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So what his a weak hand...this is called so often it's almost part of the daily chat now...anyone selling when they hear a phrase during a one hour debate that they doesn't like and run for the sell panic button could fit in this definition...

Off course day trader love weak hands and panic is a very sexy word...so what do pro traders do when they see that...they look for other fundamentals to confirm it's not just panic sell but real down trend...if they can't find the reason for the price going lower...they buy...and fuel the fudders so they can spit all their hate of XRP all over so the price keeps going down...and they buy more...

Nevertheless, this week is not going in the direction we were expecting on Sunday night...some "unexpected" news came and kill some good news...still...we need that little "heumf" to fire the gun powder barrel and create that explosion we all expect...

Perhaps the best resume of the first 2 days of Swell came from @JonHolmquist "I think Brad's cat is at the vet since he left it in the bag too long"...call animal protection services now...cause we "LoveCats"



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