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Middle East Banking Forum 2016

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Banks in the region continue to face many challenges. The growing burden of international regulation is causing many banks to de-risk, with serious consequences for customers who find themselves denied access to financial services. Banks are under pressure to improve customer service while at the same time maintain high levels of security, to guard against fraud and cyber attacks. As the Internet of Things (IoT) takes off it will introduce new and more complex cyber threats and risks, so banks will need to take an anticipatory approach to ensure business resilience and assure stakeholders. And as the fintech revolution gathers pace, banks urgently need to step up their investment in digital payments and other areas to compete with the wave of new market entrants.

The UAE Banks Federation and The Banker present the fourth Middle East Banking Forum: Transforming the Customer Experience, a half-day event focused on new approaches to banking in a period of immense change. Through presentations, panel sessions and on-stage interviews, senior executives from regional and international banks will be joined by thought leaders and experts to share their experience and perspective of how banks can implement innovative banking strategies. Topics to be discussed include the phenomenon of de-risking, improving the customer experience, mobile banking, cyber security, business resilience, fraud prevention and the impact of financial technology.

Featuring a keynote by Marcus Treacher (Global Head of Strategic Accounts, Ripple and Independent Director, CHAPS Co.)


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