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  2. You always find and share the best stuff @JannaOneTrick Would absolutely love to attend the 1 July 11:30 presentation. Hopefully we’ll get some clarity out of this one. Many thanks for what you do!
  3. My first reaction to your post right now was one of excitement and that’s probably contrary and viewed as unsettling to most. Then when I read your beliefs on becoming worth as much as $50 to $300 at some point my excitement grows even more. To buy more in a “crash” is exactly what I’ll do. Selling below $10 isn’t even a need nor will it possibly ever be a need. At $30 or so it becomes massively enriching so I hope the “gambling risk taking BTC whales” push their bets far enough to realize the truth behind BTC, bring about a new XRP sale price, and XRP begins to be valued based on what it is and what it can do. Exciting and potentially turbulent times ahead. We’re a good way into Brad’s marathon at least.
  4. At the end of the "crypto winter" at the beginning of the year we were predicting the value for XRP during 2019. Instead of predicting a price in dollars I predicted XRP would gain against BTC. I thought that during 2019 XRP would rise from being worth 10k Satoshis to 25K or more. I could not have been more wrong because today XRP is worth less than 5K! In the last six months Bitcoin's technology and utility adoption has lagged further and further and further behind Ripple/XRP. Bitcoins problems of energy costs, centralisation, slowness, lack of scalability and manipulation at the hands of whale barons have become more and more well known to the general public. No one with common sense will ever make Bitcoin into a store of value for their savings or commercial assets. So why can one Bitcoin buy twice as many XRP now as it could 6 months ago? It makes no sense. Crypto Eri, who is better informed than most commentators, said that she had been told there is a consortium of "risk taking whales" who have being pumping BTC. If this is the case we would expect BTC to rise relative to XRP. Another well known source told me that in their opinion BTC grassroots support for BTC has been getting weaker and weaker. Both these rumours make sense and I think that this huge pump of BTC is artificially induced. My guess is that these whales are taking a gamble that if they get their timing right they can induce another rise like happened at the and of 2017, and BTC will hit new ATH well above 20K. It is a dangerous strategy because it depends on new money arriving from an influx of new generation BTC investors, if they don't arrive BTC will crash. If these whales run out of money before the general public come in to support them BTC will crash and it will drag XRP down with it far faster than it carried XRP up to .42, so I am preparing myself to watch my investment go back down to .25 or less. I will never sell my XRP, whatever is happening in the market because I do not want to risk losing them. I believe Susan Athern's predictions that if Ripple XRP captures a significant proportion of the cross border payment market XRP tokens will be worth between 50 - 300 dollars each. I think this is going to happen because XRP/Ripple are the only provider of no counter party cross border liquidity and nobody is near catching them. I have to be honest and say that I watch the slow progress of XRP with frustration, but my logical self tells me not to get emotionally involved with the prices.
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  6. in before someone grammatically dissects the sentence...
  7. Hahaha! What a great analogy! Agreed. It starts out slow and eventually everyone’s in on it. Gosh... I don’t think I’ve seen that movie many times since I first watched it in 1980. Still a classic flick in my mind. And an A-list cast to boot: Akroid, Belushi, Ray Charles, Aretha, Carrie Fisher, James Brown and John Candy to name a few. Thanks for the flashback!
  8. Isn't this bigger news or am I missing something? I know there was the Earthport purchase, but the claim of wanting to take on Swift by using Ripple, has that been stated previously? Surely this is huge!?
  9. Banks and companies will use the tech, but will XRP and the Ripplenet take off like wildfire in the next few years? I’m not sure. No one can be. But they have the most mature tech in this area of blockchain payments area right now IMHO. They have also been building out relationships and partnerships with regulators, banks, and FI on a global scale unlike any other project. Those steps are crucial to adoption of XRP and/or usage of their payments network. Its going to take time. Brad himself said about 1.5 years ago this was the start of a 3-5 year marathon and not a sprint. I believed him and I think the news and progress that has come out since those comments proves that’s a fairly realistic timeline for basic adoption of the technology.
  10. cheers to that my friend , for you , for me , for everybody Song starts slow ( like XRP now ) , then it's party time and everyone is happy ( XRP soon ) great movie. Get ya bayther's ready for a jet ski on that Texas pond
  11. Because you haven't sold your bags in frustration. The yoctosecond you sell your bags, XRP will be $10 !
  12. And you look fabulous darling! Yeah I’m always amazed by the amount of RippleNet progress consistently being made and how the value of XRP remains as stagnant as west Texas pond water. I keep telling myself it’s OK because some event or trigger or tipping point will happen in the future and the days of cheap XRP are over. I still feel this to be true but it does wear on ya after a year or two or three. I know many here have years on me and are hardened so I tell myself to suck it up buttercup and stop whining. But you’re right, a few more corridors of liquidity, a few more major partnerships, offices opened in important regions, god forbid some regulatory clarity by governments around the globe and suddenly your feeling sillier than ever for having ever worried. But this is today and today’s approach for me is to stay my course, remain calm, read @Hodor‘s blogs on incredible progress, review the vast array of information posted by numerous XRP Chat posters and laugh at the steady stream of comedic gifs and comments you and others provide. Looking forward to the onslaught of global FOMO.
  13. It will be very interesting to get clarification on the Earthport acquisition The visa announcement they allude to is now a month old, so no new news there yet : https://www.ledgerinsights.com/visa-acquires-ripple-partner-earthport/
  14. Funny that when xrp goes up it is due to utility and potential, when it is others then it is manipulation
  15. International Money Transfer, Remittances & X-Border Payments Conferences Link to the page Link to the agenda (pdf)
  16. They have discussed DLT during their last conference: Distributed Ledger Technology: Application and Uses of in Financial Institutions Overview of what operational efficiencies can we expect to see realized in the not so distant future specifically in Banks and Insurance Companies. What new risks do we anticipated being created as a result of the growing use of DLT? Speaker: Kevin L. Richards, Managing Director, Global Head of Cyber Risk Consulting, Marsh (source: https://www.aba.com/Training/Conferences/Pages/irm-program.aspx) They also have a paper about the Internet of Things which can be found over here https://www.aba.com/Tools/Function/Technology/Documents/Understanding-internet-of-things.pdf?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=org&utm_campaign=fintech&utm_content=thursday_6.13.19 but it is very general and does not really explain what they are planning to do
  17. Dear @gatehub everyone deserves to know. Any updates on your investigation? It's taking longer than usual.
  18. Well there's your dozens of banks this year...............hang on................
  19. It’s a balance between demand and supply in a crazy manipulated market. Anybody claiming to know exactly why is talking BS. So here I go, lol: - BTC down, alts down - BTC climbing, alts down - BTC stable after climbing, alts up
  20. BTC is hitting $9300, where is XRP? I remember back when BTC plunge to $3k and XRP going down to 30c also. But, why BTC is climbing $9.3k, XRP stays in 40c? Any idea?
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