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Two things caught my attention today...Ripple insight and Stripe news.

First with Stripe...news...lol...yeah right...they say that among the considered tech is Stellar (but not Ripple)...what they forget to mention in the article is that the CEO and x-CTO of Stripe are on board with Stellar...and probably sooooo loaded with XLM that even if Stripe goes bankrupt...they'll probably be zillionnaires..

On the other side of the dark force... a new "Insights" posted on the ripple web site https://ripple.com/insights/much-ado-much-to-do-part-1/

Another well written article by the comm. team at Ripple...who ever is in charge of those is doing a great job...here's to you for this quote:

"Though it didn’t happen overnight, we’re living in a new world; blockchain and digital assets went from niche to mainstream in 2017." 

...so This is "Our World...Our Times"


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