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  2. it seems that way. Incoming liquidity crisis...well ripple offers "on demand liquidity, let's tap into that... Seems set up to me...
  3. I haven't seen that article but an interesting section that called my attention was "XRP loans". I find that interesting because if Ripple is loaning XRP to "replace" a nostro account. I wonder what the agreement of the loan is, in terms of payback, amount etc. I'm wondering because that is another incentive Ripple has for XRP to continue to appreciate because offering an XRP loan would be a bad idea if price of XRP was continuing to go down. It also would be bad for a company to use XRP as a nostro account if the value was going down. You'd have to continue to true the account up with more and more XRP to be able to handle your fiat conversion needs. Throwing this out there as another reason why the price of XRP going up is a win for everyone.
  4. ramping up that liquidityyyyy, cant wait to see the price chart look like that haha
  5. This is worth a read if you are interested in the liquidity. https://xrpcommunity.blog/corridors-easy-difficult/ The extraordinary thing about the above graph is that now is usually the low point of the monthly cycle, but somehow we are posting higher and higher values every day. One wonders if the values are going to go through the roof as the next payment cycle starts, or regress before starting.
  6. How confident are you a major correction won't happen prior to the election? Anything specific to support that? Why do you expect the next correction to be less impactful overall than 2008?
  7. Yup! Thai Baht and Japanese Yen both shown in the commercial.
  8. It's coming! Slowly but surely we'll break upwards. Meanwhile, we continue pushing ever higher with XRP/MXN liquidity so upwards progress is definitely being made on one front. Checking this thread in conjunction with the liquidity tracker has become something of a daily ritual - love having this thread to keep the emotions in check. I've also noticed on https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/xrp-markets that Bitso 24 hour, 3 day, and 7 day liquidity have been consistently rising, with the almost all payments being XRP/MXN.
  9. Shortly after the election in Nov 2020, I think the patches to the economy finally give, with a much needed correction unfortunately impacting the middle class the hardest. I don’t expect it to be as ruthless as 2008. We will get through it, but will have to confront the debt crises sooner than later. I don’t think it will be ignored as much as it is a decade from now.
  10. Maybe it is setup to solve this upcoming crisis. I mean why even change the name to ODL all the sudden? Do they even have the liquidity??
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  12. Dear community, We are ready with most of the basic platform functionality. Before we start adding advanced features, we want to add some more #cryptocurrency #exchanges to our #comparison. Do you know any good ones that are currently missing @ ExchangeRates.Pro? Please let us know and we'll add those ASAP. Thanks! 🤙
  13. You might consider putting some of it in Tether or USDC.....I don't think XRP keeps running if BTC tanks. (not financial advice, lol.). But I'm doing the same thing you suggest, since I'm really overweight XRP already and sitting on almost no BTC. But cash is king if BTC plummets imho. I'm almost certainly taking more risk than I should. I'm still looking for the reversal too. I am aware that the chart is not that great in "death cross" terms. But so far we're just testing support on the one hour. Maybe it holds. Momentum has faded. Let's see which way it breaks now. I'd like to see the AO stay above the line.
  14. If you please https://exchangerates.pro/api/countries/ Actually some are territories rather than countries.
  15. I was just looking at this as well. Based on it I will be trading all my BTC (not much) for XRP till things shape up differently. I think XRP will have better short term gains then BTC. Famous last words.
  16. They're paying for the wedding party. The guy who snaps his fingers to set it all going has a name badge on.
  17. Looking at the bitcoin moving averages you can see the 50 day broke below the 100 and is moving toward the 200. Admittedly these do not look good but I am still looking for a reversal. The Moving averages and the XRP chart look a little more promising.
  18. Even if ODL is the solution to this problem by freeing up capital, I'm starting to doubt it's going to solve this coming crisis. Seems a little late for that. Perhaps the next one?
  19. Ripple could still be in play for a lot of these products as none of them seem to offer instant liquidity. I'm not saying it is but the opportunity is still there to utilize XRP.
  20. @MQB Well done! Here, here! Rejoice all ye faithful! God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen! .......
  21. Indeed. Let's praise someone with maybe 1 out of 100 nice comments😜
  22. To be fair to @MQBhe made a nice comment a few pages ago and even posted a chart of his own over the weekend. I think he is maybe coming around? Anyway, let's all rejoice in the coming shattering of the $0.30 ceiling!
  23. It is inevitable. The dotcom bubble showed how the world was beginning to get smaller through digitisation. Hence after the dotcom bubble, companies like the FANG saw considerable gains. Payments and settlements on the otherhand have not evolved much to actually meet this new "instant everything" landscape. The economy is moving way too fast for SWIFT. I say, take it outside and shoot it so we can tokenise everything!
  24. The more the FEDs try to prevent the crash the harder the crash will be. When you are pumping $60 billion monthly into the market just shows the liquidity has dried up and funny Ripple change their Xrapid to On Demand Liquidity https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2019/10/22/fed-repo-worries-continue-over-the-efforts-to-fix-funding-issues.html?__twitter_impression=true
  25. Second. These few threads are the last ones that haven’t become toxic and totally derailed by petty arguments with trolls. Please don’t encourage them or engage them in this thread.
  26. https://www.ripple.com/insights/ripple-expands-global-regulatory-team-in-d-c-and-joins-the-blockchain-association/
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