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The BAFT Global Payments Symposium is back in New York this July – bigger and better than ever before. This is the payments conference by bankers for bankers and other payments professionals. The industry has spent the last few years discussing ideas and trends such as distributed ledger, AI, and real time payments. We are now at a point where these innovations are all becoming a reality. This year, we’ll bring these discussions to a more practical level. It’s time to get real. It’s time for innovation to commercialization.

Why You Should Attend the Symposium:

This is a conference by bankersfor bankers.

The conference theme this year is innovation to commercialization.  We will showcase innovative products used in the market today (ie. IBM’s Watson and Ripple’s Interledger Protocol) and provide actionable insights.

Conference is specifically designed to appeal to those involved in both high value and low value payments as well as compliance, and innovation.  

With 150+ attendees, the conference is just the right size to have a substantive conversations with respected industry experts, counterparts, and providers without getting lost in the crowd.

Symposium Highlights:

Artificial intelligence and distributed ledger technology in action: Live demos and honest conversations between providers and clients on benefits, challenges, and learnings.

Variety of presentation formats: A news update on hot topics in payments similar to Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update and a rapid fire Fintech showcase.

State of the Union: A discussion of the current state and future direction of payments by senior executives from a large multi-national bank, large US bank, European challenger bank.

Networking and bilateral meeting opportunities with bankers, solution providers and other attendees each day of the Symposium


July 19

10:45AM – 12:00PM

Ideas, Then. Live Innovative Solutions, Today.

Broadway II & III
For the past few years, we have been hearing about the disruptors and new technologies that will change the banking landscape. While these discussions have moved the narrative forward, our three groups of speakers have passed through product development and are proud to say that they have live solutions. Speakers from three innovative companies will showcase their solutions, plus hear firsthand from one of their customers who will share their experiences.

Philip Zeidner
Conference Chair
Vice President
BNY Mellon

Artificial Intelligence & Natural Language Processing: Payment & Compliance Processing

Rajiv Desai 
Senior Vice President and Head, US Operations and Sales

Ken Wong 
Head of GTB Product Strategy and Innovation
TD Bank

Distributed Ledger Technology: Cross Border Payment

Betsy Waters 
US Sales Director

Cognitive Payments with Watson

Jeff Clayton 
Executive IT Architect, Payments
IBM Watson Financial Services

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