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W3C Web Payments Working Group FTF Meeting


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Day 1

08.30-09:00 Agenda bash, administrivia

Bootstrapping the ecosystem

Web Payments Architecture Summary ?

09:00-10:30 Payment App Specification. Introduction and primary issues.

10.30-11.00 Break

11:00-13:00 Payment Request API implementation experience. What have implementers encountered as issues?

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-15:00 Payment method specs. Review existing (basic card) and new (e.g., basic ct-dd payment, Alipay)

15:00-15:30 Testing Strategy. Reintroduce topic so plan can be developed after FTF meeting

15.30-16.00 Break

16.00-17:00 Security review (or PDF) based on TAG self-review checklist.

17:00-17:30 Payment App Spec (continued). Focus on communication and registration.

19.00 Dinner

Day 2

08.30-09.00 Agenda bash, administrivia

09:00-10.00 Payment Method Identifier Spec

Review PMI use cases

10.00-10.30 Break

10:30-11:30 Payment Request API (continued)

11.30-12.30 Payment Method Specs (continued)

12:30-13:00 Payment Apps (continued)

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00-15.00 Priority issues that need more attention

15:00-15:30 Break

15:30-16:30 Web Payments Core Messages and Web Payments HTTP API

Presentation on Core Messages and HTTP API

16.30-17.00 Actions and next steps

Weekly meeting schedule. Should we adjust time? Set up a second meeting that is friendlier to colleagues in Asia?


Lauren Jones (ISO TC 68)

Sebastien Seguin-Gagnon (Google)

Florian Dold (INRIA)

Robleh Ali, Simon Scorer (Bank of England)

Faraz Babar (Amex technologies)

Charlie Craven, Huw Bailey, Ben Smith (Amex network)

Suki Chana and Ajay Rambocus (GSMA)

Dapeng and Jiajia (Alibaba)

Andrea Feinberg (BlueSnap)

Nicolas Ancot, Pirouz Habibi (replacing FM) (Canton Consulting)

David Birch (Consult Hyperion)

Fawad Nisar (Discover)

Stefan Thomas, Evan Schwartz (Ripple)



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