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  2. I am glad they are doing more of those ads to spread the word and to target new markets not reached so far. Also I always knew the market size was not stuck to be "only" of $27 Trillion. I can't come up with all the opportunities they can unlock, but I already linked it to the FX market (back in Spring last year, I was not a member of this forum as of yet), to the International Trade and its fragmented network supply chain and countless others we (don't) know. I would not be surprised this number will grow again in the future. Once again, if you analyze their link, from a digital marketing way: Original link: bit.ly/2VVfl6N The link is shortened by https://bitly.com/ to avoid having a 75-character-link in their twitter campaign. Final link: https://ripple.com/ripplenet/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=organic_social The link is made of 2 components: https://ripple.com/ripplenet/ ?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=organic_social Again this is made from a URL Builder, like https://ga-dev-tools.appspot.com/campaign-url-builder/. Write your source (here, Twitter), your medium (here, organic_social), your campaign name (here, none). It helps the marketing team at Ripple to know which campaign works best (how many people clicked the link, as the most obvious example).
  3. XRP scrow and OTC market is damaging the open market and price discovery. Price won't go up until demand is higher than supply. Stellar is probably selling in OTC market as well, that's why they follow the same pattern and they are decoupling from coins going up these days. JK must be think the same way and that's why he sold.
  4. As I watch every single other coin gain multiple percentages and XRP stays at 0.18%, but with a volume of 1+billion, it's almost as if it's a coordinated suppression to make sure most people stay out of XRP Every single TA screams breakout imminent, but price behaviour seems controlled. I wonder to what purpose... perhaps OP is doing exactly what the average retail investor is supposed to be doing/thinking right now and both helping to pump btc while selling XRP. Who knows if thats the right strategy, but following the masses has never made someone rich. Leading them where you want them to be has.
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  6. You mean to say that you believe the SEC will declare XRP a currency, correct? But you have reservations as to when this could be as you believe that they (the SEC) have their own reservations about Ripple's escrow; are we still on the same page? It has been mentioned that the escrow would more than likely take atleast 5 years before it is "depleted". Now, if you truly believe that the SEC is planning on declaring XRP a currency, do you really think they would have already made that decision knowing they wouldn't say anything about if for well over 60 months? It seems to me, that this would be your belief.... are we still on the same page? If we are still on the same page, may I ask why you think the SEC would deem XRP a currency?
  7. The timing to do that might be off, xrpbtc is already under 6000sats, it could go lower obviously to 4000sats or even below that, but at some point it will find its bottom and will start outperforming btc or at least be on par, maybe around swell. But then again, it's your money, do whatever you feel it's appropriate.
  8. I think it will be a bridge to "use xRapid to pay into and out of the hub's partner banks." Although not confirmed yet, I expect that SCB could act as a "Hub" similar to a correspondent bank like JPM.
  9. Multi-hop is a definite possibility here, although I'm still not convinced XRP is being used. It is more likely that SCB is maintaining fiat accounts in CLMV local currencies and using them to facilitate payments on behalf of xVia customers in those countries: Additional reasons being that we haven't seen any evidence of xRapid infrastructure or relationships built yet in CLMV corridors.
  10. I am going to call XRP price so stable that its a stablecoin now
  11. The post follows a very standard pattern. Maybe you’re the unicorn. Hang out and prove me wrong with productive discussions.
  12. ok so explain to me how this is FUD. I think the SEC will declare xrp a currency I think xrp will be used as the prime global transaction pool valued at far far more than the current price. I am just saying I wonder if the SEC will wait till the escrow is depleted before they declare it. Why is this fud?? Also my prior account was lemonmule and have been lurking on here a while before that. I just never posted. Im very very pro ripple.
  13. Hello all, I'm rabbit. I live in Michigan, USA (EST/EDT), I work as an assistant professor (unrelated to IT/CE/CS/etc.), and I only speak English. I am married to Ms. Rabbit, who used to share this XRPChat account with me. My aliases on other sites include: Website: rabbitkick.club Twitter: @RabbitKickClub Git: crypticrabbit Youtube: rabbit XRPCommunity.Blog: rabbit reddit: RabbitKickClub Out of those, I basically only use the Twitter, since I can't keep up with everything . My background with Ripple/XRP includes using Ripple Trade when that was around. I really miss having easy access to features like adding gateways, enabling rippling, etc., and one of my primary aims in joining this group is to learn more about utilizing all the awesome features to their full potential, so more people can benefit from them. I have been running rippled for the last several years, and I'm honored that our validator is included in the default UNL. I love learning new things, and running rippled has taught me a great deal. Out of the roles that @BobWay proposed, I see myself ideally being involved in the live audience. I look forward to being a part of this group! Cheers, rabbit
  14. I'm still here since 5/4/2017 5/4/2018 5/4/2019. * Note: I'm not dyslexic; and I'm not trying to promote Star Wars Day. Consider it a hat tip to our European brothers and sisters in the XRP Community.
  15. My eyes were playing tricks on me, I was like where is the $47 trillion lol..
  16. It may be an unusual way to display it, but that's $47 Trillion. And they are not advertising $47 Trillion technology.
  17. It's not. It's a bidirectional messaging system that uses ILP as its internal protocol. It's marketed as blockchain as it sounds more cutting edge to non tech people.
  18. 10k? Wow okay, thats a new record right? I mean and here i was thinking 589 was insane. Silly little me
  19. Hi bob I have been wondering if someone sends BTC on the ILP to say pay a bill but needs to be Fiat or just say ETH Does that transaction use XRP on XRapid? Thank you for the invitethis really is going to be awesome and it would be cool if Bitcoin ben joined to learn
  20. Am'I missing something but Alex Cobb latest video saying Ripple is advertising its $47 Trillion technology? I don't know but this number looks $47 million to me... Edit. Tricky with the zeros... Lets hope ripple can get there soon
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  22. Chasing the hottest investment never works. No one knows what is going to happen in the future. We only know what has happened in the past. Starting tomorrow, XRP could become the best performing crypto.
  23. Hi everyone, my name is Leo (Leandro) and I'm from Brazil. I'm a graphic designer down here from around 20 years. I do 3D design and 3D animation for tv and internet. My intentions over Ripple and XRP are to spread the word RIPPLE and XRP to people over here. In Brazil, most of the people have heard about bitcoin but it is not common to see people that know about XRP, so that's why I'm ready to help those people to acquire knowledge on this thread. I need to get more in deep about ripple and xrp and no one is better to help me out as BOB WAY. I'm pretty sure I could help to expand the name XRP over here. I live in South Brazil in a place called CURITIBA. Down here I can see a lot of potentials to make my city the most crypto city in Brazil. Let's see how far we can go with Bob's help. Thank you so far and I hope we can meet each other on a round table having a nice cold beer.
  24. Is anyone here actively trading ALV? The volume looks low but the spreads often quite big, could be some fun to be had with small low value trades...
  25. As long as XRP is coupled to BTC it is not a bad idea, honestly. ( maybe wait for a better timing, BTC dipping). Why not diversify instead of all or nothing?
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