP - mouse click, then 4 seconds later 50M XRP in their wallet. The Escrow still has 50Bn+ XRP available, 1Bn a month available. Ripple are selling about a quarter of what they offer each month (see stats in this comment below). Sure, if demand outstrips supply, prices go up. That's a different point to what Susie is saying - she's assuming Ripple magically can't supply an exchange in the first place if they run out of XRP on the sell books. For that to be the case, we're likely looking at many years ahead, and the video doesn't mention this. Probably by that time, XRP's price has stablised at a higher price with lots of liquidity, so such "big" orders won't affect the market so much anyway. The Escrow started in December 2017. I make that 18 Escrow months have elapsed. There are currently 51,200,000,000* in Escrow as I write, down from 55,000,000,000 when it started. That means the Escrow has fallen 3.8 billion XRP in 18 months. Potentially it could have fallen 18 billion (if they sold out each month). Yes, XRP could suddenly have a much bigger demand later on, but that's to be determined. We do know that exchanges will have at least 51 months where Ripple have a full supply of 1 billion XRP that they can sell. So far, that 1 billion XRP has been far more than enough for exchanges. We might be looking at at least another ten years before Ripple have no more XRP to sell...if not, it will be at least 52 months (technically). All of this is never mentioned in Susie's video. And I'm not picking on her - anyone making a 30 minute video on a single theory that can be taken apart very easily...will be taken apart very easily by anyone who can be bothered to do it (I happened to have the motivation here and the time). * from this data > https://data.ripple.com/v2/network/xrp_distribution To sum up - the Escrow is at LEAST 4 years from completion, likely 6 years+ given it simply won't sell 1bn a month in the next 12 months or so unless there's some stunning news item. In that time, XRP's price could be anything between 10 cents and $589 anyway. So much will have happened in that time.
  9. I like the first one but I think it is too many lines in the bridge one. I agree that the XRP logo on its own is the most common type available and get that you want to do something a bit different. I will watch your progress with interest. Thanks:)
  10. Hi, I'm new to the forums and 100% bullish like most of you. I've sold both of my houses and horse businesses in second life to buy 8000 XRP ! I'm predicting it will go up by 5000% before the EOY or at the very least, 3000%. My hands aren't weak and i'll be holding for weeks, no problem. See you all in Elon's rocket to mars when we make it, I've already preordered my ticket.
  11. Yesterday
  12. You will never be out of a job then
  13. Did you do a back up of your Toast wallet first?
  14. I see your point. I can see FI's opting for BNB instead.... based on gains in a bear market
  15. Might I suggest taking a small part of your stack and use it to practice buying and selling the daily/weekly swings. It will acclimate you to feeling of executing an order and give you a better feel for the market. If you are doing anything but HODL, practice with low stakes.
  16. So in about two years time we should all be meeting up for a $50 xrp party..i cant wait 😎🥂
  17. Sweet , but from the lows of the bear market BTC is up 150% and XRP about 40 % daaaaa
  18. The Liquid XRP is the most interesting so far. People would ask what is liquid XRP? and that would start a conversation about XRP being the liquidity of global payments.
  19. Go to the exchange that you bought the xrp from. Get the wallet address (starts with ‘r’ ) from that withdrawal transaction and plug that into https://bithomp.com/explorer/ If the last transaction listed is that withdrawal then all is well. Just a matter of getting the wallet software pointing to the correct address.
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