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With so many good news (again) in the past weeks...months...years...Ripple (the Company) and XRP (the community token) are entering the last phase of what I believe will establish Zerps to be the leader of the pack...

This has not gone without blood on the streets...or should I say...on Twitter..

So many times in the past the Ripple/XRP community was bashed ridiculed bullied etc by first the Bitcoiners...then the anarcho-cryptos....followed by the Ethereum fanatics...and more recently just the avg social media gurus wanting to clickbait more friends fans...

But time have changed and FUDders even call us the XRP army as they almost fear us now...like the old man said: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win (Gandhi)

To all those who stood by until now...and that would be a very long list...the first and the most honorable would be David @JoelKatz....and @Hodor and @TiffanyHayden and so many xrpchat members and long time followers...I say...

..."Ripples" never come back....they've Gone to the Other Side...

Sail away, away 
Ripples never come back. 
Gone to the other side. 
Look into the pool, 
The ripples never come back, come back, 
Dive to the bottom and go to the top 
To see where they have gone 
They've gone to the other side


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