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NACHA Payments 2017


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NACHA brings together more than 2,100 forward-thinking payments professionals and disruptors from around the world to network, engage, and share information. PAYMENTS 2017 delivers the right audience at the right place at the right time.

Ryan Zagone, Ripple's Director of Regulatory Relations, will be speaking on a panel about the Fed's Faster Payments Task Force:


Update from the Faster Payments Task Force

Strategy: Plan & Position
Tuesday, April 19
9:20 AM-10:10 AM
North 222

More than 300 payment stakeholders and experts have joined together as part of the Federal Reserve’s Faster Payments Task Force to identify effective approaches for a faster payments capability in the U.S. One of the most talked about outputs from the Task Force is a set of effectiveness criteria intended to define what is needed in faster payments solutions, encompassing diverse requirements related to speed, security, governance, accessibility, cost and more. Hear from industry leaders who are participating in this crucial collaboration, and  what it means to them and the industry.

Moderator: Sean Rodriguez
SVP, Faster Payments Strategy Leader, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

John Drechny
Sr. Director, Payment Services, Walmart Stores, Inc.

Tom Rea
EVP & Manager, Operations Strategy & Industry Liaison, U.S. Bank

Christina Tetreault
Staff Attorney, Consumers Union, Advocacy and Policy from Consumer Reports

Ryan Zagone
Director, Regulatory Relations, Ripple

Nilesh Dusane, Ripple's VP of Sales and Client Relations, will be talking about implementing international payments for a credit union:



1:25 PM-2:15 PM | Room: Faster Payments Zone

Faster Payments Experience | Intermediate

Learn how Star One Credit Union managed to implement a new international payments mechanism capitalizing on blockchain technology and Same Day ACH. This case describes the journey of a Credit Union looking to make a difference for its members, and the courageous choices made, in the face of ever increasing compliance in the financial services industry. This is the first ever case of a real-life blockchain cross-border transaction from a Credit Union, Ripple and EZFOREX.

Ranay Allred, AAP, CAMS
Support Services Manager, Star One Credit Union

Nilesh Dusane

VP, Sales & Client Relations, Ripple

Jorge Jimenez
Chief Executive Officer, eZforex.com



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