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When song lyrics express exactly how I feel about the crypto-world...there's nothing to add...have a good weekend



Tunnel vision at blinding speed
Controlling my thoughts, obsessing me
Void of any uncertainty
Throughout my very soul

Lost illusions of my control
Resisting all hope of letting go
Racing impulse of dark desire
Drives me through the night

I try to shut it down
It leaves me in the dust
No matter what I've found
I can never get enough

Frantic actions of insanity
Impulsive laced profanity
Long for elusive serenity
Way out of my control

Traveling through both space and time
(Out of body, out of mind)
Out of control, my wheels in constant motion
Spinning round and round it goes
(I can't let up, I can't let go)
Can't stop this flame from burning
Forever more, into the night, blistering



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