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It's been a very depressing summer for the price of XRP (and many other cryptos) but the last few days have given us some hope that we found bottom...but why?

Ripple/XRP has had great news all year and still tanked from more or less 3.80 USD to 0.25...this is a f***up drop!

Who ever said if it goes down to this level I'll buy more was probably too scared at this point to even get a few more XRPs...but obviously some did!

So...I'll try to pick up the best of the good news that could have triggered this past few days sudden rise

R3 settlement...finally...and f***you R3 (sorry but what else can you say to a bunch of loosers feeding on our favorite)
The settlement is a major milestone 'cause it could have gave those loosers zillions of XRPs to just drop on the market...think of #Jedageddon  X 100

PNC Bank joins RippleNet...wow...over 380 B in asset...wow...serious business...serious money...serious business money news for all the financial world to see!

But my favorite...XRapid "might" be coming online in the next month ...with now 120 banks...and maybe the one I just mentioned...this is HUGE cause now! there's finally a real use case for XRP and a reason to load them up if you want to be the middle man of all those banks...

This could spark the X to Rapid Fire...



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