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  2. Technical Overview of EUR/USD and GBP/USD Currency Pair EUR USD EUR traded lower against USD and closed at 1.1365. EUR/USD position as the second-best G-10 FX trade in months leading up to the first Fed cut, only outpaced by a long EUR/NZD position. ECB easing is also a done deal now, as Draghi hinted of easing unless the outlook improves (more QE and a rate cut). The outlook will not improve (before 2020), but the ECB usually delivers when projections are updated – i.e. in September (they will ease with a time-lag after the Fed. Break of ADR Highs to further extensions or Break of Support to form a Double top. According to the Analysis, pair is expected to find support at 1.13353 and a fall through could take it to the next support level of 1.13059. The pair is expected to find its first resistance at 1.14030, and a rise through could take it to the next resistance level of 1.14413. GBP USD GBP traded lower against USD and closed at 1.2675. Pair @ support from previous 3 week Pivot. Pair @ support from Pivot support candle. Preparing for Pre G-20 Meeting. Resistance @ Pivot resistance candle. Resistance @ Monthly Pivot. According to the Analysis, pair is expected to find support at 1.26366, and a fall through could take it to the next support level of 1.25980. The pair is expected to find its first resistance at 1.27488, and a rise through could take it to the next resistance level of 1.28224. Key Fundamentals of the Day The dollar fell against most major currencies on Tuesday, hitting a three-month low against the euro. As expectations of multiple decreases of U.S. interest rates by the Federal Reserve have spurred selling of the U.S. currency. Growing tensions between Iran and the United States stoked fresh safe-haven buying of the yen. President Donald Trump believes the U.S. dollar is too strong, and the euro is. For Detailed analysis visit XtreamForex YouTube Channel.
  3. Your patience is over? Too bad mate. XRP is not your usual coin and you knew this when you invested in this magnificent, profit-racking juggernaut. What did I say? Magnificent, profit-racking juggernaut? Yes, that is XRP for you. It moves violently and high when you least expect it. Many investors like you sold during late 2017, when BTC was at $16k and XRP at $0.24. Why did they do that? To chase the BTC pump, later on getting absolutely obliterated, returning with hanging paws, crying that they wanted their gainssss back. Secondly, primal instincts, entitlement, anger, fear, you name it. Just like you're talking and feeling now. Let me tell you one thing buddy. XRP is not like other coins. It moves fast without notice, you will be way too late to buy back in. Then it dumps again within one week. A year of sideways price action. Then a next leg up. We are on the brink of a breakout. Can't handle it? Chase the BTC pump, maybe you can rack up some gains.
  4. These guys at Gatehub if u go through their website mentioned Chris Larsen name a few times. it gave people the impression that it's related closely with ripple. https://gatehub.net/blog/announcement/ https://gatehub.net/careers/backend-developer I mean why would Chris take a stake in Gatehub, he doesn't need to. Also Bitstamp Ceo. If the intention was only to "borrow" their reputation then the current situation is very bad. People lost tons of money and everyone from Gatehub is quiet.
  5. No, it's not. Good luck trying to convince yourself PoW will live longer than another few years.
  6. I’m a little bewildered as well, BTC + ALTs move north while XRP is slumped at status quo. I read Eric’s & the goods Doctors TA and I love it but I feel unsatisfied by the lack of increase, upwards motion. I’m a long term bag holder and my patience is over. At 13K BTC XRP should have been closer to 80cents. We are half that – end rant.
  7. Very good interview. Many interesting points from straight-shooting DS, but I just want to pick out a couple of disappointing aspects: He seemed to imply that the SEC is moving the goalposts as regards the security issue and sounded less than 100% certain about the status of XRP. And he said that the court case which may lead to regulatory clarity is going to take "a couple of years". Nevertheless, the interview was extremely positive overall.
  8. Hmm the content doesn’t render in Safari ive noticed. Couldn’t read the last @Hodor article either. I had to use a web scraping tool to get at it. I wonder is it a Coil issue or something else. I do run an ad blocker. Tried on iOS and macOS.
  9. On the news today. This highlights the importance of reporting thefts. Please make sure you have reported any crimes. At the bottom of the article is a telephone number to call if needs be. 🐾 https://news.sky.com/story/amp/six-arrested-over-theft-of-22m-worth-of-cryptocurrency-11748863
  10. I now know it to be called FOMO. I’m a lucky guy though, been that way my whole life.
  11. this is a tough one. the ripple site is listing places one can buy xrp and as an information they provide to the public. Does this mean they have some legal obligation here? to be honest, sadly, I am almost possitive they dont... I also had some coins on gatehub following the information they have provided. I loved that exhange, it was my favorite. I think they are solely responsible for what happened. BTW, wheels of justice sometimes work slowly. read this latest news on a hack from 2 years ago: https://www.coindesk.com/two-israeli-brothers-arrested-for-phishing-fraud-bitfinex-hack
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  13. As Ripple XRP is emerging as one of the strongest cryptocurrencies, its foray into the new market of EU with an organized system will improve the allied sectors. Exchange App Development, being integrated with cryptos, will definitely hit a hike. Ripple recently collaborated with NEM, the Distributed Ledger Company, to create a new association called “Blockchain for Europe”. The two companies are aggressive to move ahead in the European market with a vision to unify the blockchain ecosystem in the continent. With this, blockchain Technology is set to gain a strong ground across European Union. After the US and the South Americas, regulators in the EU finally took the side of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Ripple’s move is after Cryptos received a positive response in the recently concluded G20 Summit. Although the roadmap of the partnership was created before, developments in G20 reinforced Ripple’s idea of Blockchain for Europe Association. What is EU Blockchain Association? EU Blockchain Association is formed as the unified platform for all blockchain based players in the European Union. Ripple and NEM announced that the foundation will safeguard the interest of blockchain and cryptocurrency business. Apart from regulating, the association also promises to promote Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology. Per Dan Morgan, Ripple’s head of regulatory relations, Policymakers in Europe should “capture the benefits of both digital assets and blockchain technology”. Furthermore, this is the right time to get into the business and develop an appropriate regulatory framework. Blockchain for EU is setting the undertone for the same. Visit here to read full story - https://blockchain.oodles.io/blog/exchange-app-development-ripple-eu/
  14. @Eric123 feels bad , I bought 300$ worth of EOS 3 weeks ago at 6.5$ , I was hesitating with NEO which was at 8.2$ , now EOS is at 7.2$ and Neo 20.5$ I'm bad at investing
  15. It’s time for some new pump. I don’t mean that I’m predicting this **** but just sayin it’s fuckin time now. Give me some huge green candles.
  16. It is BS, the whole market is. I have kind of given up trying to analyse it. There were quite a few posts on twitter yesterday by various users on various exchanges sending screen shots with over 1million usd sell orders ? HUGE sell walls where whenever XRP moved upward (by 0.0xxx). It's pathetic really. The manipulation of XRP is horrendous. Yes the technology and news is good, but what is the point of buying XRP if not to have some gains in the magnitude of the rest of the market ? I got denounced earlier this year when I kept predicting EoY 0.43 USD by others in here who do not see what is happening before their very own eyes. They are emotional investors IMO. Thats not to say I have sold all, but have sold most of XRP and moved in BTC. That is just my prerogative - some here will be far far wealthier than me so have the depth and stomach to wilfully watch day after day, week after week, month after month when XRP moves a minuscule 0.01 or 0.02 here and there and be content.
  17. ‘This time will be different’ as is always the case. We may however see a decoupling between BTC and altcoins during the initial ramp up then, followed by catchup in prices for alts. So much as we’d like for XRP to take the lead as most utility and driver with decoupling from sh*tcoins, think BTC will still steal the show with so much positive news coming out. Remember that most institutional and retail investors are still novices and will begin to wet their holdings with core Bitcoin first. They don’t really care or know much about slow tps, higher cost and limited scalability given centralized holding by major players. Over time, they will flip to XRP and even join this chat group as experience is gained on the true leader in cost, speed, scale and latency. Hence, it is best to diversify by holding XRP and other major coins ie, hold XRP/Others 75/25, 66/33 or 50/50 and toggle between coins as needed. Happy days are here again so moon it baby ...
  18. I use libsecp256k1 library for signing (https://github.com/bitcoin-core/secp256k1). The ripple ledger accepts different types of transactions signed using this. This issue comes only in case of multisigned transaction.
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