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  2. Just like a company trying to manage treasury operations across many currencies creates a lot of work/operational overhead... so would a government trying to maintain a pegged value per X number of other fiat currencies. Doing one "meta peg" to XRP would reduce the operational overhead and effort, in the same way as a corp treasury only managing their domestic currency and XRP as a bridge/ODL to access other currencies.
  3. Somehow I only read this part;
  4. Thanks for reminding me to open a XUMM account. I saw it's intro recently and was impressed. Wietse's work is amazing and love to do more with XRP (and/or the ledger) myself.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. I remember people saying Corda Settler will be using XRP and all transfers on Coda will use the Settler.
  6. Today
  7. Thanks for sharing. This is an important contract. Without these key relationships it will be hard to be prepared when ODL is given the green light in India and throughout the Middle East. Of course, once India and the Middle East are powered via ODL the volumes will be exponential.
  8. I think he posted it to help fuel speculation, since Ripple is tied up in MG and most likely going to be facilating some of the transactions
  9. I am glad that you also like this extremely positive and bullish news for the Moneygram-Ripple partnership.
  10. Posted in the wrong section, this is the XRP News section not the Moneygram news section. There is Other News category for these posts.
  11. Nice info. Will be testing (and using) Xumm this month. Looks very user friendly!
  12. Alliance provides MoneyGram with the industry's largest physical and digital network in Saudi Arabia. DALLAS, June 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- MoneyGram International, Inc. (NASDAQ: MGI), a global leader in cross-border P2P payments and money transfers, today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Al Rajhi Bank, the largest Islamic bank in the world, and Tahweel Al Rajhi, the remittances arm of Al Rajhi Bank, to provide money transfer services in Saudi Arabia. Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/moneygram-launches-partnership-with-al-rajhi-bank-to-transform-saudi-arabia-cross-border-payments-market-301070827.html Moderator, this news is very important for the Ripple-Moneygram partnership and the development of ODL, which is the reason I posted it in the main news section. Please move the post to 'Other Press' if that is your wish/choice.
  13. Any IOU is going to have some sort of contractual legal arrangement underlying it. It could be fiat held in escrow, it could be gold (that was done years ago on XRPL), you could even make an IOU for TLUs, and have it represent multiple assets at one time (1. TLU conversion factor: camel: 1, cattle, mules: 0.7, sheep and goats: 0.10, horses: 0.80, asses: 0.50, pigs: 0.20, chickens: 0.01). I could see some sort of Hawala type of distributed "gateway" to issue/redeem animal values onto XRPL. Found this interesting re Hawala and money laundering.
  14. It can be used as "In-Store Credit Money"
  15. Bitcoin is making a general sideways move still in the middle of the Bollinger Bands. Also the 50 Day EMA has broken though the Weekly and Monthly Downtrend lines and scheduled to break though the daily about to break through the Daily Down Trend Line in about 4 Days. The last time the 50 Day EMA has not broken though a Major Downtrend Line was January 10, 2019.
  16. https://coil.com/p/macropolo/Ripple-s-Xpring-Investment-Poised-to-Solve-Major-Cryptocurrency-Adoption-Hurdle/QlJCI882g
  17. 📉 BTC/USD Intraday: the downside prevails as long as 9705 is resistance. Expect 9184 and 9043. 📈 Alternative scenario: the upside breakout of 9705, would call for 9942 and 10084. ⚠️ the RSI is trading below 30. This could mean that either the pair is in a lasting downtrend or just oversold and that therefore a rebound could shape (look for bullish divergence in this case). The MACD is negative and below its signal line. The configuration is negative. Moreover, the pair stands below its 20 and 50 MAs (respectively at 9615 and 9602). Finally, the Bitcoin / Dollar has penetrated its lower Bollinger band (9499). More predictions: https://t.me/koinproStrategy Trade now: https://koinpro.com
  18. The Bull Run Files is back! In Liftoff! I focus on December 12th and 13th. The days when XRP really took off towards its ATH. The launch of SpaceX last week got me motivated to write about XRP's moonshot. Call me masochistic but going back to the 2017 is quite interesting. For example, I found a really insightful set of tweets from Brad Garlinghouse about his interest in a higher XRP price. You can really tell things have changed since then. https://coil.com/p/moncho/Liftoff-/YqjxIvBOg
  19. It would depend on how the entity issuing it would assign the funds to back it up.
  20. Unlike what many believe this is not really Ripple or XRP related. They implemented a platform (Corda) with one of it's rails being XRP. Proprietary connectors can be written by anyone. They don't have to make this public.
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