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This one goes to the Weiss Ratings Team...I'll just quote myself lol...and here in the Spin Doctor blog


To the Weiss Ratings Team...Let me tell you why I find this answer ridiculous...

If the maths don't add up...maybe the original premise is wrong.

To give the same weight to or unbalanced weight to different category when you can clearly see that result is fault means someone just didn't adjust their formula, took into consideration what the crypto world is about, didn't do their homework properly, or just rush this out...

..."ratings are not science"...indeed in this case...far from science...but then you talk about metrics on many occasion...so math is not science?

..."will be a work in progress"...that's an easy way out when you know that the first crypto ratings will have zillions $ effect on the market...

It's like...sorry if it's a 2.5 wheels car...it's a work in progress...but we are selling them anyway.

I'd say perfect to loose all credibility for any further report... 

Good try from your spin doctor!

...cheers to the "Mathematics of Chaos"



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