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Two things caught my attention today.

After @JoelKatz responded to an anomaly in the fees and @nikb confirming just after a few days that there will be a fix...we saw how centralized decentralized crypto works best...try that anarcho-coiners :)

And this great post by @brjXRP17 about the Ripple vs R3 vs Ripple court cases that explains in much details what is going on and why Ripple Inc. wants not only to confirm the contact is done but that the claim unfunded by asking the court for punitive damage and to cover all expanses related to this ...so...let it be said...anyone disrespecting what Ripple the company, the team, the community is building can just "Come out and Play"!

*Disclaimer. If you weren't sure, yes, this is "just" a metaphor...I don't want to be sued :P



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