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  2. Most of the market is stagnant right now as money is flowing into BTC. I still don't think fundamentals have changed at all so I don't see this "bullish" viewpoint leading anywhere but a bull trap to test a new low before the end of the year. This is only my opinion.
  3. The time to sell XRP into BTC is while xrp is mooning and not while it is tanking. Having said that, I anticipate a bottom in the 4000-5000 sat range so there could be still some upside to going short if approached with extreme care. Just bear in mind that once btc hits its plateau, all of those gains are going to was back into alts. Proceed with care and good luck.
  4. That's a pretty clever suggestion and doesn't clash too much with the original vision in my head. Let me ponder that while I make some coffee....
  5. Turns out there is a calendar feature for this club, so I just turned it on. You'll find it as a new tab. I'm not sure the best way to use it as a tool but anyone is welcome to try.
  6. Any update or are we just on a boring .32 cent freeze lol
  7. I attended an online poker school a couple of years ago which was created by one guy with a lot of knowledge who wanted to share that knowledge with a lot of people around the world and his system was very good. I will gloss over his system so you can see if there's anything you want from it. To teach the core material he went through aspects of poker step by step with 6 guys and recorded each hour long session. Then he posted these videos to his website so when later students came along they could go through the syllabus without him having to rehash old material himself every week which spread the knowledge without him needing to be there. For example he had a section called "Flop Play" where he would go through the different types of hands and how to play them on the flop (when the first three community cards appear). There were hour long videos for A2s-A9s which would include flush draws or flush draws with a pair and/or straight draw etc. Then he would have an hour long video for overpairs like how to play AA on K72 flop or JJ on T98 etc. He would speak almost non-stop for an hour to get through the material and fielded very few questions. Then he taught a second 1-2-1 session with each of his students going through problem hands relating to the topic that week. This would give the students more of a chance to ask questions about the material and go through hands in greater detail. Perhaps you could pick an aspect of Ripplenet you want to focus on and do a short 15-30 minute prep video very quickly glossing over what you want to share and then post that video to youtube or whatever. Then our job will be to watch the video and prepare at least one question each (?) about the topic which would be anything from standard, "What did ABC mean?" to more deep questions like, "Could ABC connect with DEF via ILP to create ZYX?" A day or two after the prep video is released you could host a longer, recorded question and answer session. This would allow students of all abilities the chance to digest the material in their own time and ask questions pertinent to their understanding, without you having to go over material again and again and post those to youtube too. By the time you finish you should have a syllabus library made up of a short(ish) video about a core topic paired with a longer question and answer video which should cover most questions regarding the topic. If you use teamviewer for the sessions it will allow many, many people to attend the sessions and it has functions like "raise hand" and you can unmute them to ask the question and there's a box for attendees to type in if they prefer to ask questions that way. It also allows you to send invites to the sessions so you won't get flooded with hundreds of random people from outside the study group. Bilingual students can teach and record their own sessions about the material and others can create blogs in other languages covering the material which could all be posted on one central intelligence website which could be the oracle for all things Ripplenetty.
  8. I have been surprised at XRP's weakness against BTC Not sure what message I should take home from this, but I think I missed the boat for selling my XRP now to buy BTC. I bought XRP because I like the tech, strategy and team. I did not invest in BTC because I do not like the tech, strategy or team. Nothing has changed my mind, so the fact that the markets are working in a different direction just tells me that I disagree with what the crowd (most old style crypto warriors) are doing. I am not diversified because nothing else attracts my attention. I am stubborn. I believe my common sense approach to my investment will work over the long term. I am still in loss but will break even at .51 which does not look far away. I am still buying and not hurting. When is the Q1 report due?
  9. Ripple can talk to the SEC to avoid future enforcement actions by the SEC, but this will have little to no impact on "what the law comes out as", because that will depend on the ruling of the court. Technically, the SEC can still attempt to bring an enforcement action against Ripple even after a court rules XRP to not be a security, but that scenario is unlikely. (1) it would be very expensive for the SEC, which has limited resources and has so far directed them towards obvious scams/frauds and (2) the initial Federal court case would establish a precedent for XRP's status as a non-security under US law, and statistically judges are unlikely to overturn a clearly established precedent when dealing with cases involving identical or highly-similar issues. Edit: Tagging @itcdominic
  10. I'd love to know the answer to this...
  11. Always good to have some Bitcoin, but I would not chase the trends while already behind between XRP/BTC. On the other hand, I am very tempted to sell of some of my mutual funds to accumulate some more bitcoin as opposed to liquidating my xrp holdings.
  12. Thnx for the clearing! I'm from Holland, so not following the US rules My point was more that by talking to the SEC they can advise Ripple to do what is necessary to make sure the law comes out right, right? Or will the running case in court in where Ripple is sued for 'selling' securities by an investor do the trick?
  13. I am starting to get exasperated here. @musclehog @Caracappa - The SEC does not issue rulings. Full stop. There will be no "ruling" on XRP provided by the SEC. They may offer an opinion or "guidance" in the form of a letter that describes their position on XRP, but any declarations or opinions offered do not constitute law. I repeat, the SEC does not make the law. Whether or not XRP is a security will be decided IN COURT, not by the SEC. I understand most people here don't have a legal background, but in my opinion it is vital to take the time to fully understand how the SEC actually functions and the enforcement powers granted to it, as well as US legal procedures with respect to securities law.
  14. $10k? it will be 5-10 years for it to hit even $100. Now we need to be able to hold past $0.35, then climb from here. We have a long road ahead 😀 But the future is bright, you best bring shades 😎
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  16. Still in the education and information stage of introducing a new concept to most people. I bet not even 1% of the world has ever heard about crypto currency at all. We are a long way from mainstream adoption. Bitcoin has the biggest global presence and still is years behind their adoption roadmaps. But history will show the forks from Bitcoin were some of the worst decisions they could have done.
  17. Hello everyone! Let me start off by saying that I am super excited to get to learn more about the XRP ecosystem and meet the wonderful people in the group. I am interested in sharing what I know in a less traditional way on twitter and in blog posts so that everyone can feel included. I thank everyone for this opportunity to learn and grow with them and to give back to the community. My name is Jes and my handle will be @afutureinreverse on this forum and twitter. Ultimately I would like to have a blog. I am in the central US timezone, and unfortunately I only speak English. I would like to offer the team any assistance that I am capable of providing. It is my intent to provide simplistic information to the public. I feel like the information the community shares is very high level (This is my challenge to see if it can be broken down). I once read a HBR report that a hospital was trying to get doctors to comply on improving sanitation for patient safety. They offered incentives to the doctors but the change in the behavior of the doctors was short lived. What was interesting about the results was that they found out that the driver of the long term changes came from the "support staff". The administrative assistants and the head nurses were educated about the importance of sanitation and hence the need for the change of behavior by the doctors. The end result was that the admins and head nurses used the necessary peer pressure/organizational skills on their bosses in a way that reached the hospital's goals of improved sanitation. I am hoping to go this route with my work.
  18. 1. Abolition of BCH (1) Name of virtual currency to abolish handling Bitcoin cash (BCH) (2) Discontinuance date Friday, June 28, 2019 6:00 AM https://www.sbivc.co.jp/topics/pdf/20190422_release.pdf
  19. XRP went from below 1 cent to the 20 cents range like 6 months after the 2016 Bitcoin halvening when Bitcoin was making moves and a lot of coins started taking off. XRP went from the 20-30 cents range to $3.00 because it was introduced in the Korean exchanges and as the result of the Bitcoin bullrun, Korean youth had a ton of FOMO buying the cheapest penny crypto from the recognized names. I you're rationalizing if you're holding 100% XRP in your crypto portfolio to think that the price will play out exactly like that. The scenarios aren't the same right now. For my XRP allocation, I'd be happier with Ripple delivering and resulting in price appreciation than riding Bitcoin coattails again. Otherwise, I'd just hold Bitcoin. But I am diversified for better or worse.
  20. Hi All - Well this IS exciting... my twitter handle is GLT.. I live in Japan (JST) and am looking very much forward to learning and enabling others, if possible increasing the use of the ecosystem where possible. @BobWay - Thank you for helping us discover and further our understanding of our beloved XRPL Chat soon no doubt! Cheers, GLT
  21. Hi I'm Xgrosz - and you can call me Xgrosz My Youtube and Twitter chanels are @Krypto Kamikaze and I work with Polish-speaking crypto community I also have very active discord group where we go over eveything what is current in cryptocurrency in general but we have a separate room for XRP and this is our main focus Languages: Polish / English Timezone : CEST I'm hoping to gain knowlege and share it with Polish-speaking people rise awareness to this tech as well as dispel doubts
  22. Everyone said XRP would never hit $1 as it had too many coins.
  23. I agree with you... I do welcome counterviews to my position because it forces me to validate and research. In most cases I find more support for my position/thinking. Im not afraid of FUD it often strengthens my own position.
  24. Well, it does seem as every thread that questions something nowadays, small or big, is attacked as immediate FUD. People just don't like reading something that questions they're investment, which is normal. The tension on this forum seems so incredibly... tense the past weeks/months. I hope it represents the increasing tension on XRP price suppression, because then the future moonshot would exit our solarsystem when it breaks out!
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