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  2. My option is Express VPN, no doubts. It allows me to bypass many geo restrictions as wess a guarantees me anonymity and afety. But you should do your own research on the best VPN sites , play with a few of them - many of them offer free trials
  3. @retep I DMed you, to not disturb our english friends too much.
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  5. A few months ago when utility scan started to operate and a few new corridors where being opened transaction amounts were increasing at regular increments each week. It was by around $5,000-$10,000 each week. Then it jumped up to $100,000 USD worth of xrp. The next week it went back down to around where it is today. I agree that with both the folks above. I'm assuming that somehow what they are doing now is the most efficient.
  6. The ODL on the Mex - US corridor is now past 10% . They say the magic number is 16%, at which point it crushes other rival services out. I am not sure how this figure of 16% was arrived at. If Mg pulled out of the Mex-US corridor a Fintech company would swoop in and take the business from MG ODL is bedding in, LetHerRip is just enjoying the opportunity to put a negative slant on all XRP news and depress other investors. (I long ago user ignored and I am missing nothing)
  7. Hope you are not waiting because you could start doing some real research yourself. But I am in a good mood today so will help you on your way. Below some articles referencing and supporting my claims. And I am still waiting for a shread of recent evidence, posts/articles supporting your claims ...... Links: - https://twitter.com/sentosumosaba/status/1263091994122874881 - https://www.coinspeaker.com/ripple-moneygram-google-cloud-aws/ - https://www.unlock-bc.com/news/2020-03-09/moneygram-a-ripple-partner-to-work-with-google-cloud-and-amazon-web-services - https://u.today/ripples-partner-moneygram-joins-forces-with-amazon-and-google - https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/moneygram-and-uber-launch-partnership-to-support-drivers-during-global-pandemic-301065363.html - https://enterprisetalk.com/news/moneygram-and-uber-launch-partnership-to-support-drivers-during-global-pandemic/
  8. Testing a product in a small manageable test environment and doing a complete overhaul of your legacy infrastructure are two completely different things. A company the size of WU who has to restructure their online infrastructure to make optimal use of new technology will take a considerable investment (and time). If you haven't worked for big companies you might not know, but you can't underestimate this. Since WU till now were mostly cash driven online wasn't their core business. This is rapidly changing at present so they will have to redefine their strategy and timelines. A jumpstart with Moneygram who lately invested lots in the online markets makes perfect business sense IMO.
  9. My guess is, that next to efficiency and perhaps also privacy reasons (batching obscures the individual transactions), it has to do with the amount of liquidity this corridor currently can handle. Re-balancing must be arranged for, which i think is easier to setup if you know in advance how much you are going to settle. And perhaps the batch size is somewhat equal to the size of a buffer that is kept apart and constantly used for settling the specific batch. So you want to keep this buffer size as small as possible (like that you don't want nostro/vosto locked up money), but big enough to be able to handle the ODL transactions. And next to that enough liquidity must be available to refill the buffer for the next round.
  10. Nou, mooi om te lezen dat je het sportief oppakt allemaal. Verder is het gewoon frustrerend om te zien hoe andere coins wel presteren en xrp niet, en je dus best wel vette winsten had kunnen maken met btc. Ik had m'n xrp dan ook moeten inruilen toen btc rond de 3300 stond, want het verlies dat ik toen had gehad vanwege de lage xrp had ik dubbel en dwars goed kunnen maken door btc te kopen en verkopen. Dat btc dan niet van 1000 dollar binnen een jaar naar 20k is gegaan mag wel zijn, maar van 3200 naar 12800 in slechts 6 maanden was ook geen kattepis, hetzelfde van 7200 naar 10400 en van 5000 naar 10k nu, en dat doet gewoon wel een beetje pijn als je dan ziet wat voor bergen winst we zijn misgelopen.
  11. The fact the article is from 2018 only strengthens my point, as the article says they where going to continue testing. 2 years later you still cant pay them to use ODL! The typical lies of the mentally delusional. Please show me references and links to the Ripple partnerships with Amazon, Google and Uber. I'll be waiting. Thanks
  12. Since when is what is written in Fortune.com in june 2018 (referencing tests started in januay 2018) a fact considering it is now june 2020? Have you ever considered the fact that 2 1/2 years ago the XRapid tech was still in it's infancy and that the ODL tech we have now is of a completely different level? The logic why Western Union wants in on the Ripple/Moneygram ODL system is clear for everyone,.That inludes Amazon, Google and Uber. The delusion is completely on your side sir whilst you are using outdated articles. Please substantiate your claims with more relevant and updated information. Do I sense fud....?
  13. Ahahah the delusion on some of you guys is beyond clinical, you make shit up to suit your own agendas. WU never said they had a problem with integration! Read the article, stick to facts! https://fortune.com/2018/06/13/ripple-xrp-cryptocurrency-western-union/ The logic that WU is buying MG for Ripple software is beyond mentally challenged. They have said time and time again they don't want it, it doesn't save them money, you cant even PAY them to use it. If they wanted Ripples software they could integrate with Ripple themselves and be PAID by Ripple to use it! They wouldn't have to SPEND MILLIONS of dollars to buy MG and all its debt for Ripple software.
  14. It's all about averaging out and trying to obtain minimal spreads whilst settlement in the corridors takes place. It could be any figure which suites settlement speeds and lowest spreads best.
  15. I don't know why they are that specific number, but @jbjnr posted a nice graph some time ago that showed that different corridors have different batch sizes and frequencies.
  16. Tuurlijk, wij Hollanders zijn wel direct maar drinken na t knokken ook weer een biertje samen aan de bar... op anderhalve meter dan. Succes man!
  17. In other words, when you open a window and see that its raining doesn't mean you're now a weatherman...and even they get it wrong half the time! May XRP shower us all in its glory! lol...if not, i didn't invest more than i can afford to lose. Hodl!
  18. So you can react in a normal way too, so thanks for that.
  19. Life is always easy, if you keep living it in hindsight. You go for the asset that allready went up most. Majority does it, so it can't be a bad bet right? Perhaps you win, perhaps you lose. Hindsight will tell. Good luck (sincere)!
  20. it's not my guts that tells me whatever, it's the numbers that show the cold hard fact that xrp is dying since the ath while btc and other top ten coins did pretty well since that same ath. I didn't made those numbers up, they are available for everyone, so don't blame me for being realistic instead of religious, because you and alot of others react as if irp is a religion and anyone who dares to questioning your faith and religion is being verbaly slaughtered, because how dare people like me put question marks at the religion of xrp? This is a forum and that means a discussion space on the internet were we can discus things like crypto's in this case, and there's no rule that says that all noses need to point in the same direction, so everyone is free to give his own point of view on things, and then there's no need to attack someone because his thoughts are not on the same line as yours. I never get personal with someone on this forum, so i expect that others do the same and when not, then i'm going to become personal too, it's easy as that. I'm like a mirror, when you act normal and nice, i act normal and nice, but when you start a rant at me, then i start to rant to you. Life is sooo easy sometimes.
  21. That, and I got the impression the backend part of WU was too inefficient/legacy/incompatible to gain advantages by just blindly hooking it up to ODL. And MGI got that part solved for the most part. So I think WU is interested in the whole A to Z part, otherwise they could just sign a deal with Ripple. Sometimes dismantling a christmas tree piece by piece takes more time and money then chopping it down and buy a new one.
  22. They could but building and integrating takes lots of time and resources. Moneygram has a nice head start on WU. An acquisition would drastically speed up the process. Also Moneygram has quite some worthwhile inside knowledge as a direct subsidiary of Ripple and also a member being the board to align system/processes optimally.
  23. WU has obviously been stalling the Ripple/Moneygram ODL liquidity solution. 'Tested more than a year ago'..... you must be joking .... only 6 transaction were reported ... AND according to the Swiss they were again testing in april this year...... why? ... because they ARE interested ... WU is a revenu bleeding company on a year over year basis. Just check the revenu stats posted earlier. Tnx @Babelly WU is in dire need of a better technical pay/settlement solution (which they at present do not have) to fight off stiff international competition. WU 's stalling game is over !!!
  24. Western Union would than have to setup and manage the tech themselves. This is much faster! And with a takeover/merger they would integrate Amazon, Google and Uber worldwide into their customer base. Have a look at all the recent acquisitions by Moneygram. Quite impressive.
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